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A Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons Story


Author’s Note

This story reflects the current weather in England; the heat wave battering our country gave me the idea of a Mysteron threat. This is not meant to provide insult to Portugal, France and Spain where forest fires rage and also to Canada and parts of Australia that have had fires of this nature. In many ways this plot is similar to that of the movie Voyage to The Bottom of The Sea with Walter Pidgeon. However, this story features mentions of my past stories and also bears to them in terms of Magenta’s relationship with Rhapsody. Watching the series and reading other fan fiction’s shows that Rhapsody and Magenta have been paired with other people but as this doesn’t affect the series, it doesn’t matter really. The other stories that I have written and may need to be read before this are: Angels of Deception, Angel Down and The Password Is Magenta.


I’d like to foreword this to Chris Bishop for putting this up and providing inspiration (stories are better then mine) and also to Gary Files who provided Magenta with a voice. And finally to Gerry Anderson for creating this universe for us to play in.


Some technical non-Spectrum information may be off slightly, my apologies


Featuring Fireball XL5 and Zero-X












Chapter 1


Symphony Angel grasped the crystal glass clear handle of the pitcher and allowed the coolness to flood onto her palm. “That is good,” she breathed heavily.

“Don’t sap it all at once,” complained Captain Grey, an empty glass in hand.

Symphony picked the pitcher up and began pouring herself a glass of cold water. “You try sitting in a cockpit for ages with the sun beating down on you.”

“You try sitting with Magenta for an hour listening to him sing.”

“Touché,” smiled Symphony sipping the water and again letting the coolness flow. What a difference a glass of water made. Outside the sky was a brilliant blue and cloudless, the sun shining brightly.

Ochre was watching the news screen; a reporter wearing a short-sleeved shirt and tie was speaking.

“The heat wave continues across many parts of Europe today, reaching a high of 102 degrees Fahrenheit. Meteorologists report that the temperature will start declining at the weekend.”

“Switch it off,” growled Scarlet entering the lounge with Blue in tow.

The screen was muted. “Any water left?” asked Scarlet walking to the drinks table.

“Some,” Symphony said returning Blue’s smile as he arrived at the table.

“Bad news from the techs,” Blue sighed as he poured water. “The anti-climatising and air distribution system is off line, that’s why it is so hot.”

There were muffled groans broken by Scarlet’s comment.

“I’d rather walk on the flight deck without a suit,” Scarlet muttered.

“Even if it would kill you?” Blue said his eyes twinkling with humour.

Scarlet chuckled, “Yep, although I am indestructible.”


In the Control Room, Colonel White wiped his forehead with the right sleeve of his uniform and sighed heavily. “Damn system, fine time to go off line I might say.”

“It is hot sir,” agreed Lieutenant Green.

“Its alright for you Lieutenant, you come from warmer climates, but we British are not used to hot weather as much as say the Spanish.”

Green went back to monitoring his screen when White said abruptly, “All right lieutenant, get the staff together. It’s time to review the latest threat and in blue blazes, did they choose the right moment.”


The whir of the air conditioning fans and the overall system was quiet at best but dominated the conference room prior to Colonel White arriving. “At ease,” he said before anyone stood. “Don’t want anyone to get any sweatier do we now?”

He sat awkwardly in his seat, wishing that the uniform wouldn’t stick. Also wishing that the mechanics would hurry up and fix the anti-climatising and air distribution system. The captains and Angels looked at him expectantly; although judging from Grey’s posture, he looked like he wished he were swimming.

“We are here to review the latest Mysteron threat, some of you may find it ironic and dryly amusing considering the current climate aboard Cloudbase.” White nodded to Green, the lieutenant pressed the play button on the tape machine.

This is the voice of the Mysterons, we know that you can hear us Earthmen. Our vengeance for the attack on our Martian complex continues. We shall turn up the heat in Europe. Do you hear us Earthmen? Europe will burn in flames!

Green stopped the tape and White began, “There you have it.”

“How can they make the temperature worse then it is already in Europe?” asked Magenta.

“Maybe something to do with the sun’s rays,” offered Rhapsody.

White rubbed his chin, “Elaborate Rhapsody.”

