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Angels of Deception



A “Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons” story


By Matt Crowther




Chapter One


“We are the Mysterons, our act of aggression continues with the assassination of the Angel pilots; Destiny, Symphony, Melody, Harmony and Rhapsody Angels.”




45,000 feet above the surface


The main officers of Spectrum the organisation protecting Earth from the Martian aliens, the Mysterons, as usual occupied the meeting room in the morning. The captains; Scarlet, Blue, Grey, Ochre, Magenta and of course communications officer, Lieutenant Green. The Angels were also present and seated centre was Colonel White the commanding officer. There are were other coloured uniform officers of Spectrum, but some have been killed in action and these so far have been Black, Brown and Indigo. However, they were all killed and became Mysterons who had the ability to resurrect people or objects for their own purpose. Only Black survived, Brown was exploded and Indigo killed by Scarlet. Scarlet was a Mysteron but was shot by Blue and after being tended to by Doctor Fawn was told he was indestructible, invincible, and untouchable. But today the mood was sombre and White began the briefing. “The Mysterons have once again threatened the Angels and this time seem intent on killing them, we must act fast, no telling when they will strike and how.”

“You have a plan sir?” asked Grey in his slightly husky American accent, he had been the captain of Stingray before Troy Tempest.

“Yes I do captain and I am afraid it is simple, the Angels will receive protection from you captains all the day.”

“All through the day?” said Destiny in her French accent.

“Yes,” White said curtly dismissing room for argument.

White took a look at the Trinidad born Green, “Read the assignments Green.”

“Sir. Protecting Destiny is Captain Scarlet. Symphony is paired with Captain Blue. Rhapsody with Captain Magenta. Harmony with Ochre and Melody with Grey.”

The captains and Angels exchanged looks; Symphony and Blue seemed logical they were almost a couple, Scarlet and Destiny likewise, Harmony and Melody got on with Ochre and Grey but it was strictly friendly. Rhapsody and Magenta were different, Magenta was an Irishman and Rhapsody a Londoner; the two clashed sometimes, yet could get on well. Colonel White continued, “You will all leave Cloudbase and report to secure Spectrum locations around the world.”

White paused. “Dismissed and be careful.”

Magenta caught up with Rhapsody outside as the others filed out, “Hey Raps a weekend or more together, sounds fun.”

“Don’t call me Raps, Captain Pink.”

“Touché,” grinned the dark-haired Irishman.

The Londoner, a friend of Lady Penelope Creighton, turned and pressed a finger against the magenta jacket, “I’m not happy about this, Patrick, so watch your step.”

She turned back and headed to the quarters followed by Magenta. From further down the corridor, Blue and Scarlet watched. Blue chuckled, “Patrick has his hands full.”

“No kidding. Come on we have a mission.”

“SIG Captain Scarlet.”



Chapter Two


Cloudbase to London


The last jet to leave Cloudbase was the SPJ carrying Magenta and Rhapsody. “Magenta One this is Cloudbase. Clear for immediate takeoff.”

“SIG,” Magenta said his radio microphone flipping back to his cap. He slid the gear forward and with a soft whine the SPJ began rolling forward. The jet soared off Cloudbase and straightaway Magenta arrowed the SPJ earthwards. The dial pressed 700mph and the altimeter sped through 40,000 feet. Rhapsody although a pilot herself shouted, “Magenta!”

Magenta One this is Cloudbase what is your problem over?”

“No problem, Cloudbase,” Magenta said levelling off.

Cloudbase disappeared high above as the SPJ continued descending at a more leisurely pace. “Home sweet home, Raps.”

Rhapsody groaned inwardly but smiled as she saw the familiar terrain of London rush up to greet them. “You’re Irish.”

“Nobody’s perfect,” he answered.

Spectrum Jet this is London International Airport we have you on scope, make heading Zero Four Zero and land runway nine alpha over.”

“SPJ copies.”

