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Revenge of the Mysterons 


A “Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons” story

By Zombie



Part 7



Scarlet walked into Black's 'office', and pulled up a chair to his desk. Black looked at him, then at his watch. "Anything happened yet?" he asked. Scarlet shook his head.

"No. Not a thing." he replied. "How long are we gonna have to wait for this other guy to see to the President?" he added.

"I have no idea, but it should be soon. Spectrum will waste no time in searching for us." Black told him.

"I still don't see why we don't just kill him now." Scarlet stated. "What do we need him for, anyway?"

"It's obvious, ain't it?" Black replied. "With the World President as one of us, we'll make it seem like he escaped. He'll be reinstated, and we can begin to take over Earth a lot easier." Scarlet sat back in his chair.

"And what if they don't buy it?" he asked.

"Don't worry, they will." Black told him. Suddenly, a mysteron guard walked into the room.

"A car's pulled up." he stated. "It's just one guy." Scarlet looked at Black.

"It must be him." Black said, and quickly stood up. He walked out of the room quickly, followed by Scarlet. As they approached the second floor of the main hall, the lone man walked through the doors, all guards aiming their weapons at him. He was a heavily robed man, clothing covering everything but his eyes. Scarlet watched him as he stopped in the center of the room. "Welcome." Black declared in a loud voice, so he could be heard. "We've been waiting for you." The figure nodded silently and slowly, looking up at Black. "Follow me." lack suddenly ordered, and nodded to the room were the World President was being kept. The robed figure nodded again, and slowly walked up the stairs. He stopped just outside the door, and allowed Black to open it.

The World President jumped up as the door opened. Black walked in and glared at him. "Sit down." he calmly ordered. The World President reluctantly obeyed, and the robed figure walked inside the room. Another two guards walked in, and Black leaned out of the door to look at Scarlet. "Wait here. Make sure nothing interrupts us." he told him. Scarlet nodded, and Black shut the door behind him.


Green looked behind him, and signaled for Grey and Ochre to approach his position. They did so, keeping low at all times. They had reached the disused factory a while ago, and Green had been given the task of leading the group, after Blue had his idea. The three agents hid behind a bush, and Green peered through his binoculars. He surveyed the back of the factory, and could only see two guards, who were on a regular patrol. Green looked at the other two agents, then at the factory. "Now!" he suddenly whispered, and the three quietly ran to the wall of the factory.

They pressed up against the wall, and froze. After a few moments, they realized that they had not been spotted. Grey let out a slight breath, and Green crept towards the back entrance to the building. "All we gotta do now, is wait for the signal." Ochre whispered to Grey. He nodded to him, and crept up behind Green. Green pulled out a small package, and placed it on the wooden door silently. He pulled out a remote device, and signaled for the other two agents to stand around the corner. They obeyed, and Green stood on the edge, looking at the door in quiet observation, in case someone opened it.


The robed figure walked over to the World President, and stopped just before him. The World President looked up at him, afraid for his life. "What are you gonna do?" he asked. Without an answer, the robed figure pulled out a small, sharp, metal object form inside the robe. He pointed it at the World President, who's fear suddenly escalated at the sight of the object.

"Don't worry." Black told him. "It won't hurt for long." He grinned menacingly at him, and the robed figure took another step towards the President.

"No, don't!" he shouted. "I'll pay whatever you want! Just name a price, you can have it!" Black laughed slightly, as did the other two guards inside. Suddenly, the robed figure spun round and threw the dart-like object at the nearest guard, the projectile spearing his eye. The guard fell backwards, screaming in pain, and pulled on the trigger. A spray of bullets hit the wall next to Black, and he dived out of the way before he got hit by the bullets. As the second guard aimed at the figure, he fired a pistol underneath the robes, and sent three bullets into the guard's face, killing him.


Green heard the gunfire, and pressed down on the button. The explosive device on the door detonated, sending a fireball into the lower half of the building. The guards in the range of the explosion caught fire and screamed, trying to put themselves out, but to no avail. The rest of the guards, including Scarlet, looked around frantically as chaos broke out. Green, Grey and Ochre ran through the still burning hole in the wall, firing at all the guards they could see. The nearby guards fell to the ground as more Spectrum agents burst through the entrance, also adding to the mayhem.

