Suitable for all readers

Which can be read by anyone, including young readers.

Suitable for all readers

Bad or strong language Story contains bad language.  Words such as “bloody” and “damn” don’t count as Suitable for all readers.

Bad or strong language

Action-oriented/low level of violence

Action-oriented story, with an acceptable amount of violence for stories that will still fit in the general reading rating.  Action and violence are omnipresent in CS, so this does not to mean that if the icon is not present, there is no violence. 

Action-oriented/low level of violence

Medium level of violence Contains some scenes of violence, pain, torture, death and/or destruction.  Still at an acceptable level.

Medium level of violence

High level of violence More intense violence, with shocking scenes of death, gore and destruction at a high level. High level of violence
Fantasy/light horror

Fantasy and/or light situations of horror, or comic horror in stories that will still fit in the general reading category.

Fantasy/light horror
Medium level of horror

Atmospheric horror and/or horror situations, with no or little graphic description at an acceptable level.

Medium level of horror
Graphic horror Horror situations with intense graphic description. Graphic horror
Sexual innuendo Slight reference and sexual innuendo.  At this level, the stories are still listed as general. Sexual innuendo
Implied adult situations Some implied sexual situations, but no graphic description (described as “fade to black” scenes).  Generally not included in “all readers” category. Implied adult situations
Adult situations Sexual situations.  Not too graphic description.  No pornography is allowed on the website.

Adult situations

mature adult Although written with quality and in good taste, and in full respect of the fandom, the story contains explicit situations, coarse language, slash scenes or other aspects that may shock some readers.  No pornography involved.  Aimed at mature readers only.

Warning! May contain subjets

that may shock readers


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