A "Lieutenant Lake" story

by Scarlet Lady

“...What do you get when you fall in love,

Nothing but pain, lies and sorrow,

So for at least until tomorrow,

I'll never fall in love again...”

Lieutenant Green felt a lump come to his throat. He had turned the radio on in hope that it would take his mind off his problems and current feelings, but at that moment it was only making things worse. He tried changing channels.


“...Everybody knows I live for you,

And everybody knows I adore you,

Everybody knows that it's true,

Except you...”

Shaking his head, he tried again. Surely, there had to be at least one station that wasn't playing love songs...


“I used to think she was the greatest thing,

I even cared to give her a diamond ring,

She said she'd rather die than ever leave me...”

As tears threatened, Green threw the radio across the room. Up until then he'd been pretty strong, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to carry on. Nothing was helping and he wasn't all that sure he was prepared to go on trying.


Colonel White had been about to knock on the Lieutenant's door when he heard a crash. Wondering what could be amiss, he burst in. “Lieutenant Green, what in blazes is going on in here?”

“Well, Sir... I...” he cast an awkward glance at the pile of fragments that had once been his radio.

The Colonel scowled. “You are late for duty. Why?” He was about to cut him off with a full reprimand when he noticed the expression on Green's face. “Good heavens man! You look terrible – what's the matter? You're not ill, are you?”

Green shook his head and answered in a voice that was barely audible. “No, Sir. Not sick.”

“Then what in the World is wrong with you?”

Green shook his head. “Nothing, Sir. It's just that... I'm worried about Lieutenant Lake. She's...”

“In Sickbay,” White cut in. “I am perfectly aware of that – and I know that you are good friends.”

The Lieutenant cleared his throat, nervously. “Uh... the thing is... there's... there's a bit more to it than that.”

“Alright...” the Colonel sighed tiredly, taking a seat beside his aide. “For how long has this been going on?”

“Uh... I don't know exactly, Sir. I had thought we were just friends... but then I guess it started to get a bit more serious than that...”

How serious?”

Green looked away, nervously. “Well... uh... it's gotten to the stage... uh... I've bought her a ring for Christmas, and...”

“A special ring?” White lifted an eyebrow at his aide.

“A very special ring, Sir.”

The Colonel nodded. “Then it's very serious. Now I can understand why you're in such a state...”

Green gulped noisily. “Doctor Fawn said she might...”

“Doctor Fawn is doing all he can, Lieutenant,” White pointed out. “But I'll ensure that you're kept up to date regarding her condition. When she recovers, perhaps you could talk some sense into her...” He left the rest unsaid. He felt certain that Green's sensibility and calm attitude would be sure to rub off on the often fiery Lieutenant Lake. He made an excuse and left Green to his thoughts, feeling sure that the relationship he had just learned about could prove to be a good thing, provided all went well.



Lieutenant Lake was lying in a near comatose state in one of Sickbay's beds. Doctor Fawn and the many other skilled members of medical staff were fighting to keep her with them, but it wasn't easy. Lake had been through a lot, and it wasn't even certain that her retrometabolism was still strong enough to keep up the fight. As her body had come to rely on the Martian ability, the results of losing it altogether could only mean death for her.

Doctor Fawn sighed, as Captain Scarlet entered. “Captain, I've already told you...”

“I know, Doctor, I just wanted to know whether there was any change. Has she snapped out of it?”

Fawn groaned inwardly. He knew that the Captain would far from like his answer. “She 'woke up', for want of a better term, about an hour ago...”

“Well, at least that's something. That is good, isn't it?” Scarlet frowned.

Fawn shook his head. “I don't know – we couldn't get any sense out of her. She was delirious.”

“That's... not so good, then...” the Captain looked at the still body on the bed. She looked so delicate that he daren't go too near to her. “I just wish I could do something! I feel so useless, just having to stand idle...”

Fawn sighed tiredly. “That just about sums up how we all feel – there's not much we can do, either, right now.”

Scarlet offered the Doctor what he hoped was a reassuring smile. “If anyone can help her, it's you and your team – and I should know! After all, you've put me back together more often than I would care to count... sometimes literally...”

Fawn smiled. “Thanks, Captain. We're doing everything possible.”

“She'll be fine, then.” Scarlet offered another smile and left quickly. Once he was outside, he ran his hands through his hair. “Stupid girl! I wish she could've broken her idiotic streak and listened just this once!” Slamming his fist into the wall, he gave a cry of frustration.