Rhapsody took a deep breath, “Well sir, the sun heats the Earth by sending out rays, rays hitting the surface causes it to heat and when it reflects into the atmosphere the heat is retained in part. At least I think so, so long since school but that is the general idea.”

White smiled thinly, “Thank you, Rhapsody.”

Rhapsody looked smugly at Magenta and Ochre looking at her. “Not just a pilot.”

White clasped his hands together before him. “Rhapsody has highlighted a fact. I believe the Mysterons will do something to the sun’s rays.”

Scarlet sat up straighter. “The atmosphere colonel!”

In a mild tone the colonel spoke, “Explain captain, and carefully.”

In a dialled down but still nonetheless excited tone Scarlet pushed on, “ By thickening the atmosphere above Europe, the heat will be contained and build to an unbearable pressure. Fires will break out all over Europe and maybe even in Russia.”

Destiny began speaking, her accent highlighting every word almost musically. “France has suffered from high temperatures and forest fires before. If the whole of Europe goes up in flames then, I cannot bear to think.”

White looked grim, “Don’t worry Destiny. This is just another threat against Europe, the Mysterons will not prevail. Dismissed.”



Chapter 2


The Mysterons deadly green circles floated in the atmosphere over Europe. This time the Martian aliens were using their powers in a new way. Clouds near the atmosphere were disappearing, their vapour helping to thicken the atmosphere like a layer of soil above an ants tunnel. As the phenomenon neared its final stage, guided by the Mysterons, an aircraft approached.

 Colonel Max Broughton of the World Space Patrol vessel, XL-12, wiped his brow with gloved hands.

“Be glad when we land,” he commented.

His co-pilot, Lieutenant Arnold Meyer, nodded in agreement. “Me too.”

Fireball XL-12 was on a return journey from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. They had entered Earth’s atmosphere over eastern Russia and had begun their descent quickly. Without warning the vessel began to shake. “What the heck?” Meyer said checking instruments, alarms sounding.

Its like she’s in something solid and fighting it.”

“Inside something?” Meyer said in a disbelieving tone.

The space vessel began to slow almost to a crawl; the pilots were shouting frantically when XL12 exploded.

The Mysterons began to reconstruct the destroyed craft.


White was briefing Destiny and her pilots in the Control Room when Lieutenant Green turned anxiously away from his console. “Colonel White, vessel on collision course with Cloudbase!”

White stood, his hands pressing down on the console. “Collision course?”

“Confirmed, speed of object, Mach 3.”

“Action stations.” As the alarm whooped, White looked at the Angels, “Don’t just sit there get one up!”

Within minutes Rhapsody was skyborne, wearing a short-sleeved tunic top. The Angel began to climb; the heat also seemed to build. “Angel One to Cloudbase, temperature inside craft increasing. AC controls seem off.”

Cloudbase acknowledges, you are to proceed on course. Hold in there, Rhapsody.”

Rhapsody clicked her teeth, “Easy for you to say.”

She could see the craft and said excitedly, “Cloudbase! Object identified as a Fireball craft, XL12 from its markings.”

Rhapsody, this is Cloudbase. Destroy craft, believed hostile.


Rhapsody pulled higher slightly, she fought for her fingers to remain on the controls; they were so sweaty. But this was not due to a failure of systems inside the Angel aircraft. Rhapsody was beginning to suffer from the failure of the anti-climatising system and was feverish. She wiped her brow as XL12 loomed closer, “Twenty-five klicks,” she whispered licking her dry and cracked lips.

Her forefinger hovered over the red trigger, “Steady girl, steady.”

Her vision was blurring, she widened her eyes, “Now.”

She fired and began diving as her missiles flew home. The missiles struck XL12 just aft of the cockpit; the explosion knocked the XL12 about but did not destroy it. Trailing smoke, XL12 now continued onto Cloudbase. 

Rhapsody Angel please confirm target is destroyed.”

Rhapsody was leaning against her controls, knocked out by the immense heat. Her Interceptor spinning down in a wide circle.

“Rhapsody please respond.”

White watched Green’s frantic hails and faced the screen. “Show the radar screen lieutenant.”

The radar screen appeared, there were two blips. One was moving closer to Cloudbase and the other moving further away. The one moving further away had an altimeter above the blip and it was going down fast. The other blip also had an altimeter and this one was the same altitude as Cloudbase, its speed above Mach 3.

