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‘Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons’


A series written for the ‘Challenge of Five’


Moments Obviously Gathered By Someone:


Ochre Socks





It was hard, very hard but he had managed it. He had gotten to his quarters before he cracked up laughing. Collapsing in a chair, Ochre let it rip as he thought about the prank that he had just played on Grey. It had been a fitting end to a series of tricks he had pulled on each of the other captains, all to do with the coloured socks that he had given them for their birthdays.

Sitting back and wiping his eyes, he recalled his first success. It had been Magenta that he had gotten first; subtle but memorable.

Poor Pat…  It was an ongoing thing that people often made a mistake about his codename, and it was a fertile ground for teasing him. Ochre shook his head; he just hadn’t been able to resist using an idea he had come up with, and boy, it turned out to be a triumph.

It had not been easy to find want he needed but it had been worth it. Heat activated scent crystals, nice strong floral ones… Oh, he could remember it well! Poor unfortunate Magenta… Having to do his work, smelling like someone had spilled a whole bottle of perfume on him. And what had been even better was that it had taken him ages to work out where it was coming from. A smirk crossed Ochre’s face. Destiny had even asked Magenta what the name of the perfume was, as she would like some for herself… Oh, that prank had been good!

Blue had been next and that one turned out to be the hardest one to pull off. Ochre tried to get his merriment under control. Getting the dyeing compound to start to work after the socks had been washed a couple of times had almost prove to be impossible but he had managed to do it. Unfortunately, he didnt get to see the actual result, but he did overhear Symphony talking to Rhapsody about it, when he had gone for lunch. He had to really restrain himself from asking Blue if his feet were cold, when he saw him in the officers lounge later on. Oh, well At least he knew that it had worked.

And then there was that day when Scarlet had kept on taking off his boots and checking inside of them, only to find nothing. Ochre knew very well what was going on; just trying to keep a straight face was one of the entertaining things about that joke.

The feeling of sand can be so annoying….

But the icing on the cake, the one he just pulled on Grey Not that it was anymore complex than the other pranks…. It was just how it happened.

He had put in a lot of thought about how he was going to get Grey and how he was going to accomplish the idea he had. However, there had been no way he could have known where and how it would play out.

It started out simple enough; he and Blue had been doing some paperwork in the lounge when they heard a strange noise. The source of it had came to light as Grey came through the door, his boots squeaking.

“What’s going on, Grey?” Blue had asked him.

“New boots. The funny thing is, they only started doing this today,” had been Grey’s reply.

Oh? Maybe theyve have stretched too much. You should get another pair, as I doubt those would be any good for you out on assignments. They make it too easy to know where you are, not to mention that the sound is distracting.

I know, but I was hoping they would come right, so I wouldn’t have to do the paperwork for new ones. Still, youre right. They could be a liability.

Ochre wiped his eyes again. It had been the thought of Grey walking through Cloudbase with squeaky boots that made him add to the conversation: “Why don’t you go and get them changed now? We’ll cover for you, Grey.”

I guess I should.

He cracked up again. He felt for Grey; it was just too bad that he didnt get the chance to change his boots. Because then and there, they had been called to the Conference Room.

The look of self-consciousness on Grey’s face as they had made their way in to sit before Colonel White was classic. And the colonel’s expression, as he tried to keep his face straight upon hearing Grey’s squeaky boots was just as good.

Oh boy… He was really going to remember this joke.

He guessed that he should do something to make up for it, because who knew what the colonel had said to Grey after he had dismissed everyone else. To be honest, he would not have wanted to have been in Grey’s socks at that moment.





Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons were created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.  The copyright belongs to some company not me.

I would also like to thank Chris for her website and the time and effort she puts into it. As well as beta-reading my stories (no easy task).

My story has been written for mine and others’enjoyment and not for any financial gain and any mistakes are mine.



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