Rhapsody stretched in the right seat, she wanted to fly being a pilot but dash it all Patrick bloody Donaghue wanted to. She looked at him; he was wearing shades and didn’t seem to notice her looking at him she sighed. They all got on at Cloudbase but there could be the occasional falling out. The SPJ shortly touched down and they disembarked.


The Spectrum saloon car -SSC- left London International at high speed with special security clearance. A black saloon car different in shape to the SSC pulled out to follow the red Spectrum car. At its wheel was Captain Black. Black was a ghost of his former self. Black, real name Conrad Turner, parents killed in a nuclear war and born in Manchester, had been the top agent at Spectrum. Things were going well for Black, friends with most of the officers on Cloudbase and a strong rapport with Colonel White. Black was chosen to command the Martian mission in 2068 and left not knowing his life would end and begin again. The MEV -Martian Exploration Vehicle- with Black commanding came across an alien complex; the aliens chose to examine the Earthmen closely. However, Black believed the scanners to be weapons and ordered, “Let them have it.”

The MEV fired and destroyed the complex but before their stunned eyes it began to be rebuilt. The Mysterons vowed revenge and chose one of the crew to be their agent. The other two crewmen did not notice Black’s face pale, stubble form, craggy lines appear on his face, seeming to shrink beneath his uniform or the glazed eyes. Black had literally died but, as with the Mysterons, been brought back under their control, a walking dead man. Black stayed away from the crew on their return home and disappeared upon arrival, Spectrum was stunned at his loss but stunned more so when shortly after Captains Scarlet and Brown fell under Mysteron control. Black commanded Scarlet briefly before the latter fell to his apparent death. Black disappeared and has been a thorn to his former friends and colleagues since. Black’s eyes focused on the SSC as it entered central London, he looked briefly at the seat next to him; on it was his Spectrum uniform. Black cap, black jacket with white zip and black boots. On top of that his Spectrum gun with black stripe atop it. Infiltration could be deadly.



Chapter Three


Atlantica City

Atlantic Ocean, fifty miles east of New York


Atlantica City had been created after the nuclear holocaust and was a recreational haven. It was protected by two submarines from the WASP organisation and a hundred feet below the surface. Captain Grey and Melody angel stepped off the transporter and into the hub of the shell shaped hotel. “It is beautiful!” exclaimed the pilot. Grey shrugged, “It’ll do.”

“How safe is it?”

“Safe enough.” Grey walked to the concierge, “Captain Grey, Spectrum codeword SHELLFISH.”

“Codeword confirmed, have a good stay sir.”

Grey took the luggage in his hands. “C’mon.”



Chapter Four




“This suite is amazing!” Rhapsody said excitedly standing at the door.

“Er, excuse me please,” Magenta said; he had two suitcases under each arm and only one was his. He scrambled past and collapsed on the floor.

“Captain Magenta, my bags!”

“God, I mean we don’t have to worry about the Mysterons, your luggage will do me in.”

Rhapsody was wearing blue jeans and a red top, casual yes, whilst Magenta wore his uniform. His shoulder pips flashed white as he signalled Colonel White, the cap microphone falling before his mouth. “Magenta reporting in, we have arrived and in place.”

Understood captain, good work you and Captain Grey beat the others, White out.”

Magenta took his coloured cap and threw it onto the large bed through the double doors. “Bugsy me.”

As he took a flying leap she shouted, “I don’t think so!”

As he landed he laughed, he always did that at home when he was a kid. However Rhapsody grabbed his uniform jacket. “Sofa, Captain.”

“Oh c’mon, Raps.”

“Don’t call me that!”

“You gals sleep in better quarters.” Magenta moaned looking at the sofa.

Rhapsody placed her hands on her hips, “Maybe but the bed is mine.”

Magenta smiled coyly. “Let’s share.”

She made a rude noise and closed the bedroom doors leaving the captain alone. “Sorry.”