Lake leapt from the SPV, eagerly. “Let's go, Sir!” “Not so fast, Lieutenant. Let's assess the situation before we do anything hasty, shall we?”

The Lieutenant glared at him. “I'm not your student any more, Captain. I know what I'm doing.”

“Oh, so you know that you should keep your mouth shut, your eyes peeled and your ears alert, I take it?” Scarlet raised an eyebrow at her.

Lake put a finger to her lips. “Sssshh! I'm trying to stay quiet and alert. You're not helping.”

The Captain rolled his eyes, but said nothing. He secretly wondered whether he had ever been as bad as that when he was younger...

The Lieutenant jumped, suddenly. “Sir! There's smoke pouring out of that window, there!” She pointed at a window in a block, which was separated from the main building.

Scarlet fetched his respirator. “Right, go to the main desk in the foyer. Explain the situation to them. I'm going in.”

“Let me help, Sir.”

“Look, I'm not going to get into an argument with you! You'll be a huge help by putting the people stationed here in the picture. Just stay out of harm's way for now.”

Lake watched him sprint into the building and shook her head. “We're only here to check for possible Mysteron activity, but oh no, Charlotte has to be a bossy hero...” She headed for the main desk, as she had been told.

Finding no-one in the foyer, the Lieutenant frowned. “Now what should I do? I suppose I should see whether the Captain needs backup, but he'll not like it...” Pulling a small notebook and pen from her pocket, she left a note at the desk. “Not really the way a Spectrum Officer should do things, but this could be an emergency.”


Captain Scarlet rubbed his eyes, tiredly. It was becoming difficult to concentrate on typing his latest report – even more so than usual. He hadn't felt so drained in a long time. His mind was mainly on Captain Tourmaline, Lieutenant Lake's brother. Tourmaline had lost Lake once before, over four years previously, when the Mysterons had taken her over. Thankfully, she had somehow been released of their hold and turned to Spectrum, offering what skills and abilities she could. How would Pete take losing her for good? The Captain ran his hand through his hair, and tried to tell himself that he wasn't really bothered. The fact was, however, that he had grown fond of the two annoying Officers – both were like family to him, and he was becoming increasingly worried about the pair of them. With a sigh of resignation, he switched off his portable computer and massaged his aching forehead.

“Paul? Are you alright?” Rhapsody Angel had been watching him with quiet concern for a while, and had decided that it was time to have a word.

Scarlet shrugged, tiredly. “I'll live...” he offered a half-hearted chuckle.

“Careful, it almost sounds as if you want to,” she remarked sarcastically, touching his shoulder.

The Captain shrugged her off and ran his hands through his hair again. “Leave me alone, Angel – I'm not in the mood.”

Rhapsody folded her arms. “Oh, so it's alright when you're not in the mood, but when I'm not, you sulk. Huh – MEN!

“Diane, that's not the... that's not even funny!” Scarlet turned to her with what he hoped to be an annoyed expression.

The Angel pilot cuddled him. “What's the matter, Paul?” she asked, gently, “I've not seen you like this in a long time.”

The Captain pulled away. “It's... It's nothing.”

“Oh, of course. And I was born yesterday.”

“Diane, please leave me alone...” Scarlet closed his eyes. “I'm getting a headache, and I want to sleep it off.”

Rhapsody frowned and rested her hand on his forehead. “That's unusual for you!”



Captain Tourmaline was seated in the Officer's Lounge, unloading and reloading his Spectrum-issue pistol.

Ochre was sitting in the chair opposite him, watching. “Yep, it's definitely loaded, Pete...” he lowered his tone, to mutter under his breath. “Just like it was the other few hundred times!”

Tourmaline narrowed his eyes at his fellow Officer and ejected the shells over the floor.

“Hey – I mean – OI! You can pick those up right NOW!

“Make me,” Tourmaline hissed in a menacing tone.

Ochre tried a more reasonable approach. “Look, Pete, what if someone were to come in and step on them? That... uh... wouldn't be very nice.”

“You think so?” he chuckled, dryly. “Look, if you have a problem with 'em being there, you pick 'em up.”


Scarlet's mind was still on the events that had taken place previously. He couldn't stop reliving it. Was all that had happened his fault? He had been responsible for Lake, due to their difference in rank and age, so it had to be.

