Original series Suitable for all readersMedium level of violence

The Thoughest Uniform to Fill

By Valuth

Part 3





This is the voice of they Mysterons, we know that you can hear us, Earthmen. We intend on continuing our retaliation by obliterating  your Oceanquest power station.”


“Great. How do they intend on doing that?” asked Captain Grey.

“No idea but we better find out about it right quick, the Colonel will be wondering himself,” replied Captain Blue.


The two men hurried to Command and found the other senior officers just arriving like themselves. They sat down around the moving desk and Colonel White looked up from the piece of paper in front on him.


“This attack will defiantly be an odd one, gentlemen,” Colonel White started. “The power station in question in the middle of an undersea current at a depth of almost a mile down. The only way in or out is by sub, and especially equipped ones at that. In this case, we’re talking Triton class sub. These are deep submersible vessels. We’ve been in touch with World Navy, Sydney, and they have a diver specialist standing by to assist us. Captain Grey, since you have training in deep dives, you’ll be in charge of him. Considering the types of explosives that can be used, he’s also a demolitions specialist so if you can’t defuse it, he might be able to. A monitoring team will be there as well. Captain Scarlet, you’re going as well but in charge of the overall group. I want constant updates.”

“Colonel, what’s the sub that will be taking us to the station?” asked Captain Grey.

“I believe it’s the DeShane under Captain Scott Rimmer. Don’t worry, Captain, I made sure there is no-one on board that knows you,” the Colonel remarked.

“Who is the diver that we’re getting to help?” asked Captain Scarlet.

“Commander J.C. Frazier,” informed Colonel White.

“And where are we getting him from?” commented Captain Scarlet.

“From WAAF Tucson. We’re lucky. He’s down here on a bit of a vacation. We should be glad he is. The only other diver available that knows the particular method of diving involved, is in Hawaii right now,” said Colonel White. “Time wise, he’s too far away.”

“Devon Richards, I bet,” remarked Captain Grey.

“Quite right, Captain. I take it you know him,” said Colonel White.

“Yes sir, unfortunately,” sighed Captain Grey.

“Well then, I’m assuming you will be better off with Commander Frazier. All right, gentlemen. Get going and good luck,” said Colonel White.

“I’ll get us a jet readied. I suppose you have some gear to get?” said Captain Scarlet to Captain Grey.

“That I do. Never knew I’d need it this soon either. I wonder what they really have planned for us this time.”

“If nothing else, trouble and probably in spades,” replied the British Captain.






“Permission to come aboard Captain,” requested the naval Commander, standing at attention in front of the Captain of the DeShane.

“Permission granted, Commander. Welcome to the DeShane. I believe the rest of your group is down below and waiting in one of the ready rooms. The monitoring equipment has been set up and we’re just waiting for the Command team,” said Captain Rimmer, returning the salute the man had given him.

“Thank you sir. Is there a place I can stow my equipment until they get here?” inquired Commander J.C. Trojan Frazier.

“My X/O will show you were it can be secured and I suppose you want to talk with the rest of your people?” replied Rimmer.

“Yes sir. We’ll need to make some calibrations to the equipment before we arrive on site,” Frazier stated.

“Very well then. Mr. Tracey, take the Commander to where his people are and start getting the crew ready to depart,” said Rimmer.

“Aye sir. Commander, if you’ll follow me, please,” answered the X/O.


Captain Rimmer watched as Frazier picked up his bag and followed the X/O. He glanced back at the dock and saw the red saloon parking near the sub pen, and the two Spectrum officers climbing out. One grabbed a bag just as large as Frazier’s and they approached the sub.


“Captain Rimmer, I’m Captain Scarlet and this is Captain Grey. Permission to board, sir?” inquired the red-clad Captain.

“Granted, sir. If you’ll follow me, everyone’s on board and we have clearance to leave as soon as you gentlemen arrived,” said Rimmer.


He led them into the sub and escorted them to the ready room where the team was busy finishing setting up. Frazier was there and he and a naval lieutenant-commander were busy checking his connection with the terminal there.


“That’s got it, J.C. I don’t know how the calibration was off, though. Have you been tampering with it again?”

“I wouldn’t have to tamper with it if you’d fix it right the first time, Stone, ”chuckled Frazier, looking over the computer monitor.

“I know how to fix it, J.C., you just fool around with it too much. Leave it alone this time,” the sandy haired  Lieutenant-Commander chuckled.

“Yes sir,” Frazier said with a mock salute.

Gander, are you going to do something with him? He keeps messing with the gear!” complained Stone.

“J.C., you mess with it too much, it’ll kill you, okay? Then we’ll have to find a new Flight Commander. Frankly, if you’re going to mess around with it, I’ll enjoy seeing Josh again,” snickered the Twic.

