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Welcome to the Real World

A “Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons” and “Harry Potter” cross-over fan fiction

By Kelly Haycock and Devon Ricks



Authors’ note:  All Harry Potter characters, places etc already established in the books belong to JK Rowling.  All Captain Scarlet characters, places etc already established in the television series belong to Gerry Anderson. We only own the characters we created for this story.

Imagine an instant...  That the world of Captain Scarlet and the world of Harry Potter would be set in the same timeline, and in the same universe..."

Starting a new school is never an easy task, and this was by no means different for the students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

         The First-Years were lined up all waiting quietly and patiently for Professor McGonagall to call their name.  Among the First-Years stood a young boy watching the top table.  He had mid-brown hair and bright blue eyes that sparkled in the light of the thousands of candles hovering above the tables.  The lean boy looked down the line of First-Year students, noticing that he was a little taller than the others waiting to be Sorted with him. Looking away from the others, he turned his gaze toward the top table where the staff sat, trying to catch the eye of one member of staff in particular, but to his disappointment, he did not look round.  He let out a small sigh and, hearing his name, stepped forward.  He sat down on the old wooden stool and waited silently while the hat was placed on his head.

         Behind him, out of his view, Professor Albus Dumbledore sat forward in his chair slightly.  He was very interested in the decision the Sorting Hat was to make concerning that particular boy.  It was not often that one's great-great-great-grandson was sorted.  The Headmaster smiled to himself as the hat yelled out "Gryffindor!" and noted with curiosity what he had observed during the Sorting of the young boy.  He watched as the young boy turned to look at him as though seeking reassurance, then, when he received a smile from the old wizard, went quickly to the table with his classmates.


The Great Hall was alive with animated discussion.  The Sorting was long over and the beginning of term feast was well underway.

         Professor McGonagall was now seated next to Dumbledore, having taken the Sorting Hat and stool to the side chamber for the House-Elves to deal with.  She was about to take a sip of her pumpkin juice when Dumbledore cleared his throat next to her.  She turned to face him as he spoke.

         "I never had any doubts of which house he would be sorted into, Minerva," he said, using the professor's first name.  "But tell me, did you see anything odd as the hat was resting on his head?"

         "You mean the sparkles round him?" McGonagall questioned.

         "Ah, then we know he has an unusual destiny, do we not, Minerva?" Dumbledore remarked.


It was late evening.  The First-Year students had been shown to their dormitories by the prefects and were all now tucked up, sleeping soundly in their new beds, dreaming of what would lie in store for them when classes started.  All except one.


         The young boy turned his head to see Professor McGonagall stood just inside the entrance, the portrait swinging shut behind her.

         "Professor, I didn't hear you come in," he said, turning fully to face her.

         McGonagall smiled at him.  She could see the candlelight reflecting in the boy's eyes, so similar to those of his grandfather's.  "Not to worry.  How are you settling in?"

         "Alright, I suppose. I couldn't get to sleep so I came down here to read one of my textbooks."

         "Getting a head start already? Professor Dumbledore told me you'd be a bookworm."

         Arbus smiled.  "I wouldn't say that, I just like to read."

         "Nothing wrong with that."  McGonagall looked at him.  "I saw you trying to catch his eye before you were Sorted."

         "He didn't even look round."

         "Oh, Arbus, don't worry.  He saw you after you were Sorted, didn’t he?"  Arbus nodded and McGonagall smiled reassuringly.  "You go on up and get some sleep.  You have a busy day ahead of you."

         Arbus nodded, picking up his book and marking the page.  The Professor noticed he had gotten quite a considerable way into the set text and smiled again.  "Go on, off you go."

"Yes Professor," replied the boy, scooping up the small cat that had been beside him.  Arbus wandered across the Common Room towards the staircases that led to the dormitories, but paused at the bottom and turned back at her call.


"Yes professor?"

"What is your wee friends name?" she inquired.

Arbus looked into the kitten’s face, then smiled at the professor.  "Drake."  He looked up at the Transfigurations Professor hopefully.  "About my grandfather, Professor.  When will I be able to see him? Tonight?" he asked.

"He's had to go to London, Arbus.  The Minister has requested his help once again and he left about an hour after the Feast ended.  I'm sorry," she added, seeing his disappointed expression.  "I'm sure he'll see you tomorrow, though."  This had the desired effect and a bright smile appeared on the young boy's face.

With the thoughts of seeing his grandfather again nestled safely in his mind, Arbus left the Common Room, went up the stairs and into his dormitory, ready to get a good night's sleep and tackle his first full day at Hogwarts.




The next morning, Arbus woke refreshed and dressed in his new robes brushing his hand over the house crest. He smiled happily and headed downstairs to join his new schoolmates and was just turning to head into the great hall when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Turning, he saw Dumbledore there, his face holding a happy smile.

"Good morning, Arbus. You slept well I hope?" asked Dumbledore.

The boy nodded hesitantly.  "When I did get to sleep," he admitted to him.

"I'm glad you're here, my boy.  I was growing impatient for the day you would arrive."

"Thank you, grand… Professor."  He caught himself before he could finish the word.

"I am not busy tonight so it would make me very happy if you would join me for our own little celebration in my office.  Would you like that?" inquired Dumbledore.

         "Oh yes," replied Arbus.

         "Good.  I will see you tonight, then.  Now, let’s go see if they have some breakfast left.  I'm sure that the others must have stuffed themselves silly," suggested Dumbledore.

"Yes sir," said Arbus, chuckling softly and going on his way to the dining hall.












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