“Paul, please talk to me. What's going on inside that head of yours?” Rhapsody touched his shoulder. Scarlet was standing at the window of his quarters, staring out at the clouds in silence. As a matter of fact, it was his silence that worried her more than anything else – it was unusual for him.

“Lake's in Sickbay... possibly dying...” The Captain sounded completely drained.

The Angel put her arm around him. “Paul, it's not your fault...”

“Well, perhaps you can tell me whose blasted fault it is, Diane! I was in command, for pity's sake, so who else could be responsible – you tell me that!”

“Please, don't yell at me. Just talk to me – tell me what happened.”

Scarlet blew out a sigh of anguish and hugged her close to him. “I... I'm sorry, Diane... I didn't mean to be such a pig.”

Rhapsody kissed him, tenderly. “That's not your fault, either – I can see how upset you are. Just tell me what happened.”

The Captain nodded. “Alright...”


“Sir,” Lieutenant Lake blinked in an effort to stop her eyes from streaming. The smoke was choking and blinding her and the heat was becoming unbearable.

“Lake, I told you to...”

“I know – button it.” The Lieutenant interrupted, crouching on the floor in an attempt to get cleaner air to breathe. She caught sight of a computer through the smoke, and frowned. Upon moving closer, she discovered the reason behind the fire. A number of computers had evidently exploded, bursting into flame. The fire was spreading rapidly.

“Lake... do you have... your respirator?” Scarlet's voice sounded strained, as if he was finding it difficult to breathe.

“Neg...” the Lieutenant coughed and tried again. “You need...?”

“Stupid girl! I have one. Now get out of here fast – the machinery is about to go up altogether!”

Lake was about to make for the door when something caught her attention. “Emergency cut-off...” She crawled to the switch on the wall.

Scarlet had dragged two men clear of danger and was now checking that there was no-one else around. He frowned – he could see no sign of Lake. “Lieutenant? Are you clear? Lake, can you hear me?”

“'Ow... can I...” she coughed violently. “'Elp it? You're ye... yellin' like...”

“Where are you? Are you alright?” The Captain prepared to make a final mad dash into the burning room before disaster hit.

“Fine. Gonna... switch... the power... off. Might stop the... explosion.”

“Leave it – get out of there!” Scarlet waited anxiously. No reply came from the Lieutenant. “Lake, come on – there isn't time for this!” This time, he received an answer. A horrific scream reached his ears, propelling him into action.


Scarlet shivered as he remembered the scream.

“Paul? What is it? What's wrong?” Rhapsody looked up into his eyes.

The Captain shook his head. “Nothing, Diane. I just...”

“You need a drink,” the Angel decided. “I'll make a cup of tea – you look as if you could do with a rest, as well.”

Scarlet smiled, as she headed off to fill his kettle. Not half as much as I need you!


Lieutenant Green entered Sickbay's waiting room and took a seat. He tried to read a magazine, but couldn't really take anything in. The only thing on his mind was Lieutenant Lake, and the object that was in his tunic pocket. Tired, but unable to relax, Green fell into a restless sleep.

Nurse Finch bustled into the small room. She had intended on trying to put the Lieutenant's fears to rest with a few words of reassurance – even if only for a while. A small smile crossed her face when she saw him curled up on a row of chairs. “Poor thing – you must be shattered,” Gently, she rested a pillow under his head, and fetched a blanket to drape over him. “There, at least now you'll be a little more comfortable. Rest well, Lieutenant.”


Rhapsody Angel handed Captain Scarlet a steaming mug of tea. “Here, this should make you feel a bit better.”

“Thankyou,” Scarlet took the drink and sipped it. “Yes, that is better... but you're a big help, too. Thanks for putting up with me...”

“Don't be silly, Paul. You'd do exactly the same for me – in fact you have done, on a few occasions.”

The Captain nodded and gazed into his mug, thoughtfully. “That's true, I suppose,” he looked up to smile at her. “Thankyou, Angel.”

“Well, I knew that talking to someone would help you. So, what happened next?”


Scarlet raced into the room. There was so much smoke that it took precious seconds to locate the Lieutenant. Finally he found her. She was stretched out on the floor, not far from the emergency cut-off switch. The Captain cursed beneath his breath. “Lake... Lieutenant... speak to me!” He shook her arm. “Blast – she's unconscious!” he didn't wait to find out what was wrong with her – there just wasn't time. Scooping the small form up in his arms, he rushed back outside before things could get any worse.