“Yeah, right, if only to punch his lights out I suppose,” Frazier remarked.

“Hey, I’ll let Skip do that. The Colonel knows if he doesn’t listen to her complaints on our behalf he’ll get his jaw broken yet again. I think Spook  told him if they had to wire his jaw once more he was screwed,” Gander told him.

“Afternoon, gentlemen. All ready to go?” asked Captain Scarlet. Several of the monitoring group nodded at their arrival.

“Ready as we’ll ever be. Captain Grey, I believe we need to calibrate your keyboard into the system,” said Stone, seated at the one computer.

“Be right with you,” said Captain Grey, setting down his bag, and opening it. He removed several components and went over to see the man.

“Captain Scarlet, Colonel White informed us you were in charge of this assignment, I’m Gander," the man said by way of introduction. "The technical side is going to be monitored by Stone here,” With this the Lieutenant-Commander nodded at Scarlet. “Our medical observer is  Spook,” the man turned slightly in his chair to see who was there and nodded. Scarlet realized he the same man he had seen in Sydney at McKay Pharmaceuticals a while before. “Our diver slash demolitions man, J.C. or Trojan. He’ll be working with Captain Grey.”

“Why are you called Spook?” he asked of the medical observer.

“Doctors have always been considered ‘ghouls’, Captain. Our Flight Commander decided to stick with the  monster idea. The other medical officer we have is named Bones,” Spook explained. Scarlet grinned slightly.

Captain Scarlet looked at Frazier; the man was observing Captain Grey calibrate his gear to the system, and the two of them were talking in low tones about how they were planning on proceeding.


Gander laid out some blueprints and Frazier moved over to check them out. Captain Scarlet looked at the plans and whistled.


“There’s a lot of ground to cover,” he remarked.

Frazier looked at him. “That there is, Captain. My only hope is that we have enough time to find whatever they have placed there,” he said.

“Mine as well. May I ask you a question?” Captain Scarlet said.

“Certainly,” replied Frazier.

“How is it you just happen to be down in Australia when this showed up?”

Frazier smiled. “I was visiting a friend down here. He’s been a bit lonely and asked if I would take the time to come see him and perhaps bring him a few things that he’d left at my place the last time he came to Tucson,” Frazier replied.

“Where does he live?”

“In Melbourne, Captain. Would you care for his name as well?”


Captain Scarlet shook his head.


“J.C., better get a bit of a rest, okay?” stated Gander.

“Only if you plan on making sure I sleep,” Frazier joked. He moved to a chair and sat down, crossed his arms and closed his eyes.

“J.C., you’re impossible. You’re not my type,” Gander admonished.

“I can wish, can’t I?” he replied opening an eye and looking at the Twic, a cocky grin on his face.


Scarlet looked at Frazier and found him staring at him. The man cocked his head and closed his eyes once more.


Captain Grey came over to Captain Scarlet.


“All set. You look a bit perturbed. Problem?” asked Captain Grey.

“No. Not really. I’ll tell the Colonel we’re underway. You don’t know how far away this station is do you?” asked Scarlet.

“Four hours, Captain. We checked with Captain Rimmer when we boarded,” said Gander, walking over to them. “Captain Grey, you better rest as well. You’re aware of how hard this can be on a person?”

“Quite true. I don’t know how some people can fall asleep anyplace like your Commander. I can’t do that,” said Captain Grey.

“You could, but it would take some getting used to. I believe we have several rooms available to us near here if you want to crash for a bit,” said the Twic. “Come with me.”

Captain Grey and Gander left the room and Captain Scarlet reported in. Colonel White sounded relieved they were on their way and he reiterated his request for constant updates.





Captain Scarlet’s cap mike swung back into position and he went forward to speak with Captain Rimmer. They talked for several minutes over how long it would take and if a better speed could be achieved. The DeShane’s Captain had them pile on a bit more speed and Scarlet returned to the ready room to wait till they got to their destination. He looked at the plans again to get a better idea of where an explosive device might be placed. There were too many places where it could be planted and with the Mysterons ability to be able to ‘translate’ things to other places, it made for checking the station a tricky affair.


About that time, the X/O poked his head into the room. “We’re half an hour from being on site, guys, if you want to get your divers ready,” suggested Commander Tracey.

“Okay, thanks. I’ll go get the Captain up so he can get ready. Spook, you might want to come with me, give him a quick check before hand,” Gander said.

“Okay”, replied the team’s doctor. Both men left the ready room and went to look over Captain Grey. They returned some time later, the Captain now wearing his equipment, and carrying several other pieces. Gander checked over Frazier and nodded. Frazier pulled on his gear and looked at Spook.


“Well?” asked Frazier.

“You’ll live, much to our dismay,” said the doctor.

