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‘Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons’


A series written for the ‘Challenge of Five’


Moments Obviously Gathered By Someone:


Magenta Glass





Standing here, looking through this pane of glass into the room beyond, sends shivers down my spine. Will I be good enough? Hell, I dont know enough. Will I be as good as my dad?

Here am I, about to take on a responsibility greater than any other I have faced and I am scared. Me, Patrick Donaghue, Captain Magenta of Spectrum. If the others could see me now, I wouldnt hear the end of it.

You know, its funny, just a small movement and I catch my reflection in the glass. Hmm, not too bad, the years have been good to me. Surprising when you consider it.

Thinking about it, Im a bit like this glass. Odd, I know, but when I really think about it, it fits. For one thing, glass is versatile; it can be used in so many ways, some that are very surprising. Like me. When I think back on all the changes in my life, being versatile, adapting, saved my hide more than once. It certainly helped when I ended up in prison. Coming across as inoffensive and willing to let them make use of my skills was a good call. Then later, when I built my group. Okay, not my best decision, to get into crime but at the time, it looked like the only way to achieve what I wanted. It did cost me and in some ways, a lot.

And then theres Spectrum.

Thats another thing about glass: it can be so many colours. Yes, colours. Theres been a lot of them in my life as well. The green of Ireland, even though I left there when I was three. Mammy was forever talking about it and always had something green at home. The browns, murky reds and greys of the streets where I grew upYales Navy blue and the grey of prison…. Then theres the colour of money, something I wanted a lot of. And of cause, magenta, the most significant colour of all. The one that brought about the most changes in my life.

Are you aware that glass is also an enigma? It might look solid but technically, its not. So is magenta; is it a red or is it pink? Unfortunately, most people see it as pink, so you can guess the reactions I got with my uniform. Not to blow my own trumpet, but I do think that it takes a special kind of man to be able to wear the colour.

I will say that I am grateful that Spectrum chose to take a chance with me. As Ive said it before, getting into crime was not a great idea and once you are in it, getting out can be almost impossible. Especially if you were in as deep as I was.

HmmI wonder if the selectors were having some fun with me, when they chose this colour for me to be known by? Ah, I guess I could see it as some form of payback. Oh well.…

Glass can be remarkably strong, but also brittle, and I know that theres been a few times where Ive come close to cracking. Usually when one of the others has been injured. Times like that hit you with the knowledge that you too could end up the same. But its the strength of the friendship among us that gets us through those times.

It is also true that glass can last, and despite the toll the war with the Mysterons, has taken on all of us, so have we. And now its over…. Who knows what the future holds for us? Whatever it is, I know the bonds of friendship wont fade.

And I cannot wait for them to see you. I know that the other Angels have come to see Destiny and I, and given us their congratulations…. But they still have to see you.  And the boys will be sure to come as well.

Looking at you through this pane of glass, I cant help but feel pride, wonder, happiness and fear.

Yes, fear.

Fear of not being good enough for you. Fear of not being a good father to you. Fear that Ill be unable to be what you need me to be, as I watch you lying there, sleeping like the proverbial babe.

You. My first born.





Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons were created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.  The copyright belongs to some company not me.

I would also like to thank Chris for her website and the time and effort she puts into it. As well as beta-reading my stories (no easy task).

My story has been written for mine and others’enjoyment and not for any financial gain and any mistakes are mine.



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