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Welcome to the Real World

A “Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons” and “Harry Potter” cross-over fan fiction

By Kelly Haycock and Devon Ricks


Chapter 1

Authors’ note:  All Harry Potter characters, places etc already established in the books belong to JK Rowling.  All Captain Scarlet characters, places etc already established in the television series belong to Gerry Anderson. We only own the characters we created for this story.

“Imagine an instant...  That the world of Captain Scarlet and the world of Harry Potter would be set in the same timeline, and in the same universe..."


Present day


This is the Voice of the Mysterons, we know that you can hear us Earthmen. We intend on taking the concealed past of a member of Spectrum, and bring to light that which does not wish to be found.


It had been some time since Colonel White had assigned his staff to determine what kind of threat the Mysterons had in mind this time.  However, it had not taken him long to understand the nature of the threat and what was about to happen.

Colonel White was standing in the observation tube, facing out to observe the clouds below the massive carrier.  His hands were behind his back, and he stood, silently weighing over options and knowing that there was but one choice. He had to go 'home'.

"Colonel White, the Captains are assembled in the conference room," Lieutenant Green announced.

He turned to face his aide and nodded, then headed down the tube and entered the conference room to meet with his people.  He sat down in the chair there and nodded to Captain Scarlet to proceed.

"Sir, I know this threat is the oddest threat we have ever heard coming from the Mysterons, but we have no ideas and the computer is coming up blank," said Captain Scarlet.

The Colonel looked at his assembled Captains and nodded.  He had to give them credit they had tried, but even he had known they would find nothing.  This was something that well hidden. It should stay well hidden.

He looked at these people.  Each one was exemplary in his or her field.  "Nor will you I'm afraid.  There is a reason for this, one I am not at liberty to discuss.  I do know that I must leave Cloudbase for a while.  During that time I want you to take any and all measures to protect Cloudbase," Colonel White stated.

"Where will you be sir?" asked Captain Blue.

"That, I cannot tell you.  It will be to gather help to counter this I can assure you however.  Captain Blue, you will be in Command of Cloudbase for the duration of my absence."

"SIG Colonel," Blue agreed.

Nothing more was said and the Colonel stood and headed to his quarters.  The Captains watched him go, curious as to what he had known that they themselves did not.

Upon gaining access to his cabin, White closed the door softly behind him, locking it.  Taking a deep breath, he went to his desk and opened the top drawer.  Reaching inside, he took out a small velvet bag. Inside was a stone, a piece of peacock copper ore.  He looked at the multitude of colours that rippled across it as the light hit it… so much like a rainbow. He suddenly gripped it in his hand.

            "Grandfather…." he whispered.

Captain Scarlet knocked on the Colonel’s door. He had to find out why the Colonel was leaving. If he left there had to be some kind of security in place for him. The Mysterons had tried to kill him before.  When there was no response, he overrode the lock via the nearby emergency panel and opened the door, thinking something might have happened to his Commander.  Entering, he found the cabin empty of its regular occupant.  He called up to Lieutenant Green to see if the Colonel was on his way to the hanger, but was informed he should still be in his quarters. Scarlet informed him that the Colonel was not in his quarters. The base was immediately sealed, but the Colonel was nowhere to be found, even after intensive searches were performed.




Hagrid was checking the edge of the Forbidden Forest when he heard some movement nearby.  Raising his crossbow, in case, he drew near to the spot, ready for anything. He lowered it when he saw a white haired man standing near a large tree.  Hagrid looked at him, then smiled as he recognized him.

"Arbus, what yeh doing here? Yeh know the forest is out of bounds to all students," he admonished.

"I'm not a student anymore, Hagrid. Those days are long past I'm afraid," Arbus said looking up at the man before him.  "I need to see Grandfather, it’s rather important."

"Alright.  I know he had to go to the Ministry earlier, he could be back by now, but Professor McGonagall would know fer certain. Let’s go see her," said Hagrid.

