Hi, this is Chris Bishop.


You know me as the owner and webmaster of ‘Spectrum Headquarters’, the unofficial website for Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons. I’m addressing all contributors, past and present, of the website, as well as all long-time fans of the Captain Scarlet series, with a special invitation, that I hope you will accept.  Please, read on to learn what it is all about!


On February 10, 2011, the website celebrates its 10th year of existence.  Throughout the years, maintaining the site has been an exciting ride for me, and I have tried to make it the best site for the long-time fans of Captain Scarlet as I could, with new and old material to please everyone. The website’s popularity and its continuing success throughout these years, as well as the interest people show by logging on in always greater numbers, has been my reward.  Many people have come to the site and offered their help freely, either by contributing material, information, or fan fiction. The website has gained faithful and valuable collaborators who now support me in the continuing development of the website, all of them bringing their own talents and knowledge to the field.  Without them, the site wouldn’t be what it is today.  And without the fans, and all the visitors who come during the year, Spectrum Headquarters wouldn’t be the success it has become.


Now as we reach the website’s 10th anniversary, we want to celebrate this big milestone, and thank everyone with some special events, which starts on February 10 and will last for a complete year.  We are hoping to post new, interesting material on the website, and to complete some areas of information that are still missing. That will involve both the ‘Spectrum Headquarters’ site and the ‘Skybase Central’ site, the sub-domain dedicated to the New Captain Scarlet CGI show.


For this special occasion, I am attempting to contact all the long-time fans of Captain Scarlet, that I can reach. Mostly, I’m talking about fan fiction writers, as fan fiction has been one of the most important and popular elements of the site.  This is a special invitation to all of you writers – and a request to join in with a special project.


The project is simple: I want to ask as many fan fiction writers as possible to write one Captain Scarlet story for the website, if they can.  Each writer has the full year ahead to produce their story – I am just hoping that they won’t all be submitted at the same time, towards the deadline! 


I know that it won’t be everyone who will be able to answer the call, but if as many as possible can, then this project will have met its aim.  If you can give the ‘Spectrum Headquarters’ website just ONE story, no matter how short, it would be your own way to participate in the celebrations.  Perhaps you have lost interest over the years, but consider:  could this be the incentive you need to spur you into writing one last Captain Scarlet story? And of course, if you write more than one, that will be even more welcome!


Of course, if you don’t have the time, are too busy or have no interest left at all in this, or are unable to participate for any reason, whatever it might be, I will understand perfectly.  I’m writing this message in the hope that you will read this, and that maybe the invitation will interest you.  After all, you have been a contributor to the Captain Scarlet fandom and/or to the ‘Spectrum Headquarters’ website – even if it was some time ago. 


There is no particular theme.  No subject.  No special challenge.  Just write a Captain Scarlet story, according to the rules and guidelines of the ‘Spectrum Headquarters’ website ( You can, of course, use one of our existing challenges (see the information on, either the all-year long challenges or the Christmas or Halloween Challenges – which will also take place this year and which are still very popular.  Or perhaps there is another way in which you would like to participate. 


Whether you decide to participate or not, I would like to hear from you anyway.  Tell me if you will be able to join us in the celebration.  If you can’t, you don’t have to tell me why, I just want to know who I can expect possible participation from. Please, feel free to forward this message to anyone who might be interested in this project, and to tell them to contact me at  The more people participate in the celebrations, the more fun for everyone involved. 


I hope that this will reach you, and that you will answer the call.  I would so much like to hear from you!


From Chris Bishop, webmaster,

and all the administration of Spectrum Headquarters.




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