“No,” White muttered and then loudly, “All hands brace for impact.”

In the lounge, the captains gripped bolted down tables and chairs. In the sickbay, Doctor Fawn and his nurses braced themselves in doorframes and under beds. The Angels did this also.

Colonel White moved to the observation port, maybe not the best move but he wanted to see the object that would destroy his command. XL12, trailing thick black smoke, appeared far off and came in towards the flight deck. The roar of its engines deafening. Then it exploded, the explosion brightening the sky a bit more then it was already. The explosion forced itself downwards and hitting the engines of Cloudbase. The base began shaking violently, White teetered backwards and hit his console in a sitting position. As the base lifted up at one end, the Angels and captains were almost lying flat on the floor having fallen out of their bracing positions.

 At this time, Rhapsody had woken and regained control. She began flying back to Cloudbase.

White struggled upwards, “Report lieutenant!”

“Engines out colonel. We’re going down!”

They were going down like a U-Boat evading depth charges. White began a flat run to the engine room. He was met there by Scarlet. “I knew I can trust you to do your duty, Scarlet.”

Scarlet looked battered and did not reply as he opened the manual engine control hatch. Lieutenant Turquoise was lying on the floor, dead, killed by the sudden shaking of Cloudbase. Scarlet, sweating profusely began pounding the controls in an effort to halt Cloudbase’s rapid descent.

 The air was whistling past Cloudbase, the Spectrum base was now horizontal and wobbling slightly. Scarlet pressed an emergency button and with an abrupt start the engines started.

“Try and land her, it’s too late to stop,” White said wiping sweat from his eyes.

Scarlet checked the altimeter and speedometer; he closed his eyes as he began halting the descent. Finally the descent was slowed and Cloudbase, by some miracle, settled near a forest as calmly as you please.

“Damage report,” called White to Green as the lieutenant came their way. Turning to Scarlet, White placed a hand on the younger man’s arm. “Good job, Scarlet.”

“Thank you, sir.”


Rhapsody couldn’t find Cloudbase. Where the base was meant to be, it simply wasn’t. The temperature inside the cockpit was unbearable and a quick glance at the thermometer told Rhapsody that it was 99F.

“Cloudbase, this is Rhapsody please respond,” she croaked, she licked her lips again but they remained dry. She looked at the sun and it seemed to feel her vision. Closing her eyes, she nosed the fighter downwards. As with Cloudbase, the air whistled past her fighter, the altimeter was speeding downwards flicking through the numbers.

She opened her eyes, blinking the sweat clear; the temperature was still high and still no sign of Cloudbase. She banked the fighter onto its starboard side and glanced down. Green countryside and hundreds of trees, finally a clearing and…


Why was it grounded?

Rhapsody tried to grip the controls firmly but her fingers were slipping, she pressed on and dived downwards again. “Cloudbase this is Rhapsody please respond. Mayday, mayday.”


Lieutenant Green was finishing the quick damage assessment at his console, Colonel White was at his own console and sweating almost as much as Green and the whole of Cloudbase’s personnel. The radio was making scratching noises, no doubt due to the heat. Green, despite his desperation in wanting to fix it, was determined to due the report first. He at first didn’t hear the voice trying to burst through but instead was trickling through weakly.

White looked up, “Almost done lieutenant?”

“Sir. Colonel, may I turn the radio up, something’s on.”

“Do it.”

Green twisted the volume up and almost gasped in shock.

Rhapsody to Cloudbase, repeat, low on fuel, temperature 99 Fahrenheit plus, altitude descending.”

“Rhapsody, curses, I forgot about her,” White murmured, “Put me on.”

At Green’s nod White spoke, “Rhapsody this is Cloudbase.”

Thank… God… Colonel, can’t hold her. Making final approach.”

White heard the whining of a jet engine and quickly rushed to the observation port. High in the sky, maybe 1000 feet was an Interceptor. White faced Green quickly, “Emergency landing procedure now!”

Green pressed the intercom button, “Attention! Attention! All available personnel report to the flight deck ASAP to prepare deck for emergency landing of Rhapsody Angel. Move!”

Rhapsody had loosened the collar of her uniform and was struggling to breath, she began reaching for the eject button but once again blacked out.