Watching from across the road in another hotel Black smiled thinly lowering the binoculars, something in him stirred, familiarity with the man in the pinkish uniform.

“Too bad, Patrick,” the Mysteronised voice said quietly but any familiarity disappeared.



Chapter Five




Lieutenant Green drummed his fingers quietly against his console, the only other sound the silent pulsing of the engines. Colonel White stood by the observation portal hands clasped behind his back. “You can stop that now lieutenant.”

“Sorry sir.”

“I know it’s quiet, a house with all the children gone.”

Green chuckled, “Hardly children, colonel.”

White turned, walking to his desk. “To you maybe but to me when they party, when they have the time, they can be like children. Get me Captain Ochre.”

“Ochre on, sir.”

We’re settled down now sir, Harmony is in her room. I’ll be on watch for a while.”

“Good job captain, report in the morning.”

White looked at Green. “You can go now lieutenant.”


Green on his way to the lounge passed sickbay, Doctor Fawn was cleaning the examination bed, Green shook his head. Quiet indeed. In the lounge Green got some water to drink and settled down with a magazine, Firefly. The doors opened again and this time it was Lieutenant Turquoise. Turquoise’s uniform could be hurtful to the eyes sometimes but had grown on the officers. Turquoise worked in the engine rooms. “Busy night?” Green asked.

“So, so,” replied the Texan sitting with his coffee, “Yourself?”

“Quiet what with everyone gone.”

“I hear you.”

“The trouble with us lieutenants is that we don’t get many assignments but yourself, you got Crater 101.”

Green shrugged, “I guess.”

But his thoughts drifted earthwards where the captains were now.



Chapter Six




Night settled across London and all England leaving behind the vibrant nightlife so common with the city. Magenta sat before the TV screen watching an old re-run of some cop show when Rhapsody stretched her legs and stood, “I’m turning in.”

“Right, see you in the morning.” Magenta rested his coloured boots on the coffee table and yawned; damn he was getting tired too. He turned off the TV and turned around to stretch out on the sofa, looking at the polished doors he watched a shadow move along then the light turn off. Magenta settled lower and reached for the light. He liked Rhapsody but she was of a higher class, maybe he would never fit into that and besides he was a captain who got low assignments sometimes. He closed his eyes and was asleep.


Not long after Magenta fell asleep, the curtains near the sofa drifted in a slight breeze, the window was open but had been closed before. Standing on a window cleaning lift was Black, his lifeless eyes rapidly adjusted to the darkness and in the half-light coming from a street lamp he could make out the sleeping form of Magenta. Black slipped in, his black coat, trousers and high-necked sweater easily blending in. He pressed close to the left wall and got to the door of Rhapsody’s bedroom. His white left hand closed around the doorknob, cool to the touch. He paused, Magenta turned over. Black opened the door and walked in, Rhapsody slept beneath a large duvet her red hair splayed across the silken pillows. Rhapsody Angel would be easy to capture and kill. The Mysterons’ instructions were clear. Rhapsody did not stir as Black walked across the floor; Black leant over her arms reaching for her. She opened her eyes and screamed as she saw Black. Black quickly grabbed her and lifted her up; she began kicking and screaming.

Magenta fell off the sofa with a bump after starting; his eyes swept the room his service pistol in hand. A form came through the bedroom door and it was carrying Rhapsody kicking and screaming. Magenta thought it looked like something from a nineteen fifties B movie. Magenta gasped, “Captain Black!”

“Magenta, do something!” shouted Rhapsody.

Magenta rose into a shooting stance, one knee down the other up gun raised. “Let her go, captain.”

Black looked down at Magenta looking passed Rhapsody’s flailing arms then he spoke in a creeping voice, “You will not shoot.”

That voice, it was making Magenta dizzy and he raised a hand to his head. Black slid out of the door taking advantage of Magenta’s discomfort. “Let me go, you corpse!”

