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Revenge of the Mysterons 


A “Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons” story

By Zombie



Part 6



The car came to a stop upside down in a ditch. Blue looked at Ochre. They were both alive. "Get outta here!" he ordered. Ochre pulled out his knife and cut his seatbelt apart, and crawled out of the car window. Blue did the same, crawling out of the other side. He could hear Scarlet's car returning, and pressed himself against the ditch, praying Scarlet wouldn't see him or Ochre.

He heard gunshots, and suddenly the car that the two agents were in moments earlier exploded. Blue could feel the heat from the fireball, but waited until he heard the other car drive away before moving. He stood up and looked down the road. Scarlet had vanished, along with the World President. "Ochre!" Blue called.

"Yeah?" Ochre replied, crawling out of the ditch and onto the road.

"You ok?" Blue asked. Ochre nodded.

"We've gotta find out where he's going," Ochre stated. Blue smiled slightly.

"We can do that, no problem," he stated. "I planted a homing device on the World President as I put him in the car, just in case something like this happened." Ochre looked at him.

"Good idea," he said. "We'd better find a phone so we can call for lift back to Cloudbase."

"Yeah," Blue said. They walked along the road, not sure where the nearest phone would be.


Scarlet walked into the warehouse, holding the World President by his arm. He dragged him inside, and closed the doors. Suddenly, four men aimed their machine guns at them. Scarlet looked at them, ready to kill all of them in an instant. "Drop your weapons!" Came a voice. Scarlet looked up to see Captain Black on the floor above them. "Glad you could make it," he said to Scarlet.

"Somebody ordered a World President here?" Scarlet joked, dragging the World President up the stairs. He threw him into a small, empty room nearby. "Don't do anything stupid," Scarlet warned him. "Our leaders want to keep you alive for a while, but I don't really care. I'll kill you if you do something out of line, got that?" The World President nodded. "Good," Scarlet said, then closed the door. He pointed to two of the Mysteron guards. "Watch him," he ordered. They ran up the stairs, and stood guard by the door.

"Good work," Black stated, as he and Scarlet walked into another room. It looked like Black's office that he must have made for himself. "You've proven yourself very worthy of being a Mysteron leader."

"Thank you," Scarlet replied. "And also, I killed two of Spectrum's best agents."

"Not bad for a days work," Black stated. Scarlet smiled slightly, nodding.

"So, what now?" Scarlet asked.

"The big bosses back home want us to keep him alive, like you said," Black explained. "Why, I have no idea. Probably want to do the same to him as they did to us."

"Probably," Scarlet said. "But why don't we do that now?"

"They've got somebody coming. They'll do the procedure. We're promised something different," Black answered.

"I thought we were something different," Scarlet said. Black laughed. So did Scarlet.

"Maybe this is a different different," Black stated.

"Oh, that different," Scarlet replied, and they laughed again.


"We have a fix on his location," Colonel White declared. "He's being kept in a disused warehouse not far from where Blue and Ochre lost them." He looked at the group of ten agents, including Blue and Ochre. "You must keep the World President alive at all costs. I don't have to tell you what happens if he dies."

"Sir," Captain Grey started. "What about Scarlet?" White looked at them all.

"Captain Scarlet is no longer the man you once worked with. He is a Mysteron agent. He must be killed." Blue looked down slightly. "Everyone to the ship. we have little time. Good luck, gentlemen." All ten agents walked out of the room, and made their way to what would be their most important mission so far in Spectrum's history. All except Blue. He turned around to face the Colonel.

"About Scarlet, sir," he stated. White looked up at him.

"What about him?" he asked.

"There might be a chance we can save him. If so, can we try and capture him?" Blue asked. White looked down at the desk, then back to Blue.

"We have not yet found a cure after someone has turned into a Mysteron. I think it would be safer to kill him," White told him. "I know he was a friend of yours. And he was one of the best agents we had. But he must be stopped. Understood?"

"Yes, sir," Blue replied, reluctantly, then walked out of the office. White watched the door close, then turned to face all the monitors on the wall. He hoped that his agents would be able to complete their mission.


To be continued in Part 7





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