Rhapsody frowned. “What was it, then? Did you find out what had happened to her?”

The Captain nodded and turned away. “Apparently, there was a leak in the roof, above the computer room...”

“WHAT? But that's so dangerous – that room shouldn't have even been used for electrical appliances of any kind!”

Scarlet closed his eyes, tiredly. “It's alright for us to say that, Diane, but just think of the people working in that room...” he shuddered. “It's a miracle that there were no fatalities...”

Yet, Rhapsody thought, darkly. A glance at the Captain told her that the same thing was also on his mind. She cleared her throat. “So, the water got into the computers, and...”

Shaking his head, Scarlet explained. “The computers – to a certain extent – were fine. The water got into the plugs, though, and the wiring in the wall. It also got into the extension lead that a handful of machines were running off of...”

“I take it that they were the ones that went up...”

“Exactly,” the Captain nodded. “Of course, we weren't aware of that, at the time. The fire was spreading and the other machines were... pretty poorly, by this time... and Lake, as always, wanted to help. Not aware of the cause of the problem, she hit the emergency cut-off...” he shuddered.

Rhapsody saw his expression and guessed the rest. “That was faulty, too?”

“The ruddy place should have been called Faulty blasted Towers, if you want my opinion! They didn't need the Mysterons to help them – they were heading for disaster on their own!” Scarlet thumped the table in front of him, the bitterness and anger he was feeling perfectly evident in his tone and behaviour.

Rhapsody hugged him. “Oh Paul... there was nothing you could have done – it could have been you that touched that switch.”

“I wish it was – at least I'd stand a better chance of survival.”

“Paul, don't talk like that...” the Angel hugged him closer. “If anything happened to you, I wouldn't be able to carry on. I need you.”

The Captain sighed. “I know... I know, darling. I'm sorry... I just... I feel guilty, that's all. I feel responsible. I talked Lake into joining Spectrum... I helped to train her.. I was even with her when she was injured. I feel as though I could've done more – should have done more.”

“Paul, you did all you could in that situation,” she kissed him and continued, “If you'd known more, perhaps things would have been different... but it just wasn't possible.”

Scarlet smiled sadly and nodded. “I know – I should stop brooding. It's not as if it'll change things.”

“Yes, but you'd be a horrid person if you didn't care at all, wouldn't you? I'd rather have the soft-hearted man that I love dearly, thankyou.”

“Soft-hearted? Oho – you'll regret that one, Angel!” the Captain poked her, playfully.

Rhapsody sighed and shook her head. “Why can't you just take it as a compliment, for once?”



Lieutenant Green sat up and rubbed at his eyes, furious with himself for going to sleep. He stood up, and went in search of Doctor Fawn. No sooner had he stuck his head out of the door of the waiting room than he saw the Doctor heading in his direction with Nurse Finch. He cleared his throat.

“Aha, so you're awake, Lieutenant?” Fawn inquired, leaning on the doorframe.

Green looked away in embarrassment. “Yes, Doctor. I'm sorry, but I've not slept much, since...” he trailed off awkwardly.

“That's alright – no worries. It's not as if you've missed anything.”

The Lieutenant breathed a sigh of relief and then immediately began to worry again. “How is Em – Lieutenant Lake? Is there any – is she any better?”

The Doctor shook his head. “Not much change, I'm afraid. She's still fighting, which can only be a good thing. It's when she decides to give up that I'll really start worrying.”

“You don't think she will, do you?”

Nurse Finch smiled reassuringly at him. “I don't think that's in her character, Lieutenant – just like any other member of Spectrum. It's her job to fight, and that's just what she'll do – and we'll be there for her, every step of the way.”

“I certainly will,” Green remarked with determination. “Would it help if I went in and spoke to her? It might help to bring her round, and...”

Fawn shook his head, regretfully. “I'm sorry, Lieutenant, but I can't allow that at the moment. The Doctors and nurses working on and around her have to be careful enough as it is – right now, just a minor cold could be enough to finish her off.”

The Lieutenant nodded his understanding. “I guess the fewer people there are around her the better, for a while.”

The Doctor nodded. “I'll let you know, when she wakes up – and I'll let her know that you're thinking of her.”

“Thanks,” Green moved off in the direction of his quarters.