Black looked down at her. He had known her once; no his former self had, now he was a Mysteron agent. There was noise behind them in the corridor, Black stopped looking back and saw Magenta running towards them. Black too began to run and had the advantage of being ahead. Then he heard the bang of the gun and then the bullet tearing into his right arm. He stumbled and let the Angel go clasping his right arm. The blood was seeping through but it was not impairing him. Magenta slammed into him his hands around Black’s neck; he flung the agent into the opposing wall. Rhapsody meanwhile got to her feet and began searching for Magenta’s pistol. Black came to his feet and punched Magenta with his left fist; it was effective enough to make Magenta fall to the floor. Black towered over Magenta. Magenta though pressed his boots into Black’s chest and heaved. Black staggered backwards and turned it into a run, Rhapsody fired some shots but Black had disappeared. Magenta stood and walked to her, he took the gun as it collapsed from her hands, “Steady, you’re in slight shock.”

He scooped her up as people flooded onto the floor. “What happened?”

“Just some trouble, nothing to worry about. Captain Magenta, Spectrum.”

Magenta carried her back into the bedroom closing the suite’s door first and lowered her onto the bed, turning on the bedside light he looked at her, already sleeping, she was beautiful and seemingly angelic, corny as it was, but he shook his head and left.

 Magenta’s shoulder pips flashed white, “Captain Magenta to Cloudbase, reporting abduction attempt on Rhapsody Angel, 0005 hours GMT. Attempt a failure.”

It would be logged in the computer for the morning. Magenta dropped his cap onto the sofa, he would make the morning of it.


Chapter Seven




Tim Hill was a receptionist at the hotel and left work at one in the morning to head to his quarters, he passed a WASP officer before entering the lift. He never noticed that the WASP officer had a pale complexion and unseeing eyes but he himself was getting that way. Below, Captain Black opened the circuit board near the lift control. He tugged at several cables and they came way with a soft snap. The lift began plunging back down the forty floors it had just come. Hill was stuck to the ceiling by the G-forces and tried to scream but nothing came out. The lift hit the floor with a loud crump but no explosion. The eerily green circles of the Mysterons floated over the wreckage recreating not only Hill but the lift. The Mysteronised Hill stepped out of the lift next to Black. “I am Captain Black relaying instructions from the Mysterons your orders are to kill Melody Angel.”

“I will obey.”


 Some hours later as Melody was changing for breakfast in her room, Grey in the adjoining one was listening to Colonel White. “An attempt was made on Rhapsody’s life yesterday by Captain Black, Captain Magenta foiled it and she is now recovering, it is likely he will attempt to kill Melody or the others, protect her for the day and bring her home tonight. Understood Captain Grey?”


Good, Colonel White out.”

Next door the chime sounded. “Room service.”

“Oh come in,” Melody called combing her hair.

Tim Hill entered his green eyes finding Melody seated at the dressing table. “I have a message for you.”

“Oh, what is it?”

Grey heard the voices and began to unlock the door just in time to hear, “Die, Earthwoman.”

Grey burst into Melody’s room and watched as Hill began to smoke, literally; Grey grabbed Melody and pulled her into his room throwing by the bed he fell atop her as Hill exploded. The room began to cave in and Grey was hurt. But as he pushed some concrete off, he saw that the damage was only to the two rooms, Melody was dazed. “What happened?” she moaned gingerly touching her head.

“The Mysterons,” answered Grey.



Chapter Eight




“Another attack on an Angel’s life,” said White angry. “I think this was a bad idea and we should bring them home.”

“Shall I do it, sir?” Green asked.

“Yes, pull them back.”

Green punched a button marked red; he’d get Captain Scarlet first.





“SIG Colonel, we’re on our way home.” Magenta’s mike fell back into place, he placed it back down and left the kitchen of the suite carrying a tray with a silver kettle, mug and milk and sugar pot. He entered Rhapsody’s room and placed it on the bedside.