Dozens of mechanics, engineers and other personnel rushed onto the flight deck. Unlike at 45,000 feet the personnel did not require suits at zero feet. Some tripped on cracks already forming due to the immense heat.

As Rhapsody’s fighter came in at tree level they began to raise the netting used rarely to halt crashing fighters or other aircraft. “She’s coming down now!”

“Better get Doctor Fawn!”

As Rhapsody came down, somehow, despite having blacked out, she slowed the aircraft down and brought it down onto the flight deck. Long afterwards Rhapsody did not recall landing the aircraft. However, at this time, it came down hard. The landing strut forward, snapped off like a matchstick and the nose came down creating sparks. Personnel scattered as the fighter slewed down the deck. It hit the netting and came to a stop. Smoke rose from the fighter as it finally settled. Doctor Fawn and an emergency team ran to the fighter. Fawn’s fingers pressed the emergency canopy release button. The canopy lifted up, letting thick steam and vapour escape. They then unbuckled the Angel’s seatbelt and hoisted her onto the stretcher before taking her to sickbay.



Chapter 3


Colonel White called an emergency conference in the hangar bay, where at the moment it was coolest. Everyone had either short sleeves on or rolled up their sleeves. White somehow wore his uniform as normal; in this heat, everyone thought him crazy.

“Firstly. Damage report Lieutenant Green.”

Green consulted the clipboard he held in his dark hands. “The only major damage is to the engines, they’re chock full of debris from XL12.  The engineers estimate it’ll take two days to repair, but, but we might not be able to gain altitude. At least not over Europe.”

“Why?” asked Harmony from her place in the circle of officers and pilots.

“The atmosphere has thickened considerably, it appears the Mysterons have began to succeed in their objective,” Green answered with a sigh.

“They’re not going to succeed. Anything else, lieutenant?”

Green nodded slightly, “The engineers say the anti-climatising system will take two days also, therefore we will suffer Europe’s heat-wave.”

Everyone repressed groans. White spoke quietly, “Casualty report, doctor.”

The Australian Chief Medical Officer of Spectrum and Cloudbase also sighed but pressed on, “Two fatalities caused by the sudden descent. I have six members of Cloudbase in sickbay, all from sudden dehydration and heat exhaustion. I’ve seen this back home but not like this, the heat is intolerable. It is intolerable mainly due to the system failure but the heat-wave on the ground might begin affecting us.”

“What are their chances?” White asked taking in the other news with a nod. 

“They’ll all make it, I have placed them in the morgue, don’t worry they can survive but for now the morgue is cooler then sickbay.”

White nodded, “We must hurry in stopping the Mysterons. The news is reporting unrest in many European cities, from London to Moscow. Forest fires have worsened in Spain and Portugal, trees are blazing in England, I will stop there. In this heat tempers will get frayed, please try and keep your head. Also make sure you have your canteens with you. The last check was that the temperature was at 103 and look set to peak at 109 before night time and maybe even then it will come down to 40. Dismissed.”

The officers and pilots separated. Scarlet and Blue headed off down towards the lounge, “Any ideas, Paul?”

“None. But we need to do something.”


Cloudbase had in fact come down near Paris, France. The large base had been sighted from far up and its landing beyond a nearby forest. Smoke was rising from the centre of the forest and looked set to shortly build into a full-blown fire. From a tall apartment building in Paris, lifeless eyes watched the forest and the control tower of Cloudbase just visible over the tree line.

Captain Black, this is the Mysterons, you must now begin your work. Europe is burning yet our mission is not yet complete. You must do your part for this to succeed.

Captain Black turned from the window and opened his closet; he took out his Spectrum uniform. “We shall be avenged.”

Black left the apartment into the dazzling heat; he did not feel the heat not even wearing the black uniform. The uniform may in other times have drawn attention to Black but despite the unusual temperature, Parisians went about their daily lives. The Tour de France annually highlighted Parisians but you didn’t need an annual cycling race to know that. Black’s complexion had darkened a little, just enough so he didn’t look too dead. He paused before a restaurant and bar with a sign proudly proclaiming: Jean-Marie’s Restaurant. Black stepped inside, six large fans created a pleasant atmosphere. He walked to the bar, “Oui,  Monsieur?” asked a tall man, dark hair, young man of maybe twenty-five.