“Well, if you feel that way about it…” grinned Frazier.

“Don’t even think about it, J.C. You do anything stupid and Skip will be on your backside so fast,” admonished Gander.

“Oh, she loves me, that’s all. I get hurt, she’ll be devastated,” he remarked, smirking.

“Yeah, right. Probably a lot less than you think. I’m starting to think you’re jealous over Richards showing up when he did. Come on, admit it.”

“I was this close, Spook,” he complained, holding his thumb and forefinger slightly apart to emphasize his point.

“Just relax and take care of the situation at hand, okay? The sooner you get finished, the sooner we can go to the island for the rest of the working holiday. If you’re careful, you could undermine his position,” Spook snickered. “You know how to subvert. Gotta keep your talents honed.”

“Good idea. He won’t be around enough,” Frazier chuckled wickedly. “What a conquest she’d be.”

“Come on. We should be on site here shortly. Time to work,” said Spook.

“Okay,”  Frazier groused .


The X/O popped his head into the room.


“On station, gents. Whenever you’re ready,” he said.

“All set,” said Captain Grey.

“I’ll second that,” agreed Frazier.


Gander and Stone helped both men into the packs and double-checked the connections. They pulled on their helmets and secured them. Captain Scarlet watched as they entered the lock. As the water began to flow into it, he watched as both Grey and Frazier hit something on their chests and observed as a yellow liquid filled the helmets. Grey looked at him and grinned. Scarlet shook his head and went back to the ready room. Both Spook and Stone were sitting in front of their systems and watching both medical and technical readouts.


“All right guys, sound off,” said Gander.


Unit one, On line.

Unit two, got me guys?


“All right. Get moving, time’s a ‘wasting,” said Spook. He and Stone were to keep serious watch on both divers.


Approaching station. Looks clear.


“Lets hope it stays that way, Captain,” said Scarlet.


Cross your fingers then.


Captain Scarlet let Colonel White know that the divers were approaching the station.


Captain Grey was first at the controls to activate the lock to go into the station. He punched in a code and they watched as the lock began to open slowly. Frazier looked around near the lock to make sure that there had been no kinds of tampering. He and Captain Grey used hand signals back and forth. Finally the lock had opened far enough for them to enter. They moved in carefully, both men on the alert for trip wires, laser beams or anything else that might activate the bomb on them. Frazier looked carefully into nooks and crannies as Captain Grey checked machinery over. Finally they had cleared the first room. Grey looked at his dive partner.


“This is going to take some time. Want to split up to cover more ground?” He signed.

We don’t have much choice do we? Fair enough. We meet back here?” Frazier signed back.


Captain Grey gave him a thumbs up and both men went different directions to check the facility over.


On the sub, Captain Scarlet was watching their tracking devices and was a bit dismayed at them splitting up.


“Captain, is that a good idea splitting up?” he asked, into a mike set up at Stone’s system.


With the area we have to cover? Yes.


Okay,” Captain Scarlet replied.


They could only watch suit functions and the directions they were going traveling in. Every so often each one would report in and let them know the status of the areas they were checking over.


“J.C., your readings are dropping a bit. Problem? Or are you just fiddling with the thing again?” questioned Stone.


I’m fine. Suit functions are green from here. How’s my buddy doing?


“Seems to be doing okay. Captain, you alive in there?”


Yup. No problems here.


“Are either of you going to switch on your cameras? I think the Captain would like to see what you two are looking at,” said Gander, leaning over a console.


Oh, sorry. Didn’t know he wants to see the inside of the place. Kind of boring really.

Captain you really want to look at machinery?


“Better than wondering what kind of trouble you two are getting into,” Captain Scarlet chuckled.


Trouble? Riiight.


“Alright J.C., don’t get cocky,” Gander remarked.


That is an impossible situation and you know it.


“J.C., enough okay?” Gander said.

“And that guy is your Flight Commander?” asked Captain Scarlet.

“He’s the best at what he does, Captain. He only does this when he’s nervous,” said Gander.

“I see,” remarked Scarlet.


They were now able to watch as the two monitors showed what the two divers were looking at. Abruptly Frazier’s spotted something and they saw him move closer to it.


Houston, we got BIG problems.

“I can see it J.C. What is it?”

Sensor of some kind. Showing depth.


The camera started moving in closer to the device to get a better overall picture of it.


Ask Captain Rimmer what depth the sub is at.

“What has that got to do with it?” asked Scarlet.

Do it please. Exact reading.


Captain Rimmer, could you tell us exactly what depth we’re at?” asked Gander at one of the COM panels.

We’re on station at 3755 feet Major. Why?”

“Something one of our divers was asking about. Thank you Captain,” Gander said. He moved over to the console. “J.C. you heard him?”

