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A ‘Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons’ multi-parts story


By Chris Bishop




(who are not obligated to read them – but hey, you might find them interesting!)



When I started this story, at the end of March 2005, for the Multiverse Challenge, I never intended for it to be this long.  At the beginning, it was supposed to be a five-part story.  But as it is often the case when writing – especially a multi-levelled, multi-part story like this one – you find out that you need more room to explain the situation in which your characters find themselves in.  Not only that, by [but] these characters often have the tendency to take over your story and develop it their own way!  They are very difficult to control, these characters, especially when they are as stubborn as those inhabiting the Captain Scarlet universe!


That said, the story mainly went the way I had originally envisaged it – albeit with more details and few minor changes to it.  I’ve always been interested in mythology, for nearly as long as I can remember.  Greek/Roman, Arthurian, Norse…  even going as far as including modern ‘super-hero’ mythology in that list – after all, comic books stories are but the modern extension of those fantasy stories of the past, where powerful gods ruled the universe, and  mighty heroes fought unimaginable threats to Humanity, facing villains and monsters alike…  Not that different than any super-hero in any comic strip!


Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons, created for television, and polished through time with details added by various media (press releases, magazines, annuals, comic strip stories, articles, various books, audio-adventures… and even fan fiction to some extent…) certainly has its own mythology, with its own ‘demi-god-like’ invincible hero and his loyal companions, its warrior-like women, riding their ‘white steeds’ to battle, its god-like figure – all of them fighting the ‘invisible forces of evil’, themselves embodied by their most malevolent agent – who once been on the side of good.   Classic mythology, straight out of the History’s traditional tales.


While over the years we have often heard talk of similarity between the world of Captain Scarlet and the Christian religion (Cloudbase/Heaven, White/God, Scarlet/Jesus Christ,  Black/Lucifer, the Angels, etc.), and although I do not deny such comparison – which fully demonstrates once again the relationship between the series and traditional folklore anyway – I myself found there was also some aspects of the series which bore some surprising similarities with the Norse myths.


So was born the idea for this story.   It took a number of years to actually overcome the many difficulties presented by the task of writing it  - to find a proper plot that will take our favourite heroes in the Land of the Vikings, to explain their often out-of-characters behaviour – to make it believable, they had to act like warlike barbarians, in a fantasy world which was not their own, and at the same time, it was essential that these characters would still remain the same characters we all knew from the series – that their own personalities would show themselves through these ‘roles’ they were forced to play – and that they will eventually come back to their senses and their own world.


It was when the idea that they would all be brought into a 3D-Game – which came through a chat with friends, although I don’t remember it what circumstances it came up exactly –  that finally overcome the last problem of putting the characters into the needed settings.  


As for the rest… the Mysterons have powers no-one of us can hope to comprehend…


The ‘Network’ and ‘Dream Spinner’ ideas are my own, and first made their appearance in the story Spectrum is White, some events of which are referred in the last chapter of this story.  It’s also in Spectrum is White that it is revealed to the readers that Doctor Fawn has known for a long time that Captain Scarlet and Rhapsody Angel are a couple – a ‘secret’ that Colonel White also knows, but has taken very good care not to reveal so far.    This story is therefore set after the events in Spectrum is White and those in A Symphony in Blue, in which Captain Blue and Symphony Angel are officially engaged.  The Network will make a reappearance in future stories. 


The relationship between Captain Blue and Symphony is, of course, canon, being hinted at in some episodes, while the relationship between Captain Scarlet and Rhapsody Angel is semi-canon, inspired by hints in stories from Century 21 books (Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, by John Teydon, and the graphic novel, The Angels.  Mary J. Rudy developed the relationship in many of her stories, and other fan fiction authors – including myself – followed.  The stormy relationship between Captain Ochre and Melody Angel is not canon, and had been suggested before in my short story  Master of the Night.   The relationship appears to take a further step in this story.  But who knows?  With Ochre and Melody, there is really nothing that definite…  Time will tell.


The story of Captain Scarlet’s past relationship with another woman – which ended badly… is still in the work.    It will be for another time, promised!


My thanks to Marion Woods, who acted as ‘test reader’ throughout the writing of this story, and whose comments have been useful, and to my beta-reader, Hazel Köhler, without whom this story will only be a jumble of words without sense.  You performed an invaluable task, Hazel, and I will be eternally grateful.


Also thanks to Gerry Anderson and Sylvia Anderson, and all those who worked with them, for the creation of the Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons series.


Finally, thanks to you, the readers, for reading this – with or without the author’s notes!





















“Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons” ©, is the creation of Gerry Anderson and Sylvia Anderson, and the  rights of the classic series, once owned by Century 21, ITC/Polygram and now by Carlton International.