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Revenge of the Mysterons 


A “Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons” story

By Zombie



Part 4 



24 hours after their successful landing, Blue walked into his quarters in the Spectrum base. He was thankful that he had outgrown his fear of flying, or he'd never have got through the trip in any sane state. In fact, he wouldn't even be in Spectrum, due to the fact that their base was a massive, flying aircraft, at an incredible altitude. For the first few days up there, all the agents had felt a bit funny, not used to the thin atmosphere, but now, several months into their jobs, they were fine.

Blue pressed a button next to the entrance, and an automated door smoothly shut next to him. He sat down in a large, comfortable chair, and he put his feet up. He thought about the trip, and also what happened afterwards.

Soon after the four agents landed, Captain Black went missing. He had vanished without a trace. Blue had heard rumors that Black had become a Mysteron, and that Colonel White was considering a manhunt for the missing agent. Not only was he a threat to their secret agency, he was also a threat to mankind.

Blue decided not to think about that very much. He didn't want to jump to conclusions. But another thing that bothered him was Scarlet's personality over the last day. He hadn't seemed his usual self since they landed. Normally, the two talked a lot about things, but he'd hardly spoken to anybody after he arrived back. Maybe he was just shaken up over the ordeal.

He switched on his television and looked at the screen for a moment, then started changing stations. One good thing about being part of a top secret military organization in the sky is that you get all the channels going, all for free. Blue smiled to himself about how easy parts of his life where. The bits where he wasn't put in life threatening situations, obviously.

Blue's phone rang suddenly, almost startling him. He leant over to it and answered it quickly. "Blue," he stated.

"Come to my office," Colonel White ordered. "We have a transmission from them." Blue put the phone down, grabbed his Spectrum uniform hat, and left his quarters faster than usual.


"This is the voice of the Mysterons..." The voice was deep and husky. It was being played from a recording received only minutes earlier. "We know you can hear us, Earthmen. Your act of aggression against us will not be ignored. We will strike back at your race. We will destroy you. Starting with your world's leader." The recording suddenly stopped. Colonel White looked at the agents in the office. Captains Blue, Scarlet and Ochre, and Lieutenant Green.

"We believe that their target is the World President," he explained. "We must protect him at all costs."

"How do we do that, sir?" Scarlet asked.

"You and Captain Blue will escort him to a secret underground base. Captain Ochre, you'll follow them in case something happens."

"Yes sir," Ochre replied.

"Ok, here are your instructions in more detail." Colonel White handed them a sheet of paper, which explained their mission in more depth. "We don't have much time. Dismissed." The three agents stood up and saluted him, then left the office.


The World President sat at his large desk, fully aware of the Mysteron threat to kill him. He felt worried for his life, despite having his best bodyguards around him without fail. He knew that the Mysterons were able to somehow take over human beings.

He was to be taken to a secret underground facility any time soon, and feared the journey there. Only two other people were to protect him. He had been assured that the two Spectrum agents were the best there was, but he still felt threatened. What good would two men be against an unknown enemy?

The World President sat in silence. He hated the waiting game. He felt as if he could be attacked by the alien force any second, and he knew that he wasn't really in any safe position until they reached their destination.

His door opened, and three men walked in. One of his guards and two men wearing different colored uniforms. Spectrum agents, most probably. The World President stood up as the guard closed the door behind them. "Hello, Mr. President," the one in blue said. "I am Captain Blue, and this is Captain Scarlet." He nodded in Scarlet's direction slightly. "We're here to escort you to the secret location." The World President nodded, and walked around his desk towards them. He extended his arm to Blue.

"Pleased to meet you both," he stated, shaking Blue's hand, then Scarlet's. "When do we leave?"

"We should leave now, Mr. President," Scarlet told him. "If you'd like to follow us, please." The World President nodded, and the two agents turned around and headed towards the door. The World President followed them, feeling slightly safer than before, but still fearing for his life.


Ochre sat in his car, watching around his area for any kind of threat to the World President. None so far, the whole street seemed dead. He wasn't sure whether to count this as a blessing or a curse. He looked at the black car halfway down the street. It was the one he was ordered to follow. The one with Scarlet, Blue and the World President inside. Only they hadn't left the White House yet.

Something caught his eye. It was Blue, followed by the World President, then Scarlet. They walked up to the black car, and all entered it, Scarlet in the driving side. Blue was next to him, with the World President in the back. The car engine started up, and Ochre twisted the keys in his own car's ignition. As Scarlet started to drive away from the area, Ochre followed, just as he'd been ordered to. He reached for his radio and held it to his mouth. "We're off. Over," he stated.

"Good," came the voice of Colonel White. "Don't lose them. Over."

"Understood. Over and out." Ochre put the radio back onto the passenger seat, and concentrated on following Scarlet ahead of him.



To be continued in Part 5 




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