How Big is a UFO?



Drawing by John Goode

At Unity City we've often wondered how big UFOs are supposed to be. Well, after examining the episodes, we came to the conclusion that they are around 23 feet across, give or take a foot or so. The most useful reference was an episode where a UFO crashes into a house. Some people have expressed the feeling that this is far too small to be credible - pointing out that that most of the UFO is empty space. In some of the comics and annuals UFOs are depicted as having a cabin area, whereas the actual model is patently empty space enclosed by a transparent cone. We resist declaring the UFO 'flawed' and requiring such a change to it's external appearance to make it 'feasable'.


We are pleased to present here for you a drawing showing just how big a UFO 'is'. John Goode did all the hard work and we are indebted to him for allowing us to reproduce the drawing here. As you can see, although rather cramped, there is ample room for aliens, captives and other 'souvenirs' from Earth.


John shares our view that we must deduce what the interior is like from what we know of it's exterior. To change to exterior to make it fit an imaginary interior would be foolish - and unnecessary. We never see the interior of a UFO in the series... so we have to guess what that is like, given the rather small 'cabin' area available.


Both John and ourselves would welcome any insights you may have on what the interior may consist of. The writer's guide states that it is filled with liquid. At Unity City we feel that the UFO may be remote controlled - or self-controlled. No instrumentation or manual controls would be required in that scenario, thus saving considerable space.








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