Yup. Look at sensor.


He moved slightly and they saw a flashing reading. 3755  blinked at them.


“J.C., you two better get back here. NOW,” Gander said.

Bring sensor?

“No. We don’t know if it’s connected to anything.”

Isn’t. Just sensor.

“Can you be absolutely certain, Commander?” asked Scarlet.

Gonna pop it open to have a looksee.

“Careful, buddy. Don’t make any stupid moves,” said Gander watching the monitor intently.

You know me.

“Yup, and that’s exactly why I said it.”


They could tell Captain Grey was moving back along the route he had followed and Frazier was examining the sensor. A narrow object appeared and the cover was deftly opened carefully, to reveal the sensors inner workings. They could see his hand moving over various things inside the unit and it stopped .


Not part of it.

“Got an idea?” asked Gander .

Yup. Might be activation unit but I doubt it.

“So where is the bomb?” asked Captain Scarlet.

On the sub, Captain. Came the reply from Captain Grey’s unit.



Looking at the other monitor, they could tell Captain Grey was under the sub, and examining the belly of it. He moved carefully under the vessel, examining the entire belly, his high-powered torch illuminating the underbelly of the sub.


Nothing there.

“Well something has to be there!” said Scarlet.

Captain, nothings there!

 Bring up plans for sub. Overlay!

I get yah J.C. I’m on it,” came the Stone’s  reply. “Okay got it. What now?”

Overlay station and pinpoint my location, then pinpoint Captain.


Captain Scarlet and the others watched as the man positioned the plans and determined Frazier’s location, and then determined Captain Grey’s. He pointed to a position on the plans and looked at Scarlet.


“Captain Grey, move aft a bit more,” said Captain Scarlet.



They were nervously observing as Grey approached the location.


“You should be able to see it Captain,” said Gander.


“Something has got to be visible,” groused Spook.



No-one had been watching Frazier and they could see him now approaching Captain Grey. He joined him and the occupants in the sub could see them communicating rather rapidly. They looked over the sub together and both were shaking their heads.


 Check plans for sub. What's there INSIDE?


Removing the plans for the station, Stone looked at the sub plans and grew very pale.


“J.C., it’s the reactor,” he said.

We’re coming. See if you can find the thing for us. Don’t mess with it though.


Gander grabbed at a monitor and then looked around the room. Spook caught his quick glance and  Gander left the room quietly. He headed aft and entered the reactor room. No-one was there and he carefully looked around the room. Checking around, he looked under pipes and other objects in the room. A glance in one area, and he found a slim and almost imperceptible device along one of the reactors containment walls. He grimaced and left the room, returning to the ready room. He glanced at Stone as he entered and  gave a nod of his head.


“Get back in here, guys,” Stone told the divers.

 Commander’s kneeling down. Don’t know why.

 “J.C., come on. Stand up and get in here,” Spook told him.


“We’ll take care of that once you’re on board,” said Spook. “Take a couple of deep breaths for now.”


 Gander and Stone went to the airlock and waited with some impatience ‘til both divers were back on board. After the water had flowed out of the lock, both of them pulled off their helmets and expelled the fluid from their lungs. They took deep breaths and the moment they could breath easily again, they were heading back to the ready room. Gander looked at them and nodded at Frazier. Frazier grabbed a slim packet and headed to the reactor room, and went directly to the area where the bomb was located. Removing some thin metal strips from the pouch, he slid them under the back of it and then briefly glanced at it before he headed back to the ready room himself. He set the device on the table. Captain Scarlet came over to him, and then looked at it, Captain Grey beside him, both men examined the unit before them.


“Well, what is it?” asked Scarlet. Spook and Stone both grinned slightly.

“Probably the detonation unit, I don’t know. We’ll have to check it over,” replied Captain Grey, his voice squeaky and high.

“What’s wrong with your voice?” Captain Scarlet asked, grinning in spite of the seriousness of the situation.

“Side effect of the fluid. Lets see this thing,” Grey replied, his voice still rather high.


He looked at the device and turned it over carefully. At the same time Gander was looking over at Frazier and nodded. Frazier yawned several times and took several more deep breaths. He joined Captain Grey. Grey swung a lamp over the device and switched it on.


“I’ve never seen anything like this,” Grey conceded. His voice was still squeaky.

“I have. Old technology,” said Frazier. His voice equally as high. He grabbed at the leg of his suit and pulled out a second pack, opening it and pulling a very slender knife out. He carefully slid it under the almost invisible joint there and popped the back open. He checked over the contents and with extreme care, he moved several wires with a probe he’d removed from the packet. At the very core of the device was a small vial. Removing something similar to tweezers, he removed the vial and looked at it, then frowned. “This guy’s good. Enough just to damage the reactor so as to make it look like it might have cracked on its own. The reactor goes critical, and it looks like an accident did it, or that the sub was caught in the blast from the station. Reactor takes out the station. Sneaky buggers.”