Ochre looked up to the second floor as he fired at another guard, and spotted Scarlet, who was still in his uniform. Scarlet also caught eyes with him, and they both aimed at each other. Ochre fired first, the bullet pounding into Scarlet's chest. Scarlet reeled back slightly, but was unaffected. He smirked at Ochre, and aimed at Ochre again.

Grey saw what was about to happen, and dived into Ochre as Scarlet fired a single shot at him. The bullet missed Ochre by a fraction, but hit Grey in the chest. Both agents rolled out of the line of fire, and Scarlet ran towards the room holding the World President. Ochre rolled Grey onto his back, but was too late. Grey was dead. Ochre closed his eyes for a couple of seconds, then took Grey's weapons from his body, holding an assault rifle in each hand. He fired up at Scarlet, who ran fast enough to avoid the bullets. He jumped forwards as he reached the door, and broke it down with the force of the impact. He rolled into the room to see Black fighting with the now disrobed figure. Captain Blue.

Blue and Black both noticed Scarlet burst into the room, which gave Blue the fraction of a second he wanted to overpower lack. He punched him in the face, then swiftly kicked him in the ribs, sending him backwards, and out of the window behind them. Blue spun around to face Scarlet, who stood up and looked at him calmly. "Scarlet." Blue said, wiping a trickle of blood from his lip.

"I wondered when you'd turn up." Scarlet told him, and cracked his knuckles. Blue tilted his neck to make a similar sound, and suddenly both of them ran at each other, the World President cowering in the corner, watching. The two men collided, knocking both to the ground, and straight through the weakened floor.

Scarlet jumped up instantly, and kicked Blue in the stomach before he could get to his feet. Blue flipped over from the impact, and jumped up to his feet. Scarlet threw a punch at him, which Blue ducked. He retaliated the attack by taking Scarlet's legs out from under him with a hard kick, and smashed his elbow into Scarlet's face as he fell. Blood spewed out of Scarlet's mouth, but he spun on his back quickly, knocking Blue to the ground as well.


Green ran into the room where scarlet had been, and saw the World President in the corner. He turned around and fired at a guard below him, and ran over to the President. "Are you alright, sir?" he asked. The World President nodded, and Green helped him to his feet. Green heard a noise below them, and looked down the gaping hole in the floor. He could see Scarlet and Blue below them, fighting to the death. Green aimed down at Scarlet, but before he could take a shot, Blue charged him in the chest, knocking them both out of sight.

Green looked at the door, and saw Ochre walk in. "Most of the Mysterons are taken care of now." Ochre declared. "But we lost some men. Grey included." Green nodded to him grimly, and helped the World President out of the room. Ochre fired at one of the remaining guards as they left, and Green made sure that both he and the President could get out safely.


Scarlet jumped in the air and kicked Blue in the face, sending him flying backwards, and over a crate. Scarlet jumped over it, and landed beside Blue. He grabbed his head, and lifted him up to stand in front of him. "Time to die, old friend." he told him, mockingly. Suddenly, Blue charged into him, knocking them both into the wall. Because it was so weak from time and also the nearby explosion, they went straight through it, and landed outside the building, both dazed.

Blue looked over to Scarlet, who wasn't moving. Blue coughed, and painfully rose to his feet, not taking his eyes off him. He walked over to him, and kicked his arm slightly. No reaction. Scarlet was dead.

Blue sighed with relief that he had survived the fight, but suddenly felt an impact in the back of his head. He rolled forward, over scarlet's body, and landed on his back. He looked up, holding the back of his head, to see Black standing above him. Black looked down at him, his face cut from the glass from the window. "You can't kill me." he told him. "The Mysterons changed us from the normal hosts. We can't be killed." He aimed his pistol at Blue's face. Blue wanted to move out of the way, but couldn't due to incredible pain. "But you most certainly can." he added.

"Hey, asshole..." a voice suddenly said from behind Black. He turned around to see who was talking to him, when suddenly the blade of an axe tore through his neck, and severed his head from his body. It dropped to the ground, lifeless, to reveal a dazed Scarlet standing behind him, holding the axe. Blue looked at him, wondering what he was doing, and Scarlet walked over to him. Blue prepared himself for death, but Scarlet threw the axe down beside him, and outstretched his hand. Blue looked up at him, puzzled. "What?" Scarlet asked. "What happened?" Blue didn't answer, and Scarlet fell to the ground, exhausted for reasons unknown to him.



To be concluded in Part 8




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