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Revenge of the Mysterons 


A “Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons” story

By Zombie



Part 2



The four members of Spectrum sat in the SPV as it sped down the road. Lieutenant Green was driving, with Captain Blue beside him, and Captains Brown and Scarlet were in the passenger section. It was dark, and the rain was still falling heavily. Scarlet stood up and walked to the back of the vehicle, looking through the windows on the door.

Suddenly, he felt something smash into his back. He realized a moment later it was Brown's fist, as it struck him again, this time in the side of the face. Scarlet was knocked onto the ground, and Brown raised his foot to stamp down on him. Scarlet rolled to his side, narrowly avoiding the foot. As it hit the floor of the vehicle, Scarlet grabbed it and threw him towards the door. He jumped up and charged into him, knocking them into the door, and bursting through it, onto the road.

Blue heard a banging noise and looked in the side mirror, seeing Scarlet and Brown rolling along the road behind them. "Stop!" Blue ordered, opening the door before the vehicle was stationary.

Scarlet and Brown jumped up, and Brown kicked Scarlet in the side of the head, knocking him across the road. Blue drew his gun and aimed at Brown. "Freeze!" he yelled. Brown ignored him, and charged into Scarlet, grabbing him and throwing both of them down the muddy hill beside the road.

Green reached where Blue was standing, next to the road. "What's going on?" he asked.

"They're going at each other like crazy. They're down there," Blue answered, pointing down the hill. Bushes and trees blocked their view. "I think Brown might be a Mysteron."

"Oh, shit..." Green murmured. "We'd better help Scarlet." They both scrambled down the muddy hill, trying to avoid falling over.

Brown grabbed the back of Scarlet's head and lifted up, so he was in a kneeling position. Scarlet was slightly dazed from the floor, and Brown slammed his knee into his face. Scarlet fell onto his back. Brown knelt on Scarlet's chest and looked down on the dazed Captain. Scarlet looked up at Brown, and saw him open his mouth. He was confused, when suddenly, something shot out of his mouth. It looked and felt like a lump of torn, ragged flesh, as it tried to jam itself into Scarlet's throat. Scarlet grabbed it with his hands, stopping himself from swallowing the parasite.

Blue saw Brown kneeling on Scarlet, who was struggling with some strange creature. A pure Mysteron. He aimed his weapon at Brown. He fired three shots, hitting Brown in the side of the chest, sending him sideways to the ground. Blue and Green ran over to Scarlet and helped him throw the creature over at a tree. Blue and Green fired at it, tearing it into shreds. Scarlet groaned, then stood up. "You ok?" Green asked.

"Not really," Scarlet replied. He looked at Brown. Brown was still alive, and looked up at him. Scarlet took Blues weapon and shot him in the head twice, killing him. "Bastards," he muttered, walking back up the hill. Blue and Green looked at the body of what once was one of their team, and followed Scarlet up the muddy bank.


"The son of a bitch almost turned me into one, too," Scarlet explained to the Colonel.

"Thank God he didn't," Colonel White replied. "We've now lost one agent to these creatures. I don't plan on losing any more."

"What's the next plan?" Blue asked.

"We believe the Mysterons next target will be the colony on the Moon Base. As you know, this base has only just opened up, and officials don't want things to go wrong this early, if at all."

"Why would they attack the colony there?" Scarlet asked.

"They'd most likely take over the base, because it's close to Earth. We need your team to go there ASAP, because you are the team that has the highest probability of success," White answered.

"But Brown's gone. Who's his replacement?" Scarlet asked.

"We have a promising agent lined up for you. He's technically a rookie, but if you'll read his records, he is a prize asset. Almost like yourselves," White explained. "His code is Captain Black."

"When will we meet him?" Green asked.

"Tomorrow at the launch pad. You leave our planet at approximately 1600 hours. Good luck. Dismissed." The three agents left the room, closing the door. Blue looked at Scarlet.