“I can’t believe we brought it here,” said Captain Scarlet.

“A lot of planning went into this. It also means there’s a problem at the base,” said Frazier.

“What do you mean?” asked Captain Grey.

“Well, whoever did it needed to place it precisely, so they had to have someone physically position it. They also needed to know what sub, so they placed it in the right place. Means an agent there,” said Frazier. “There might be someone on board here as well.”

“Not good,” said Captain Scarlet.

“You haven’t felt anything, have you, Captain Scarlet?” asked Captain Grey.

“No,” replied Scarlet.

Gander, better peruse if you can,” said Frazier to his Twic. “Don’t let anyone suspect.”

“Hey, just gonna ask the X/O for a tour,” said Gander. “I‘ll let Captain Rimmer know we’ve disabled the device and we can head back,” he headed forward to inform the Captain.

“Fine,” said Captain Scarlet. His cap mike dropped and he relayed the goings on to Cloudbase. There was a momentary discussion as Frazier looked on. “SIG, Colonel.”

“I suppose we’re going to Cloudbase after we get back to Sydney?” Frazier inquired.

“Exactly, Commander,” answered Scarlet.

“Fair enough. Okay guys, start packing things up. I’m going to go change,” said the Commander. He cleared his throat a couple of times and left.

“He’s got the right idea, but I need to get rid of the salt. I’m starting to itch,” noted Captain Grey.

“Okay. I’ll keep an eye out on these guys,” replied Captain Scarlet.


Captain Grey left and Scarlet watched as the computer equipment was dismantled and stowed in two cases. Finally all was secure and set out of the way in a corner of the room. Frazier returned and looked the dismantled bomb over. He checked it over carefully once more and looked at the small vial. He ran his fingers over his lip in his concentration. Captain Scarlet surreptitiously watched him as he examined it. Frazier looked thoughtful at one point.


Gander came back in and looked at his Commander, shaking his head to the negative and shrugged his shoulders. Frazier pulled on a Kevlar vest over his uniform and looked at Scarlet.


“My Twic wasn’t able to spot anyone suspicious so we can assume once we’re back at Sydney there just might be,” he said, walking over to the Captain and speaking quietly with him.

“How would he know if there was one?” asked Scarlet.

“That would be telling, Captain,” Frazier grinned.

“Captain Scarlet, we just got notification. Seems like the base S.P.’s have seen a guy that might be our man. He’s hanging around the sub pens. No-one’s approached him to be on the safe side,” said Gander.

“Is our  mechanic on base?” Frazier asked.

“Yup. Want him to take him out?”


Frazier looked at Captain Scarlet who was frowning.


“No. Capture or disable, no killing,” said Frazier. Gander nodded and relayed the message.


“You’re just taking right over, aren’t you Commander?” remarked Scarlet.

“Not intentionally. I just wanted to make sure I had my bases covered and as far as I know, your marksman isn’t anywhere near Sydney right now,” said Frazier. “Mine is there however. Just offering some assistance, if you will.”

“The Colonel will have something to say about this to your Commanding Officer,” Scarlet snapped.

“Probably,” said Frazier. He looked at the British Captain, then turned away. “Won’t be the first or last time.”


The X/O entered the room and looked around.


“Captain Rimmer says we’re nearing the base. We’ve had a message that one of Firestar is there waiting for you. With a friend apparently,” said Commander Tracey.

“Did they say who?” asked Frazier, looking at Scarlet.

“No, unfortunately not,” said Tracey.

“Thank you, Commander. This news is appreciated,” said Frazier.


Commander Frazier went and spoke in low tones with the members of his team that were present. Gander, Spook, and  Stone armed themselves. Captain Grey came back in, in uniform and saw the others very keyed up.


“Okay, where are  the eggshells?” asked Captain Grey.

“Possibly at the harbor,” said Captain Scarlet.

“Nice to know. What can we expect?” inquired Captain Grey.

“No idea. Maybe all hell breaking loose,” said Frazier. “Stone you’re rear guard. Keep Spook safe. We may need him,” he caught another look from Scarlet. Pissing you off am I? Just you wait. Frazier thought to himself. He pulled on a cap and sunglasses and looked at Gander. “I just hope our company is all friendly.”

Gander arranged for two of Rimmer’s crew to offload the equipment while he and the others made their way to the dock. They saw a naval Commander with a dog seated by her. She grinned at them all and waved. Captain Scarlet looked at her. What’s she doing in whites? He wondered.


“Hey, Skip, keep your head down okay?” Frazier called.