 Rhapsody opened her eyes slowly and almost screamed when she saw a figure over her but when her eyes focused she made out the figure of Captain Magenta not the ghostly Captain Black. “Is he gone?”

“For now.”

 She sat up. “What’s this?”

Magenta finished pouring and handed her a mug, “Your morning tea, ma’am.”

“Patrick, really there is no need.”

“After last night, you need it.”

She sipped it thoughtfully, “Something preying on your mind?”

Magenta perched on the edge of the bed next to her. He had been nibbling on his right thumb without realising. “I shot Black last night and he didn’t even stop.”

“Maybe he has the same abilities as Captain Scarlet. After all Black like Scarlet has become a Mysteron.”

“Yeah, and also we’ve been called back to Cloudbase, someone tried to kill Melody.”

“Oh goodness!” exclaimed a worried Rhapsody.

“Don’t worry, Raps, they didn’t succeed. Well I must be packing, don’t rush.” As he left closing the doors she realised she didn’t get inflamed about the nickname and felt a warming in her cheeks, she was blushing. Placing the tea on the bedside she sighed and realised that she had fallen for the captain in pink.


 Black was once again across the road and this time was going to kill an Angel, the others had not began their flights but he was committed to this mission. Magenta appeared once more from the bedroom and hoisted a suitcase. Black lowered his binoculars and looked at the wound on his arm, it had gone now. Like Magenta and Rhapsody it was only an annoyance.





Lieutenant Green turned in his seat to face Colonel White, “Colonel, Captain Ochre’s jet has landed.”

“How many to return now, lieutenant?” White asked.

“Captains Blue and Magenta.”

White nodded revolving his desk, “Very well.”


Destiny, Melody and Harmony Angels still wearing their casual gear now occupied the Amber room. “Bon, home, but it feels good to be back.”

“Yes, it’s a good thing the threat is over,” said Harmony who had been to Canada for her stay.

“Not quite,” Melody added, “Rhapsody and Symphony are still out there.”

Oui, I hope Rhapsody is alright. Being attacked by Captain Black and rescued so heroically by Captain Magenta.”

Melody laughed, “You seemed quite taken with the good captain.”

Destiny blushed. “Please Melody, non, I have only admiration for him. However, he did fling Black into a wall, no one has had that chance before.”

“How was Paris with Captain Scarlet?” Harmony asked reclining in a seat.

Destiny paused by her locker. “It is still a beautiful city.”

“And?” pressed Melody.

“Please, it was not a romantic getaway.”

Melody and Harmony exchanged looks.



Chapter Nine




Rhapsody wearing a black polo neck that extended to her knees covering most of her loose trousers entered the living room. “Wow.”

Magenta had packed all the cases and stood by the door, “Wow yourself, Rhapsody.”

She blushed again and swore inwardly, “I’d like to thank you for last night.”

“It was nothing.”

“You must have hurt your arm flinging him.”

Magenta folded his arms across his jacket suddenly interested in Rhapsody’s interest in him, “Is this going somewhere?”

“Maybe.” Rhapsody turned back towards the bedroom. What was wrong?

She felt Magenta’s hands holding her arms. “Please Dianne, we got to get ready.”

She turned, tears in her eyes and fiercely embraced the Irishman. “Last night scared me, don’t let me go.”

He hesitantly held her and somehow they kissed; it was sudden but inwardly Magenta was glad. Magenta flung his cap onto the nearby pile of suitcases lowering Rhapsody to the ground, not hearing Colonel White’s voice on the radio. “Captain Magenta please respond this is urgent.”




Magenta and Rhapsody emerged from the lift onto the ground floor, both walked from the lift with a slight spring in their step. A valet with his eyes aimed downwards and dark black hair approached. “May I carry your bags?”

 They didn’t notice that the valet was Captain Black, Black’s mind trick immediately affected the two Spectrum officers then the Mysteron agent grabbed Rhapsody dragging her outside. Magenta drew his pistol cursing. “Damn!”

