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T'was the Night Before Christmas (Spectrum Style)



T’was the night before Christmas, When all through the place,

Not a Captain was stirring, Now that’s odd for Cloudbase.

The off duty Angels were snug in their beds,

While dreams of the staff party danced in their heads.

The Colonel was taking a well deserved rest,

A moment of quiet, from the Mysteron pest.

When out on the flightdeck there arose such a clatter,

He jumped from his bunk yelling, “What is the matter?”

The skin of the flightdeck of the carrier below,

Was shimmering and shining. It was covered in SNOW!

When what to his wondering eyes should appear,

But an awesome red sleigh, pulled by eight massive reindeer.

With a little ole driver so lively and quick, he knew in an instant,

“Oh God, it’s Saint Nick!”

Faster than interceptors, these coursers all flew,

But then with their deadline, oh hey,  SO WOULD YOU!

He whistled and shouted to keep them on course,

To skim o’er the flightdeck, to the hanger, full force.

Their sweet four-point landing was something to see,

The mechanics caught sight of them and had to agree.

Nick shot to the Amber room with bags by the score

For Captains and Angels and all staff galore.

He left them with presents of Strength and Good Cheer,

Of Courage and Stamina and Patience to hear.

The worse possible things that the Mysterons would do,

And have those be the guys, be the ones go boo hoo.

He left one last present, all packaged so neatly,

With a note that explained, “Very special, handle sweetly.

It’s concentrated in form, but of have a care,

For it carries Hope and will counter despair.”

Then finally when the presents were all there to see,

Nick sighed and he grinned, and winked at Destiny.

Then back to the hanger he sped and he chuckled,

 Jumped into the sleigh and the reindeer all hustled.

Up onto the flightdeck at once they appeared,

So those now awake all happily cheered.

And they heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight

“Merry Christmas to Spectrum! Hey Scarlet! ALL RIGHT!”




My sincere apologies to Clemet Moore for destroying his masterpiece.


Valuth k'Sheyna




Read the original Clemet Moore’s poem






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