            The two left the forest, heading to the gates of Hogwarts and an odd discussion ahead of him.




As the two entered the classroom, the professor looked up from marking a student’s assignment, irritated from the disturbance.

            "What is it Hagrid?" she inquired, only giving the groundskeeper a brief glance.

"Perfessor, This gentleman has asked to see Perfessor Dumbledore.  I thought it best to bring him to see yeh," said Hagrid, smiling at McGonagall as she looked to see the pair.

She nodded slightly.  That the man with Hagrid looked uncomfortable was obvious.  She stood up from the desk and moved around to stand in front him.

"Arbus.  It has been too, too long.  He'll be so happy to see you," she said, a smile crossing her face.

"I hope so.  I think a problem is going to arise here.  Quite soon in fact, and I think, professor, I'm sorely in need of a refresher."  Colonel White looked at the professor and returned the smile.

"I quite understand.  Come, I'm sure he will be in his office right now," she said, the slight Scottish burr coming out in her voice.

They had begun to head to the door of the classroom, when a man entered.  He was wearing long pale robes, and a matching hat.  A long and immaculately maintained white beard flowed down over the robes. The most interesting thing about him were his eyes.  They were the same blue as the Colonel's and they sparkled as he drew closer to him.

"I knew that you would have to come, Arbus.  I heard the threat.  It is obvious that you and I both understood its intent," said Albus Dumbledore.

Colonel White sighed.  "It’s also obvious that I need to regain control of my abilities and quickly."

Dumbledore nodded.  "It is indeed.  Come.  You and I will go talk in my office.  Minerva, please don't let anyone know that Arbus is here.  For now, as long as no one knows, he is safe."

"Alright, Albus.  It’s so good to have you back among us, Arbus," said the professor, her hand reaching out to touch the Colonel’s arm, and smiling at Colonel White as he nodded and left the room with Dumbledore.

The two men walked leisurely to the staircase that would take them to Dumbledore’s office.  Dumbledore looked at the gargoyle and spoke "Strawberry Laces."  The staircase began to shift and open up.  As they reached the top of the stairs, the door opened with a slight gesture from Dumbledore and they entered into the office.  Colonel White followed him into the ornately decorated office, looking at pictures he remembered from before.  A melodic sound caused him to turn and he smiled broadly.

"Fawkes.  Each time I see you, you look more impressive," he told the phoenix, as he approached the perch. He tentatively reached out to stroke the bird’s magnificent plumage, glancing at Dumbledore for consent. The latter nodded his head and the Colonel stroked Fawkes.  The phoenix warbled softly.  The Colonel smiled contentedly.

"He hasn't forgotten you, you know," Dumbledore told him.

The Colonel was about to speak when a snowy white owl flew into the room past the telescope above and landed on the Colonel’s shoulder. Without thinking, he reached to stroke the bird and was affectionately nipped by the bird.

"It would appear that Reganbalde hasn't forgotten you either," Dumbledore said with a smile.

"Nor I him.  Grandfather..." He stopped at Dumbledore's raised hand.

"There is no reason to apologize, Arbus.  I always knew you would have to find your way before you would come back.  That it is forced upon you… you know I would only have wished that you come home of your own accord.  I myself wish it were under better circumstances, but seeing as how such is not the case in this instance, we need to plan.  Obviously you know that as well of you would not have come."  Dumbledore motioned he be seated as he sat down in his own chair.

The Colonel sat quietly for a moment and looked nervous.  He glanced down to the floor then to Dumbledore, his eyes sad.

"Arbus, when have you been afraid to talk to me?" Dumbledore asked, a friendly smile on his face.

"When I was younger, never, you know that.  Nevertheless, I almost look the same age as you and I'm a third your age.  It is a bit odd to say the least you know," the Colonel replied.