Captain Cerise had taken Lieutenant Green's rota on computer duty. Though she didn't really mind, it did get boring after a time. She stifled a yawn and turned to the Colonel. “Sir, is there any more news on Lake?”

Colonel White rolled his eyes. “Not you, as well! I've had enough of that from Green and Tourmaline.”

“Green?” the Captain stared at him in confusion.

Oh no! – now I've done it! White shook his head. “Never mind, Captain. Just get on with your work, please.”

Not to be put off, Cerise tried a different approach. “What's wrong with Lieutenant Green anyway, Sir?”

“He has a sore throat, Captain. Seeing as he couldn't take any calls without either going into a coughing fit or losing his voice, I thought he should get some rest.”


On the contrary, Lieutenant Green was not resting. He had returned to Sickbay's waiting room, hoping for some good news. Although Doctor Fawn had promised to keep him informed, he couldn't stand sitting around in his quarters.

Nurse Finch entered and sighed. “Back again, Lieutenant?”

“I couldn't stay in my quarters. I have to be here.”

“Well, I can offer some good news... Lake's condition has improved a little. She should come around, shortly.”

Green jumped up. “That's great! Can I sit in with her – I really want to be there for her.”

Finch smiled. “Doctor Fawn has already said that you may. I just have to check a few things with him first.”

“Thanks – thankyou, Nurse!” Green watched her leave, and then cheered.



Lieutenant Lake opened her eyes slowly. She felt completely shattered, and her whole body was in pain. Instead of trying to sit up, she lay still and looked about her through bleary eyes.

“Ems!” Lieutenant Green sat up in his chair.

She frowned. The voice sounded familiar, yet far away. She turned her head, slowly. “Whurr bissss I?”

Green frowned and moved closer. “Hi, Ems. How are you feeling?”

“Like I've fallen a long way, an' been hit by a girt big truck...”

“Not so good, then,” he took her hand gently. “You scared me, you know.”

“How come? What did I do?” Lake gave him a confused frown. “What happened?”

“Don't worry – it'll come back when it's ready. Let's just say I was frightened I'd lose you.”

Smiling, she met his eyes. “Oh, Seymour, you know I'm indestructible...”

“Yeah, but you looked so bad...” he cleared his throat. “Look, Ems... I... I was going to save this for Christmas, but...” he pulled a small box from his tunic pocket. “I think you should have this one now.”

Lake forced herself into a sitting position awkwardly, to get a good look at the box. “What's this, Seymour?”

Green moved closer still, and knelt on the floor beside her bed. “Just open it, Ems,” he advised.

Carefully, she removed the lid, and stared down at a beautiful white gold ring with a ruby and two emeralds set into it, surrounded by a tiny cluster of diamonds. She turned her head to gaze at her fellow Lieutenant. “Seymour...” her voice was a mere whisper.

“Elizabeth Murray-Stone, Ems, I love you with all my heart – I couldn't bear the thought of losing you... Will you marry me?”

Lake rubbed at her eyes. She wasn't quite sure whether or not she was dreaming.

Seeing her silence as uncertainty, he looked away. “I'm sorry – I didn't mean to drop it on you, like this. I know you've only just woke up, and... I'll give you all the time you need, to think it over...”

“Thankyou,” she frowned, suddenly, as a thought hit her. “You were going to ask me at Christmas?”

Green gave an embarrassed nod. “I... I thought... Well, seeing as we were going to spend the holiday together, I thought it would be a good moment. More romantic...”

Lake smiled fondly. “You ol' softy!”

“I would've stuck to it, too, but then... then I decided that life was too short, and I should ask you now.”

She nodded her agreement. “Very sensible. I'd be a fool not to marry you.”

“Do you mean that, Ems?”

Lake smiled happily. “Of course I mean that, Seymour. I love everything about you... There's only one thing...”

“Colonel White?”

She nodded, and gazed down at the ring. “What should we tell him? How d'you think he'll react?”

“Let's face that together, Ems,” Green advised, gently. “I'm sure everything will be ok, though.”



A few days later, Lieutenant Lake was released from Sickbay. She was still too ill for duty, but Doctor Fawn was satisfied with her progress. Although Colonel White wanted a word with her, the Lieutenant decided to visit the Officer's Lounge first. She entered to find a number of Officers decorating a large fir tree in the centre of the room. “OI! Save some for me – I don't want to miss the festivities altogether!”

“Ems!” Captains Scarlet and Tourmaline ran to her as if they were racing eachother.