Black climbed into a saloon and sped off, Magenta his boots echoing on the pavement dropped the suitcase and ran after the car. It disappeared and left Magenta alone, ignoring looks he ran down into the hotel’s car park passing the SSC he had used earlier. He approached the car park warden in his booth. “Captain Magenta Spectrum I want SPV 443 now.”

“Pass please.”

Magenta fumbled for it and the warden nodded. He pressed a button below the window and there was a clanking noise. A section of floor next to the booth rose quickly and under it was a SPV. Magenta climbed into it. He sped out of the car park and scanned the radar, the saloon was leaving London. His shoulder pips then flashed white. “Yes Colonel White.”

Captain you have not been answering my calls, what is your status?”

“I am in pursuit of Captain Black he has kidnapped Rhapsody Angel.”

He could imagine White looking at Green thinking. “Very well, I’ll send the Angels down.”

“Yes sir, Magenta out.”




Black looked at Rhapsody in the backseat as he drove out of London into the countryside, she glared back at him. “What you looking at, traitor?”

“I am not a traitor,” he said.

Black returned his attention to the road as the Mysterons contacted him, “Captain Black this is the Mysterons, a Spectrum SPV is in pursuit.”

Black nodded and turned left sharply smashing a fence and driving onto a field. Rhapsody closed her eyes; she could see Magenta and felt more for him then she had anyone. Stop it, Rhapsody, you’re an Angel, Spectrum first.



Chapter Ten




The three Angel Interceptors of Destiny, Harmony and Symphony sped low over London, Destiny and the others had extra incentive to get Black, he had kidnapped one of their own like he had Symphony once. Destiny banked gently and saw the country road, then the SPV. “SPV sighted Colonel White.”

Well done Destiny, make contact with Captain Magenta and follow his orders.”

“Yes Colonel.” Destiny’s shoulder tabs flashed pink. “Captain Magenta we are now under your command.”

Destiny, search the area ahead, I think he turned off somewhere. Once sighted, alert me and try and stop him.”

“Destiny to Harmony and Symphony, follow me.”

They accelerated away and split up to cover more ground, Symphony took the left side, Destiny central and Harmony right. Symphony kept banking left and right whilst flying ahead, Rhapsody was a great friend, together the two played chess in their spare time. Symphony dropped to fifty feet skimming the trees and sighted the tyre tracks. “Symphony to Destiny, Harmony and Magenta, sighted tracks in farm land approximately two miles north of Magenta.”

Copy Symphony, try and find Black,” Magenta’s voice came back. Was it Symphony or was Magenta more anxious then normal?


Black could hear the low whine of the Interceptor before he saw it; it flashed by overhead the thick black A dominating the ventral side. Rhapsody began smiling broadly seeing the Interceptor begin to turn back; it had lowered its nose meaning it was coming in to attack. Rhapsody knew if she had been in the same position she would do this. The explosion rocked the saloon but Black kept on, his target seemed to be the Thames now in the countryside a peaceful looking river. “Come on girls,” whispered Rhapsody.


Magenta’s SPV bounced across the farm fields in hot pursuit, Destiny was relaying instructions, “We are attacking but Captain Black is determined on his course.”

“Course heading, Destiny?”

His course will take him into the River Thames.”

“Must be a pickup point. Get him Destiny.”

As his mike flipped back up Magenta hoped Rhapsody was all right.





The lounge was a tense place as the other captains waited; they had been informed of the situation and also that they couldn’t help Captain Magenta. It wasn’t often Magenta was in the thick of it. Scarlet stood by the window watching the clouds drift by. Blue and Ochre were trying to play cards, Grey was turning the pages of a magazine, without really reading it. They jumped when the intercom sounded again. The transmissions from the chase were being relayed to the lounge so that the captains knew of the situation. “Captain Magenta, Captain Black’s car is damaged and trailing smoke, a small motorboat is on the river. Believed to be Mysteron in origin, orders?”