“Jean-Marie,” Black intoned.

The man smiled his eyes sparkling, “This is me, can I help you?”

“I am Captain Black.”

Something in Jean-Marie changed, his sparkling blue eyes became dead, unseeing and his smile disappeared. Black continued, “The work of the Mysterons must be carried out, we need assistance in burning Europe.”


“You know what you must do.”

Black turned away; he walked back to his apartment.


Doctor Fawn checked Rhapsody’s chart and let it drop silently, “You have a visitor.”

Magenta appeared by her bedside, Fawn went to check on his other patients. Magenta took her right hand, opened it and placed in her palm a pretty flower. She closed it and brought it slowly to her nose.

“It is beautiful, how?”

Magenta looked sheepish, “I jumped off the side and got it.”

“Patrick!” exclaimed Rhapsody.

“I know, still a bad boy,” smiled Magenta. “I have to go.” He leant down and kissed her on her cheek, “Take care Raps.”

“You too Captain Pink.”

He tipped his cap and left sickbay. Magenta walked onto the flight deck to continue assisting the engine repair crews when he paused. He ignored the sudden feeling of heat on his trousers and tunic, staring into the horizon. Flames were rising in the forest only a half-mile from Cloudbase. As he watched, the flames sped along the width of the forest that lay between Cloudbase and Paris. The Mysterons looked like they were winning.


The French police wearing heavy riot gear and looking like they were melting continued their retreat down the Champs Elysees towards the Eiffel Tower. Advancing on them was almost one hundred rioters and at their front was Jean-Marie wielding a flaming torch. In their wake was a path of death and destruction, buildings all had smashed windows. Black scorch marks on the pavement outside and around some windows marked where torches had been thrown or makeshift Molotov Cocktails.

 From an observation ledge on the great Eiffel Tower, Captain Black lowered his binoculars. The heat had made the tower’s skin quite dangerous but the power of the Mysterons protected him. He watched the protesters; led by the Mysteron agent, advance further. Jean-Marie had rallied the protesters to protest against the World Government for not acting soon enough against the heat wave. It was a general excuse for the Mysteron to start burning Paris as per the Mysterons’ instructions. Smoke was rising from a few buildings now. According to agents all over Europe, many cities were facing similar threats and attacks from citizens. Of course, Mysteron agents had sparked the majority of these riots in other countries. Some of these had mutated into smaller riots in smaller towns besides the capitals of Europe. Black lifted his binoculars again and cast them towards their next target.




Chapter 4


“The situation in Paris has worsened,” White said to his officers in another meeting, the day was cooling down. The temperature now far below 100. The officers were meeting once again in the hangar bay. White looked at Destiny, the Frenchwoman seemed downbeat, and it was her home city that was burning and a pit of seething violence. White’s own London was facing the same trouble. Before nightfall, rioters had set fire to parts of Hyde Park. “We believe, or rather I believe, that the Mysterons now have agents controlling these riots and getting them to further the fires started or start new fires. No doubt this is why it started in Paris and spread throughout Europe.”

White’s voice became almost like granite as he carried on, “Spectrum was created before the Mysteron threat but now the Mysterons are our primary enemy. Our primary target. Our primary objective. We must do our duty and prove to the world that we can do as well as people think we can.” White took a deep breath taking in all his officers one by one. “Spectrum must strike back and fast or Europe will burn forever.”

He dipped his head and walked off, hands clasped behind his back. Scarlet faced his friends, “Ideas by dawn tomorrow.”

Then he too left, the others split up heading for their respective destinations.

Scarlet caught up with White, “We’re working on ideas, sir. Might have something by dawn.”

White stopped and looked back down the hangar, “I know captain. I have faith in you all.”

“Something wrong sir?” Scarlet said frowning.

White looked up at Scarlet having dipped his head briefly, “In the event of something happening to me I want you to take command.”

“I’m honoured, sir,” Scarlet said. “Colonel Scarlet, doesn’t sound too bad.”

“Don’t push your luck, captain.”

“Sorry sir.”