“How are you feeling?” Tourmaline asked, putting an arm around her.

“Did Fawn let you out for good behaviour, or were you annoying everyone?” Scarlet joined in.

“I've been let out because I'm feeling better. My retrometabolism is still a bit iffy – even more so than usual – but it's recovering nicely.” Lake informed them.

“Well, as long as you're not going to keel over on us,” Tourmaline remarked, chuckling.

“I'll second that,” Scarlet agreed. “You take care of yourself – no-one's going to do it for you.”

“Oh, I'm not so sure about that...” Lake remarked mysteriously. She gave Tourmaline a quick hug, and stood up. “Sorry, men, but I have to see the Colonel. I'll have to catch up later.”


Lieutenant Green was waiting outside of the Control Room when Lake hurried up. “Hey – be careful, Ems. I don't think you should be running.”

“Didn't want to turn up late,” Lake explained. “Is he waiting?”

Green nodded. “You go in, first. Ask the Colonel to call me in, when you're ready.”

“S.I.G., Seymour.”

“Good luck,” he added, as his fiancé headed in.


Colonel White looked up at the Lieutenant and frowned. “Captain Magenta, could you go and make some drinks, please?”

Magenta stood up. “Yes, Sir. Tea, or...?”

“Yes. Tea would be fine, thankyou.”

After asking Lake whether she would also like one, the Captain left.

“Lieutenant Lake, perhaps you can tell me what happened when you and Scarlet were on your last mission?”

The Lieutenant tried not to feel nervous. “Sir, we helped to evacuate a burning room...”

Colonel White studied the report in front of him. “From what I've gathered, Captain Scarlet advised – no, ordered – you to investigate the reported Mysteron activity, while he dealt with the separate situation, himself.”

“But, Sir, I...”

“Thankfully, the report was a false alarm, but had it not been the case...” he leaned forward, clasping his hands together on his desk. “Your note could have been discovered by a Mysteron agent, and they would have had the perfect opportunity to rid themselves of both you and Scarlet. Had you thought of that?”

The Lieutenant shook her head. “I'm sorry, Colonel, but that didn't cross my mind. There was no-one around, and the Captain had only told me to inform someone about the fire.”

“He also told you to get away from that fire. You were not even wearing a respirator.”

“But, Sir...”

“Had you obeyed Captain Scarlet, you would not have been electrocuted. Am I correct?”

“You are, Sir, but I behaved in the way I saw fit. I was about to get out of there, when I saw the emergency cut-off switch. I was merely trying to stop the situation from getting any worse.”

The Colonel nodded. “That was Captain Scarlet's defense for you, as well...” he narrowed his eyes at her. “I will not take any action this time, Lieutenant, but from now on you must tow the line. If you put one foot – no, one TOE – out of line, there will be murder – do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, Colonel – perfectly clear.”

White nodded. “Then we'll say no more about it.” Deciding to change the subject, he cleared his throat. “Now, I believe that Lieutenant Green wanted to discuss something, with you present...”

Lake nodded. “Yes, Sir.”


Lieutenant Green entered as soon as he was called in, and came to attention before the C-in-C of Spectrum.

“Well, out with it.”

Green cleared his throat. “Colonel, I thought I – we – should let you know... Lieutenant Lake and I are engaged...”

“I see... Well, I suppose congratulations are in order...”

Lake was a little surprised. After the reprimand the Colonel had given her earlier, she hadn't expected this reaction.

Green drew a deep breath. “Sir, would Father Ivory be able to marry us here?”

White sat up a little straighter. “Here?”

Lake decided that it was time she said something. “You see, Sir, we'd like it if everyone could be there. I know that some would have to be on duty, but...”

The Colonel nodded. “I see. This is certainly an unusual request, though – most people would prefer to be married in a place more like the Bahamas!”

Lake gave an awkward smile. “My second choice would be St. Mary Redcliffe, Bristol, Sir – the Bahamas don't come into it.”

Colonel White looked across at Lieutenant Green. “And what about you, Lieutenant?”

Green shrugged, smiling happily. “Sir, I'd even get married in the Mysteron Complex, if it made Ems happy.”

The Colonel chuckled and shook his head. “I can see you mean a great deal to eachother. You both have my best wishes.” he punched a button on his desk, “Magenta, forget about the tea – fetch a bottle of champagne, instead!”

The End





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