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Good news for the less well organised amongst us :






Gift Vouchers, Photo Frames, Albums, Books, Chocolates, Hampers, Mobile Phones,  film discs and music discs, also Electronic Games, Notebooks, Computers, Personal digital music players, Multi Media Packages, Surround Sound Speakers, and much, much more!  

As well as Cards, Wrapping Paper, decorations…and still more!


If we haven’t got it already… we will get it for you!


Please note that the last shuttle before Christmas leaves from London at 1630 on 24 December.  Last orders for any gifts not available on board is 0900 22 December.   Orders must be accompanied by immediate payment.



Colouring books

For any budding artist: do-it-yourself painting, drawing and doodling kits.  Including: ‘Watercolors for the Artistically Challenged’ and  ‘Do you Doodle?’.


Donut brooch
This brooch, hand-made by a World-famous artist, is so realistic we wanted to dunk it in our coffee!  But we don’t recommend you try, because it wasn’t cheap!


Door signs

Laminated signs to fix to your door – hand designed and made to order.   'Do Not Disturb the Genuis at Work' and 'Thou Canst Not Enter But By Death’ are just a sample of the ones we’ve been asked for this year. 


Fancy strip poker

Want to tap into someone’s  poker addiction?   Why not try a  range of saucy-but-classy lingerie made by an international specialist company?  Each set includes illustrated playing cards and chips.  For naughty fashionistas only.


Leonardo Da Vinci model kits

Bring Leonardo's original inventions to life with these self-assembly kits.  Ideal for someone who has already made a model of everything else! 


Bertie Wooster alarm clock

Bring a bit of PG Wodehouse-style gentility to your mornings. 'I'm so sorry to disturb you, sir, but it appears to be morning,' says a respectful Jeeves.  How could anyone refuse?


Finally, for the person who has everything: 


Adopt a book at the British Library

Help protect the world's greatest book collection for future generations by 'adopting' a title, and present a bookworm with a unique and ethical gift that will last a lifetime. You can select from a range of books on the library's website.









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