Jean-Marie led his rioters through the forest now entirely encompassed in flames. The rioters had made it to the Eiffel Tower and under new orders from Captain Black; they turned back to the forest. In the forest, the Mysterons protected Jean-Marie whereas his followers were killed. They were all resurrected as Mysteron agents and as deeply loyal to Jean-Marie as they were before their deaths. Now they were all protected by the incredible powers of their masters. Jean-Marie halted them, the wood of the trees crackling around them and walked up a small slope to where Captain Black stood. The Mysteron agent had a thumb hooked into his gun belt. “Well done, the Mysterons shall be pleased.”

“I work only for the Mysterons not these pathetic Earthmen.”

Captain Black raised his left arm and pointed it towards the horizon. “That is your target.”

Jean-Marie followed the gesture and nodded. “Cloudbase shall be destroyed.”

Jean-Marie wordlessly ordered his followers into a blind charge towards the dimly lit Spectrum base. As they broke into a flat out run, Black joined the rear of the followers, a grim expression across his face.


 Destiny leant against the railing lining the promenade’s edge and idly stirred her glass of sparkling water with her right forefinger. The flames from the forest reflected the harsher lines of the Angel’s face, a forest so tranquil before hand now becoming blackened ashes.

“Penny for your thoughts?” said Symphony walking up to Destiny.

“Why do you ask that?”

Symphony shrugged, “Your country is ablaze, beyond those trees is your home city. I would  be upset if my home was on fire.”

Destiny took a sip of the water and smiled thoughtfully, “Your comments are much appreciated.”

Symphony took Destiny’s glass placing it on a nearby table, “Lets pay Rhapsody a visit.”


Suddenly Lieutenant Green’s voice boomed throughout the base, “Attention all Spectrum personnel! Hostile persons approaching Cloudbase! Report to the flight deck immediately!”

The two Angel’s looked at each other and ran off the promenade. They emerged shortly onto the flight deck; it was odd standing on the deck without a suit. The other captains and Angels bar Rhapsody was on the deck, mechanics and other personnel from the aircraft bays were being handed guns by Captain Ochre.

“The Mysterons are using their agents now to attack. We have to repel them whilst we hurry repairs on our engines,” Colonel White was saying to the other officers. Lieutenant Green joined them his cap askew but quickly straightened it. Colonel White dismissed them, as Scarlet led the gathered personnel off the flight deck; Grey paused before Destiny and Symphony.

“Pardon me, ladies, have you got firearms?”

Destiny and Symphony synchronously drew their guns. Oui Captain.”

Grey smiled. “Great.”


Magenta fell to the grass from one of Cloudbase’s engines heavily but on his feet, he wiped his brow and hurried into the semi-darkness. He could see the rioters ahead; the hundred Mysterons were fanning out. Already a couple were in hand to hand combat with some of the Spectrum personnel. Magenta drew his gun with its coloured stripe and white handle as he ran. He fired at a Mysteron, the impostor doubling up and over. Magenta stopped in the middle of the rioters, some hit him others just carried onto Cloudbase. More gunfire now, glancing back, Magenta saw White fire into the bustling rioters. Looking back, Magenta saw Captain Black. Magenta swore, not forgetting what Black had done to him in London when Magenta was protecting Rhapsody. Black saw Magenta at the same time and their eyes locked. One alert and vibrant the other dead, unseeing. Magenta holstered his gun and charged Black. Black had crossed them enough times since becoming the Mysterons top agent, not anymore. Magenta slammed into Black in a football tackle his coach in New York would’ve been proud of. Black went down without a sound, but his hands immediately clasped around Magenta’s throat. Magenta gasped as he felt his air go quickly. Magenta was atop Black, so he rolled over so the roles were reversed and smashed both his hands clasped together in a fist into Black’s face. He grinned broadly as he saw the look of pain on his former friend’s face. As Black fell back Magenta kicked him with his boots. Black began rolling backwards down the hill head over feet repeatedly. Magenta drew his gun, running down the hill and firing. Black steadily rose to his feet at the foot of the hill and this time as Magenta launched himself, met the captain’s attack sturdily. Black spoke, his voice rumbling, “We shall be avenged.”

“Say that to my backside,” Magenta said as the two continued their fight.


White retreated to the Control Room where Doctor Fawn was wrapping a bandage around Harmony’s ankle.

“What happened?”

“She tried karate kicking a Mysteron but didn’t count on him wielding a weapon.”