Keep on the attack, we’ll deal with the boat later.”

“I wish we were down there, Black is a tough customer,” commented Grey.

“Magenta seems to be doing well,” Blue said.

Scarlet turned from the window. “He is taking his duty seriously as any Spectrum officer should.”

“Well said Captain Scarlet,” Colonel White said from the doorway, he waved a hand, “At ease, I want a SPJ standing by in the event Magenta rescues Rhapsody and possibly captures Black.”

All the captains stood, “Captains Blue and Ochre, you’re the best pilots so I think you’ll go.”

The two captains nodded, “Don’t just stand there, get going.”


Destiny now brought her aircraft to ground level, she couldn’t believe that all attacks had been a failure. Above Symphony and Harmony maintained an umbrella of cover. Destiny brought the nose of the Interceptor so it touched the rear of the speeding saloon; her computer kept chiming, “Warning zero altitude, zero altitude.”

Merde,” she whispered savagely her brow sweating; she accelerated a tad and knocked the saloon. Rhapsody worked feverishly at the binding that kept her hands tied, Black didn’t seem to notice but more intent on avoiding the aircraft. The engine noise was deafening Rhapsody didn’t care about that she was intent on getting out of the car. But then as she looked back she could see a SPV, Magenta? Just  then the world turned upside down.


Destiny pulled back sharply, her job done; the saloon bounced wildly on its suspension and flew off the riverbank into the dark green Thames. The car floated on the surface, if anyone had been looking closely they would have seen the eerie green circles of the Mysterons float over Black before and he disappeared, Rhapsody however had been knocked out and was still in the car when it sunk.




The three Angels had now raced into the air and were heading to protect the SPJ of Blue and Ochre leaving Cloudbase. Magenta braked the SPV hard next to the riverbank kicking up clods of dirt. He opened the door and dispensing with the chair lift jumped down running for the river. He flung himself into the river; taking a deep breath, he submerged fully. The car was not far down, only about ten feet but enough to begin to drown Rhapsody. As Magenta got to the car kicking his feet gently he couldn’t see Black but could see Rhapsody. Her hair was floating above her head; it all seemed so surreal. But Magenta was concerned with the rear left door; it wouldn’t open. His lungs burning he pulled back and got the door open. Bubbles covered his face as he reached in for Rhapsody. He lifted her out and forming a straight profile shot straight to the surface. He gasped for breath once broaching the surface. He looked at Rhapsody.

“Come on, Raps, wake.” But the Angel was pale and her eyes were closed, she was not responding to Magenta. Magenta began walking up the bank; the SPJ had landed in the field and was taxiing to a safe point near the river. The door opened and Blue came running with a medikit. Magenta placed her on the grass and pushing hair from her lips, he began performing mouth to mouth. After two attempts she began to splutter water. Blue dropped to his knees checking his kit for the right equipment; first he took some cutters to cut her binding. Rhapsody’s eyes slowly opened and she smiled slightly, “Patrick.” Then she fell unconscious again. Blue looked mystified wondering what had happened during the course of the mission.







“Due to Captain Magenta’s quick actions in London, the Mysterons and Captain Black will think again before attempting an attack on Spectrum. Captain Magenta, well done for saving Rhapsody. You too, Captain Grey, for saving Melody. If neither of you had done your heroic actions then both Angels would be dead.” Colonel White paused as he spoke centrally at the conference table where everyone was present. “Congratulations to everyone.”

Everyone was shortly dismissed and as they piled out, Rhapsody and Magenta paused by the door. “Dinner tonight Rhapsody?”

“Sure why not?” the two parted for their quarters with a spring in their step.

Blue and Scarlet stood watching arms folded, “I wonder,” Blue murmured.

“Hold that wonder Adam, I’m getting some food.”

Blue realising he was alone shouted, “Hey wait up!”










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