The response was immediate. A gun was quickly revealed and she was in a ready stance, and scanning the area. Another naval officer joined her, his own weapon quickly at the ready after a brief discussion. The area appeared clear. Frazier and the others joined the duo dockside, Captains Scarlet and Grey following behind. Frazier hugged her and Scarlet started to fume.

No way in HELL was he dating Cijay.


“Dev, you’re late again. How was Hawaii?” asked Frazier, holding Cijay as he extended his hand for the other man to shake.

“The same as usual. Warm, wonderful and boring. Why did you send me to that symposium for, anyway?” asked the Aussie.


Captain Scarlet noticed Grey start at the sound of Richards voice and watched as his coworker moved to stow his equipment in the saloon. Grey's back was to the Aussie. Captain Grey glanced over at Richards and frowned. Damn! He shaved! Talk about close! No wonder I didn't recognize him. Captain Grey thought. He cast a second glance in the man’s direction. Whoa…No way. I wonder if  Captain Scarlet noticed.


Cijay had been standing quietly and listening to the two men’s banter. They always did this. Two roosters crowing, she thought. She glanced around the area and rubbed her eyes. They were seeming a bit twitchy of late. She watched a naval petty officer taking care of some things nearby and looked around at several others, her gaze returning to the petty officer.


“Guys got someone I don’t like here. Looks creepy.”


Spook and Gander started looking around.

“Where?” asked J.C.


The petty officer had started to leave and was walking calmly away. Cijay pointed. Captain Scarlet looked in the direction she was pointing. She started pulling a cartridge from a pocket, aimed it, and fired at the man. A splatter of paint went over his back.


“Kinz! Wapiti*!” she snapped, pointing. The elkhound began pursuit of the man, who was running now, the others giving chase as well. Cijay ran a parallel course and was about to take another shot with her weapon when someone darted past her and she had to hold her fire. She tore after the petty officer and found Kinza had him on the ground, snarling in his face.


“Get it off!” he hollered.

“First tell me what you were doing at the pen?” she asked, the others running up behind her, Kinza still snapping in his face.

“Nothing!” he yelped. “Get this damn dog off me!”

“Not yet, I  think,” she said. She stood over him and looked at J.C. “Those boxes back at the pen. Better look them over. This guy's playing for the bad guys.”

Captain Scarlet looked at her, startled.  J.C. took off back to the sub pen and Devon and the others let the man get to his feet, their weapons at the ready. Captain Scarlet had his weapon drawn and facing the petty officer. He reached for her shoulder and nodded she talk with him to the side. They moved away a bit, Spook, Stone and Gander all watching the sailor.

“Cij, are you nuts? How do you know he’s siding with them?” he asked in a low voice.


She looked at him and grasped his wrist then turned to face the man. Scarlet was looking at him and could see only a blurry haze enfolding the man. Looking around, everyone else was normal, but when he looked at the sailor again, it was still there. He looked at his cousin in surprise. She let go of his wrist and faced him.


"That is why I know he's siding with them."

 “What is that?” he asked quietly.

“Same thing I see when I see that traitor of yours,” she said, her voice almost a whisper.

Scarlet looked at her, startled "But how?" he asked.

"I took a whack to the head in 68 and since then, I've been able to do it. I just blink to change my focus and it's like it comes clear. Spook thinks its part of my telepathic ability. We did some testing and found if I touch someone, I can let the other person see what I see. What I showed you is almost as nasty as seeing that Mysteron in Melbourne.  Before you ask, they're ugly…very ugly. It makes me sick to look at them," she said quietly.

He noticed she suddenly looked a bit green. "You're going to have to tell me everything of what you can do now. I mean, I knew you could hear thoughts pretty well, and your premonitions, but this is unreal."

"You don't think I don't know that?" she grimaced. She looked at him oddly for a moment and blinked several times in succession.


A sharp whistle was heard and they looked back in the direction of the pen. J.C. was standing there, Captain Grey beside him. From where she stood, the Captain appeared rather tense and kept looking at Dev.


“Lets go back and see what they found shall we?” she suggested, turning to the small group. “Dev, look after Kinz would you?” Richards nodded and snapped a leash on the elkhound. He held the dog back and walked her to calm her down. He pulled out a few treats from his pocket for her, rewarding her for a job well done. Captain Grey looked at her as she approached and nodded slightly.


Gander grabbed the sailor’s arm and they returned with him to the sub pen. J.C. frowned and held something up. Scarlet paled slightly.


“Same as the one near the reactor,” he said simply.

“Well, I think we got us a traitor,” said Stone.

“Actually he’s a bit more than that,” Cijay commented. “Who else?” she demanded, looking at him.


The petty officer only grinned and shook his head.


“Bad move boy,” said J.C.

