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Top rated - LOOKALIKES
harleydbabs2.jpgCasual Rhapsody98 viewsThe doll is called "Harley" and probably is part of the Barbie collection. Here in these casual and yet fashionable clothes, she does remind us a lot of Rhapsody - gone on a shopping spree. Now... Maybe Destiny is not that far behind...
(2 votes)
sushisettext.jpgA scene from Captain Scarlet?!149 views
(3 votes)
crossto_bear.jpgSaluting Soldier(Mary)55 viewsI saw this photo in a newspaper around the time I wrote A Cross to Bear (whether shortly before or afterward I don't remember). It's about the feel I wanted to get for the ending scene in the story...
(2 votes)
ScarletBarrowman.jpgCaptain Scarlet - John Barrowman56 viewsA few members of the Forum think that the star of Torchwood, playing Captain Jack, could also be a perfect Captain Scarlet.
(3 votes)
JoeFlanigan_as_Troy_Tempest.jpgJoeFlanigan as Troy Tempest(Carrie)57 views
(3 votes)
melody_grey.jpg03. Destiny and Grey(Marion)55 views"... Melody took his picture in return.... "
(4 votes)
helicarrier.jpgCloudbase: S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier407 viewsA Cloudbase lookalike - sort of! Actually, it would appear that the Helicarrier, SHIELD's floating HQ, predated Cloudbase of a few years. For those of you who are not comic fan, this powerful craft was commandeered by COLONEL Nick Fury... But the similarties stop there. Fury is a gruff, cigare-puffing one-eyed American, while Colonel White... Well, gruff maybe, but totally English and we've yet to see him smoke a cigar.
(2 votes)
captain_bettany.jpgCaptain Bettany(Indigo)59 viewsThe live action Blue? Doesn't he just look the part, with his Spectrum cap
(2 votes)
shot0000.pngBlack "Soldier of Fortune 2" - 199 viewsThis screen cap (and those which follow) have been made by Mary J. Rudy from the computer game "Soldier of Fortune 2". Look at one of the characters. Doesn't he remind you of someone we know?
(3 votes)
NGC2442_ssroGoldman720.jpgNCS logo in space...(hazel)88 views
(2 votes)
angelin_the_sand.jpgAngel in the sand(hazel)165 viewsI forget where I got this picture now, but doesn't it look like an Angel jet in the sand?
(2 votes)
mobile_airstrip_sky_captain.jpgMobile Airstrip - from Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow927 viewsNot as much as a 'lookalike' as a similar idea! The Mobile Airstrip from this very interesting movie borrows a lot from Cloudbase. Additionally, it sports the Union Jack!
(6 votes)
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