"When you were younger, I knew you wouldn't stay in our world, not because you didn't have any ability.  You did.  You however, had other things that were to take you from us and they did.  Just before Alexander died I wanted to come see you and see him one last time but I was indisposed just then.  That you were able to come to the memory garden after was all for the best I believe," said Dumbledore.

The Colonel laughed.  "That is an understatement… Grandfather.  One of which you are well aware of.  I know Father would have liked to come and visit on occasion, but we both know he never got the chance."

"One for which we cannot change the circumstances, Arbus, and so we must go on.  What do we need to do?" inquired Dumbledore.

The Colonel gave a sigh.  "I need to refresh my skills first and foremost.  I know they will be needed when whomever the Mysteron will send, decides to turn up.  Part of me thinks it may be one of my men that we believe was killed at the start of all this."

"If he was killed then how, aside from magic did they take him over?" asked Dumbledore.

"We… are not exactly certain of how the process works.  What we do know is once the person has been killed, they copy him, or her, and the recreated person is akin to a zombie.  It can however fool friends and family we have found.  And can be very dangerous," said the Colonel.

"What can you tell me about it all, Arbus? The more I know, the better we here can help, and help is what you will need."

The Colonel began to tell him about the expedition to Mars and its outcome.  The death of the man, who had been ‘til then a friend, and that he was now a mortal enemy.  Knowing he could trust the man before him, he told him of the first attempt on the World President, its outcome, and how Scarlet had taken the man so the Mysterons could deliver the first serious blow.  In telling of how that attempt had failed through Captain Blue's and the Angels efforts, Dumbledore nodded.

"It is a heavy load, Arbus.  You have my sympathies over your friend.  It will be a relief for even him when this is ended," said Dumbledore.

"One I hope my men will be up to the challenge when we do get the chance to do so.  Conrad was a good friend before this and it was a loss for all of us when he was taken by the Mysterons," said the Colonel.

"Conrad. That is... was…  his name?" inquired Dumbledore.

The Colonel nodded.  "Yes.  Conrad Turner.  He was a peace loving man, grandfather.  I think you might have liked to have meet him, had circumstances permitted."

Dumbledore was looking solemn.  "This friend, Conrad.  Was he tall of stature, black hair, and brown eyes? And was he a quiet man?"

"Yes…why?" The Colonel felt sudden chills run through his body.

"Some years back, we had a student by that name.  He was a quiet person, did his work well, and became very proficient."

"What…house was he in?"

"He was in Hufflepuff," replied Dumbledore.  He watched the relief cross Arbus's face.  "I take it you thought he might have been in Slytherin."

"I had hoped not, but the chance is always there.  Grandfather, this makes him doubly dangerous, and… it may give me an idea as to how the Mysterons knew about me," said the Colonel.  "Something I did in my own foolishness to try and keep my casting ability from falling into disuse."

"It cannot have been that serious," said Dumbledore.

"No, the most innocuous of things in fact.  My flowers.  I know I heard someone enter where I was tending them, but no one appeared so I thought myself safe.  It had to have been he who saw me," White looked down at the ground, his thoughts distressed.

"The problem with the past is we see it perfectly.  We need to think on the future right now, Arbus.  That this Captain Black wants to inflict havoc here, I do not like.  That you feel compelled to make sure of your own talents, as I said, under the circumstances had it been any other way I would relish it, but knowing that it occurs now, I am concerned.  It will be harder to get these skills in line now.  I may have to give you a tutor, one a great deal younger than you, but one that I do know would be of a great help," said Dumbledore.  At that moment he had to have his grandson think of the trouble ahead, not dwell of a situation that no one could do anything about.

"You’re right of course.  I am sorry to be so maudlin.  I hope you have someone that can help, Grandfather," said White.

The Colonel watched as Dumbledore took a piece of parchment, took up his quill, and began to write on it.  After a moment he put down the quill and rolled it.  Laying it in the palm of his hand it disappeared.

"Where did it go?" asked the Colonel.

"To the Professor that has the student I need to help you.  It shouldn't take long for her to get here."