Cijay looked at the petty officer and smiled slightly, then started nodding. “He’s got friends, Captain Scarlet. One’s onboard the DeShane, name of Hendricks.” The man’s jaw dropped. “Another in the armory, name of Balfour and one in transportation, name of Murray.”

“Alright Skip,” chuckled Stone.

“You’ve gotten better I see,” whispered the red-clad Captain in her ear.

“Slightly,” she murmured. She kept looking at the petty officer. The man couldn’t meet her gaze. The ice-blue of her eyes was unnerving to him. “You might want to get the other guys, and take them to someplace where you can all have a quiet chat.”

“Sounds like a plan,” remarked J.C. 


Several S.P’s had arrived and Captain Scarlet gave them instructions on who they were looking for and where. The men took off and returned after a while, the other three in tow. When they saw their ‘friend’ they reacted similarly, eyes avoiding hers, as Cijay met each of their gazes initially. By now Captain Blue had arrived to help take the men into custody. Scarlet looked around and found Captain Grey in conversation with the other Captain Blue, filling him in.


“Commander Frazier, I think you and your team had better come with us for a while,” Captain Scarlet instructed. “I think Commander Westlake should come too.”

“If you insist, Captain. Commander Westlake, do me a favor and have Dev get the hot tub ready? I'm going to need its recuperative abilities later,” Frazier requested. She nodded slightly, then headed off to talk with Devon for a moment and knelt to pet her dog, then returned to the group. Devon took Kinz with him to a jeep that was nearby and they left the base.

"Thank you Commander. How did you know?" Captain Grey remarked quietly, moving to her side.

"Not a problem Captain," she stated inaudibly, then grinned. "Body language." He nodded.


Two SP’s came over and spoke with the British Captain for a few moments and he frowned. He spoke with the other Captains quietly. Frazier watched them. Whatever they were talking about, they were not happy. Captain Scarlet seemed exceedingly frustrated at whatever he had been informed on.






The meeting with the Colonel took some time and finally Frazier, his men and Cijay were able to join Richards at a house outside of Sydney. As they entered the house, Dev looked at them.


“Well?” he asked.

“Not sure at this point. It was a Mark 4 no doubt there, no modifications, but whoever did it, didn’t place any kind of activation unit that we could see,” said Frazier, sliding into a chair at the table.

“Meaning they had it concealed someplace else. Thing is why, though?” asked Cijay.

“Again, no idea. Mark 4’s are restricted to Navy personnel though, so that could narrow the field of those qualified to do it. None of those four could have prepared it. We didn’t get them all,” said ‘Frazier’, beginning to pull at his neck to reveal a mask as it came off into his hand. He glanced at it, and then laid it on the table.

“So if we didn’t get them all, who was missed?” asked Devon.

“I don’t know, but he must not have identified himself to any of those four, just in case,” said the man removing a voice synthesizer from his neck. “Cijay couldn’t get any ‘hints’ as to a possible ID.”

Cijay reached for the mask and held it, grinning. “J.C. is starting to come in handy.” She grew somber. “So the Colonel understands there's one missing right, Josh?”

“Yes. He knows. He's not happy about it either, I can tell you that,” stated Colonel Joshua Gray. “I wouldn’t be happy either, and I’m not. It means there’s an expert out there, or it’s that Captain Black fellow the Colonel mentioned. He can’t tell us what the guy is capable of either. Problem with clearance, he said.”

“Doesn’t sound very good,” Dev commented, getting coffees for all at the table.

“It isn’t. ‘ Red’ wasn’t happy about the idea of someone running loose, I did notice Captain Grey didn’t say much, but I got the impression he's just as upset. He thinks it might be Black, I did pick that up though,” said Josh. “Look, I know we saw them activate ‘Skimmer’, but it makes you wonder what those things can really do. The Colonel mentioned something though. It seems they can alter liquids. They might have been thinking of altering the stuff in the vial, but even altered to a different form of liquid explosive, it mightn't have been enough to cause any major damage, at least by our standards of explosives. They may have a stronger type of explosive we don't know about. If that’s the case, we're in the dark as to what kind of reaction there would have been. I’m concerned they may have had some way to set off the Mark 4 without a detonator, or intensifying the explosive power of the device that was on the sub. Instead of a slow reaction, the sub would have gone right up and take out the station.”

“I think I can answer that one for you, Josh. Remember hearing about the ship 'President Roberts' and the trouble they had launching her? Terrorists was the report that was bandied about," Gray nodded. "Well that was Mysterons. The bottle of champagne had been altered, so I think its safe to say they could have taken out both sub and station easily enough, and that means something far more powerful than we have here," Cijay explained.

"How did you find that out?" asked  Spook.