Harmony shrugged apologetically, “I want to get back out there.”

White smiled, “Don’t worry, it’s almost done.”

The overhead speaker sounded, “Captain Grey to Colonel White.”

White spoke into his cap mike, “Yes, captain.”

I am near the hill, I can see Captain Magenta in a fight with Captain Black. Shall I assist?”

So, Captain Black was here. White thought of Conrad Turner before becoming a Mysteron, a trusted friend, and an ally in bad times. “Get there, captain, grab anyone you can.”

But the defence of Cloudbase sir?”

White nodded, “We’re sorting that out, you have your orders.”

SIG,” Grey replied.

White walked briskly onto the observation ledge, the rioters were now down to a dozen. The bodies of those killed marring the hillside and immediate area between the hill and Cloudbase. White smiled again but thinly, the battle was almost over but they hadn’t won the war. White walked back into the Control Room. “Harmony, get me Space City.”

“Yes sir.”


Magenta knocked down Black, “My friends are coming. We’ll sort you out.”

“Pathetic Earthman,” Black said.

Magenta frowned. “How can you have changed so much? You can still be rescued. I mean, what happened to the Black I knew?”

“He is gone.”

Grey shouted to Magenta from far off but Magenta was suddenly conscious of Black disappearing. He dived where Black had been and pounded the grass in frustration.

“He’s gone again?” Grey said stopping to catch his breath.

Magenta stood collecting his cap. “Yeah.”



Chapter 5


Six Fireball craft sped above the northern hemisphere, having been ordered into space on short notice. They spread across the heavens to allow a larger spacecraft to come between them. This was Zero-X the mighty spacecraft that has been to Mars and whose MEV Black captained when he discovered the Mysterons. Steve Zodiac of the famous Fireball XL5 studied the fine lines of the Zero-X.

“Heck of a ship,” he muttered toggling the radio. “Zero-X this is Fireball XL5, are you ready?”

Ready and willing,” responded the Zero-X commander.

“All other craft this is XL5 sign in.”

XL4 ready… XL6 let’s do this… XL9 we’re doing this for the guys on XL12… XL10 and XL11 green.”

Zodiac nosed XL5 into the atmosphere over Europe; straightaway the craft began to shake.

“Ten seconds to bomb release,” Robert the XL5 robot co-pilot intoned electronically.

Doctor Venus and professor Matt Matix, from the XL5 crew, watched from behind the two pilot seats. The outer edges of the spacecraft began to glow red.

“Bomb release.”

Lets hope this works.”

Zodiac released his bomb, as did the other Fireballs and Zero-X. In fact Zero-X released six bombs. The Fireballs carried modified nuclear bombs that instead of exploding atomic energy, exploded water with the force of an atomic explosion. Zero-X’s bombs were incendiaries thus creating secondary explosions. Zodiac fought to hold XL5 steady in the shockwaves but they soon subsided. “XL5 to all craft lets go home.”


On the flight deck of Cloudbase, Colonel White was thanking the officers and other personnel that had stopped the Mysterons. As he finished, wet drops began landing on them. At first no one noticed but then it began raining steadily. The officers began laughing and pushing each other over, Symphony and Blue began dancing laughing. Even White permitted himself a smile but didn’t join in. The water bombs must have broken the thickened atmosphere and allowed it to rain at last. He walked off and stopped to allow Magenta help Rhapsody onto the deck. “Colonel,” Magenta said saluting.

“Captain, as you were.”

“Yes, colonel.” Magenta turned still holding Rhapsody in his arms, “Oh sir. The system is getting back on its feet.”

White nodded and walked into the lift he turned to face the deck watching the officers continue to enjoy the rain and Magenta kiss Rhapsody. As the doors closed he murmured, “You’ve earned it.”





Cloudbase at 45,000 feet.

“It might be raining, but lets get moving! This isn’t time for a stroll around the deck!”

“SIG colonel,” Destiny said accelerating her fighter off the floating base.

Symphony and Rhapsody were next to leave, water spilling off as their landing struts raced across the deck.

Cloudbase had returned to normal. All systems repaired, yet standing by the window Magenta, looking at the slickly wet flight deck, wished it was hot again.

But the fight against the Mysterons was more important and carried on as always.









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