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Revenge of the Mysterons 


A “Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons” story

By Zombie



Part 3



The large metal doors opened to reveal a dark corridor, lights flickering slightly. The Spectrum agents pulled out their weapons, ready for an attack. "Looks like we're too late." Black murmured. Scarlet quietly walked past the entrance, into the darkness, listening for any noises. The other agents followed, and the pilots of the shuttle stayed behind.

Scarlet came to a T-junction in the base, and signalled to the others the pairings. Blue and Green again, and scarlet would be with Black. Without any noise, the agents went their separate ways.

Minutes passed by like hours. The base was dead. "I think whatever did this, is gone," Green whispered to Blue. He nodded.

"Maybe," he replied, a bit louder. He peered round the corner. Still nothing. He pulled out his communicator and flicked it on. "Scarlet, this is Blue. This place is dead, we've missed it," he said in his normal tone, only just slightly quieter, in case he was wrong.

"I'm thinking that too," came Scarlet's voice. "Me and Black are just gonna check this corridor. You and Green head back to the shuttle."

"Affirmative," Blue replied, and switched the device off. "Let's go," he said to Green, and they both jogged back in the direction they came from.


Scarlet peered round the corner into the room, sensing danger. He didn't know why, he just had this gut feeling. Suddenly, a bullet ricocheted off the wall next to his head, and he dived back behind it for cover, grabbing his weapon.

Black pulled out his pistol and dived into the room suddenly. "Black!" Scarlet yelled, but was too late. He watched Black roll behind a tipped over metal table, using it as cover from the wave of bullets. "Shit!" he cursed, and spun round to face the attackers, firing wildly, yelling at the same time.

Black peered up from his cover, and saw Scarlet duck behind another table, narrowly avoiding his own death. He jumped up, rolled over the table, and fired. It was dark, and Black could make out about 4 men. Mysterons. Then suddenly, everything stopped.

Scarlet saw Black take a bullet, and jumped up, firing wildly. He felt something crash into him. A person. He was wrestled to the floor, unable to do anything.


Blue and Green both heard the gunshots, and instantly drew their weapons and ran back to the T-junction where they'd last seen the other two agents. They reached it, and by now, the gunshots had stopped. They ran in the direction Scarlet and Black had gone, until they reached a large room.

Sheets of paper floated in the air, some with bullet holes in. The two agents looked around, and Blue spotted a body on the floor behind a table. He jumped over it to see Scarlet lying down. "Scarlet!" he said, kneeling down. Scarlet mumbled something, and slowly sat up, holding the back of his head.

"You alright?" Green asked him.

"No, I'm not alright, I just got the shit beaten outta me," Scarlet replied. He stood up.

"Where's Black?" Blue asked, looking around.

"I saw him get shot. After that, I got jumped on," Scarlet explained. Black suddenly appeared from around the corner, clutching his arm. Blood trickled out from between his fingers, and covered most of his hand.

"I'm ok," he stated. "I lost them though." Green walked over to him, and looked at his arm.

"Keep pressure on it," he ordered. "We're getting out of here." The other three looked at him.

"We can't go yet!" Blue retorted. "We've gotta stop these Mysterons first."

"Then we'll remote detonate it from the spacecraft," Green replied.

"We can't, this place cost millions!" Black stated.

"Green's right, we should remote detonate," Scarlet insisted. "If we find the reactor, we can plant some C4 there, and around the base."

"Let's do it," Blue said. They walked through the room, and started searching for the reactor.

"We gonna split up?" Black asked suddenly.

"No, we stick together," Green answered. "This place is too dangerous."

"Found it," Blue stated, pointing to the reactor room.


The four agents ran onto the shuttle. Scarlet punched the button next to it, and the metal shutters slammed down. Blue ran into the cockpit area. "Get us the..." He stopped mid-sentence, trailing off at what he saw. "We've got a problem!" he yelled to the other three agents. They ran in to see what he was talking about.

The two pilots laid back in their seats, blood trickling out of bullet holes in their skulls. "Goddamn it!" Green yelled in anger, storming back into the passenger area.

"I can fly us home," Black stated. They all looked at him. "New training procedures, I guess," he explained innocently. Scarlet nodded.

"Do it," he told him. The sound of metal being pounded filled the shuttle.

"They're trying to break in," Green stated, looking at the door.

"Black, we have to go now!" Blue yelled at him.

"Alright, alright!" Black yelled back. "Buckle up!" he added, a hint of jokiness in his voice. The three agents put on their helmets and sat in their seats. They swiftly harnessed themselves in. Black looked around at the controls, and remembered how to start the craft up.

The massive engines roared into life, and moments later, the craft was propelled upwards, back into space, leaving the death trap behind. Blue pulled out the detonator from his pocket, and looked at the other two. "Kill 'em all." Green muttered. Blue pushed his thumb down on the red button.

Behind the craft, the Moon Base's sections systematically erupted in a ball of tangled metal and fire, until the entire base was nothing more than a wreck.

"How long until we reach Earth?" Scarlet called to Black.

"Erm, I guess about 5 hours like last time, maybe a bit more," Black answered, concentrating on flying them home. Scarlet didn't reply, and leaned back into his chair.



To be continued in Part 4   





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