"I was able to pick up a thought of the report on the incident. I know it was the Colonel remembering the report Captain Scarlet filed on the event. Normally he has got a tight rein on his thoughts so he wanted me to know about it. I just got the pertinent details he wanted me to know about, and didn't try and receive anymore. I have to block thoughts like that. Too much of it is so secret and I do respect clearances, even when they don't know they're doing it. The biggest problem with most people is they have no control over keeping their thoughts quiet and they project. You should 'hear' some of the things people think." She looked at Devon, and arched an eyebrow. He flushed red immediately. Spook, Stone and Gander all chuckled at him.

"Okay, so the Colonel knows you were picking up his thoughts, but anyone else might assume this is some kind of leak there and panic if the information surfaced someplace," Josh stated. "I didn't know you were so sensitive in being able to pick up everybody's thoughts, Cijay. I guess I'm lucky not to be able to pick up everything like you do."

"So how do you know who's thinking everything anyway?" inquired Stone.

She grinned. "I think the Colonel trusts me enough to know I won't tell anyone, or that I'll just ignore it. As for hearing who is thinking what, mental voices are almost the same as what you would hear," She looked down at the table for a moment. "Does anyone else aside from me get the feeling that they sucker-punched Spectrum?” Cijay asked. The others nodded. “This is not good, guys.” She sighed and looked thoughtful for a moment. Her hand stroked Kinza's head as she considered the events of the day. “Okay, we better get some rest and we’ll head to the island in the morning. Hunter and Taz are probably getting antsy but Hunter's promised no attacks, which we all know is exceedingly good of him."

 Devon looked at Josh. "As per an earlier request, the hot tub is warmed up and ready to go for you Josh. Those deep dives play havoc on your system, as I'm well aware.”

"Ohhh good. I can really use it," he groaned. "What time you want to leave tomorrow Cijay?”

“You guys want to sleep in a bit?” They all nodded, grinning. “Okay how about oh… say… 0700?” she snickered as the group around the table groaned. “All right 0900  hours then. No doubt you’re expecting me to make breakfast too?” They nodded and their hands went together in supplication. Cijay laughed. “You’re getting spoilt. Honestly, I don't know what to do with the lot of you."

"Come on, Cij. Let them have some time to relax, you don't get to do that all that often either," said Josh, chuckling. "If you don't I can order it."

"Uh huh. This coming from you is suspect Joshua Gray. I'm starting to see why Granddad is so ticked with you. From day one, you've gone against him. You let mom be born first, blowing his great plans for you out of the water. And don't give me that 'ladies first' bit. In school, you always were in the lower half of the class. What did you get, three 'O' levels? You go to West Point, and he gets mad at you. But that's not enough, noooo. You go WAAF; he's almost ready to shoot you. You get to a higher rank than him, even if it isn't Navy, he goes ballistic, and then you get me involved in your schemes and he disowns you. This was all your evil plan, I take it?" Cijay questioned sarcastically.

"Princess, if I did everything Dad asked of me, I'd have gone insane years ago," Josh chuckled. "I'm like you, I didn't want to have my life laid out on a platter for me. I just fought him the only way I could, and I didn't want you to have to go through the same thing."

"Riiight," Cijay retorted. "You have my undying gratitude then."







On Cloudbase, Colonel White was looking out the observation tubes into the darkness. What Frazier had mentioned bothered him. What reason did the Mysterons have in destroying the sub when they had been after the power station, or was it just the best weapon to use there? Granted it seemed as though they had beaten them, but he knew they hadn’t. This time the Mysterons had won out. It wasn’t good.

The report from the SP’s of their sighting of Captain Black hadn’t been favorable either. Once again, he had slipped through their security and gotten away. Somewhere there was still someone that could cause trouble and they had no way to locate him.

One good thing had occurred however, Cijay’s ‘talent’ had helped apprehend the people behind the placing of the explosive, and she’d shown a new facet of it with being able to identify Mysteron agents. Captain Scarlet had been a bit shaken to see the agent having a different form, but he and Dr. Fawn had discussed what she had seen with her. He himself had even spoken with her about this development.

Much as he didn’t like the idea, he thought he should have a chat with Admiral Lex Kristatos. Being part of the committee that looked at applicants and other possible candidates for Spectrum, she might be able to find out if Cijay was on the list there and being considered. He wanted Cijay's skills now and there she could help him. With Cijay being able to see Mysterons in a detectable form was an advantage they needed. Being able to see their agents in an altered form as well, made the 'talents' she possessed even more vital.

He considered asking Captain Scarlet or Terry to have a chat with her about submitting an application as well. He didn’t want those skills to go to waste. He had to get Cijay away from the Berets, and before she was seriously hurt.


*With Kinza being K-9 trained and being an elkhound, I thought it best if a specific command would be used to set her in motion. The term ‘Wapiti’ is a native Canadian term for elk.








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