Professor Sprout saw the scroll appear and reached for it cautiously, her hands a bit grubby with the soil.  She opened it carefully and read the elegant writing quickly.  She glanced around and saw the student she was seeking.

"Miss Granger!"

Down the table, Hermione Granger looked up from where she and her study partner were looking at the baby murtlap plant in front of them.  She looked at her and went to see the Professor.

"Yes Professor Sprout?" she asked.

"Professor Dumbledore would like to see you in his office right away," said Sprout.

"I wonder what she did to get herself in trouble now," muttered a pale haired Slytherin boy.

"Shut up, Malfoy. Hermione hasn't done anything wrong," snapped the red haired boy that Granger’s study partner had seen her enter with.

"Make me, Weasley," snarled Malfoy.

Professor Sprout rapped her trowel on the counter.  "That will be enough! Mr. Malfoy, ten points will be taken from Slytherin for your attempt at disharmony in my class.  Mr. Weasley you will lose five points for the same thing."




Hermione crossed the grounds quickly, waving at Hagrid, who was seated outside his hut.  He waved back and she hurried to Dumbledore’s office.  Reaching the stairs she found them open and she climbed the spiral staircase to her destination.  At the top of the stairs sat Mrs. Norris. Hermione paled for a moment.

"I'm on my way to see Professor Dumbledore, Mrs. Norris.  I am doing nothing wrong," she said, all the while thinking, except being delayed by you.  Get out of my way cat.

The red-eyed cat remained still for a moment longer and then turned to walk away, tail flicking straight over its back.  Hermione reached the door and knocked.

"Come in," she heard Dumbledore call out.




A slight young lady entered the room and looked at Dumbledore, after a quick glance at the Colonel.  "Professor Sprout said you wanted to see me Professor." 

"I do indeed, Miss Granger.  I have need of your casting ability to tutor an old student.  He needs to make certain his spellcasting abilities have not withered on him."

"I'll help, certainly, Professor.  Where is he?"

"This gentleman here, Miss Granger.  This is Arbus."  Dumbledore motioned to the Colonel. 

Politely, the Colonel nodded. He turned to Dumbledore.  "A child? You can't be serious, Albus."

            "Miss Granger is our very best person with spells, Arbus.  Knowing you and your penchant for requiring the best, I leave you in the hands of our best," said Dumbledore.  His face had been impassive but an edge to his voice told the Colonel that Dumbledore meant what he said and would brook no nonsense.  Looking her over, the Colonel took in the prefect’s badge on her and relented.

Hermione looked over the man before her.  She had never seen another previous Hogwarts student aside from Hagrid that looked this odd.  Although, she had seen clothing similar to his some time before, she could not place it right then.

"Professor, what classroom can we use?" Hermione inquired, her gaze returning to Dumbledore.

"I would prefer you to use the Room of Requirements as it is not being used at present.  An amount of secrecy is required here Miss Granger.  Also, we do not know how much time you have so it would be good to see how fast Arbus can progress," Dumbledore told her, looking at her over the rim of his glasses.

"I understand, Professor," she remarked, brushing a few strands of hair out of her eyes.

"Miss Granger, I would also like you to show him to quarters as well.  Arbus will be staying with us for a while, again, its duration I am not certain of at this time.  Come with me for a moment and I'll explain where you're to take him.  Although he can use the visitors quarters in Gryffindor tower, I have a better idea of where he can stay," explained Dumbledore and he went up the stairs to the observatory portion of his 'domain'.  The Colonel looked around at the paintings of former headmasters from here and he smiled as he recognized the man that his grandfather had taken over from.  A cough from behind him brought him back from his reverie. He turned to see Miss Granger standing behind him.

            "We can go now," she said.

            The Colonel looked at Dumbledore and nodded.

"I'll try to drop by later, Arbus, if I'm not too busy," said Dumbledore.

The Colonel smiled remembering another first night long ago.














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