"Moon Base. Never thought I'd be going there," he said, almost excited.

"Yeah," Scarlet replied. "I heard it's not all it's cracked up to be."


Scarlet, Blue and Green entered the briefing room. There were three men; one was wearing a black Spectrum uniform. He walked over to the agents. "Hi. I'm Captain Black. Heard a hell of a lot about you," he said enthusiastically, holding his hand out to Scarlet. Scarlet shook it.

"You too. You've earn quite a reputation, kid," he stated.

"Thanks, sir," Black replied, smiling. "So, do you guys do this a lot?" he asked all three of them.

"Go into space?" Blue asked. "No. This is my first time."

"Mine too," Green replied. "Scarlet?"

"Never been before," Scarlet stated.

"Oh!" Black said. "First for all of us then."

"Guess so," Scarlet replied. The other two men walked over to them.

"My name's James. This is Dave," said the taller one. "We're gonna be flying you to the Moon Base." Green shook their hands. "If you'd like to suit up, then follow us into the craft please."

"No problem," Black stated. They all walked over to their separate space suit lockers to change.


The four agents where in their seats as the countdown started. The engine noise was incredible, and the whole experience was one that was fairly frightening. "I hope nobody's scared of flying here," Scarlet yelled over the noise. The others couldn't muster up a smile due to worry. They heard the final numbers.




Lift off.

The ship started lifting off the ground, pushing the agents back into their seats. They felt themselves getting heavier, and it wasn't a pleasant experience. Soon, it was over, and everything was calm. The agents unbuckled themselves, and felt themselves floating around slightly.

"Wow..." Black whispered. "This is amazing."

"How long 'till we reach the base?" Blue asked.

"About 5 hours," Green answered.

"Not too bad," Scarlet stated. He sat back down. "Wake me when we get there."


         A large knock hurled Scarlet out of his seat and onto the floor, waking him up. He looked up as the other agents stumbled around. "What's happening?" he asked, standing up.

"We're under attack!" Black yelled as he fell into the wall.

"Shit..." Scarlet muttered, running towards the pilot section. He walked in, seeing the pilots struggling. "What the hell is going on?"

"The Mysterons... They've got goddamn ships!" James answered.

"Oh shit. Where's the weapons bay on this thing?" Scarlet asked.

"We don't have one," Dave explained. "We never thought this was possible. Hell, I never believed in aliens 'till I got this mission, even then I was sceptical!"

"Ok, then. What now?" Scarlet asked.

"Don't ask me, I'm just the pilot!" James said, struggling with the ship. Scarlet thought to himself, and had an idea.

"Keep this thing on course," he said. He ran back into the passenger section, and grabbed his helmet and his pistol.

"What are you doing?" Blue asked.

"Saving our asses," Scarlet replied, jamming the helmet over his head. He ran to the airlock, and opened the first door. He grabbed the lifeline and tied it to his belt, then opened the next door, and was sucked out into space by the vacuum. He saw the ship nearby. It looked unlike what people had thought alien battleships would look like, because it seemed clunky and not majorly advanced. He felt the lifeline stop him go any further, and aimed his pistol at the ship. He fired, and saw the bullets fly straight through the Mysteron ship. The bullets seemed slower, and were visible, but seemed unable to stop, and ploughed through the ship without stopping. It veered back, and Scarlet fired again, this time at the weapons bay. It ignited it, setting off an explosion that engulfed the whole ship.

Scarlet shielded his eyes from the blast. When it had cleared, he looked at the floating wreckage, then pulled himself along the wire back into the ship.

The three agents inside the ship helped Scarlet back in. "You ok?" Black asked.

"I'm fine," Scarlet replied. "But they've got ships. That can't be good."

         "You've got that right," Blue stated. "We've got another 10 minutes before we reach Moon Base."

"We'd better be careful then. The Mysterons might already be there."



To be continued in Part 3 




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