Team Spirit 

 A "Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons" Short Story

by Sue Stanhope




Cloudbase 2067


Captain Magenta sighed and rubbed his eyes. "Do you think we could stick to the point?"

Captain Ochre leaned back in his chair and frowned deeply at the man sat opposite him; pausing for a moment before leaping to his feet.

"We have NOTHING in common!" yelled Ochre standing threateningly over the Irishman.

"Is that so?" Magenta stood in the room allowed to him without physically shoving Ochre backwards.

"Yeah, thatís so!" Ochre growled in reply, his face only inches from Magentaís.

"Well, for one, youíve burnt your bridges Fraser and so have I! Youíre supposed to be dead and Iím as good as dead if the Syndicate ever find out where I am. And seeing as you mention it, it may surprise you to know that Iím not exactly thrilled about being paired up with a man whose idea of sophistication is to not drink the ketchup straight from the bottle!"

Ochre bristled at the insult. "So, go back to the Syndicate! Iíll look forward to busting your butt. Putting you behind bars is just a matter of time, Donaghue. Be it in the Syndicate or here, it makes no difference to me."

"You couldnít get me if your life depended on it!" Magenta snapped taking a small step forward so that the pair were almost nose-to-nose.

Ochre sneered and shook his head. Stepping away, he rounded the table and with his weight on his left hand as he leaned over, he tapped his right temple a couple of times as he continued:

"You havenít got it yet, have you? The Selection Committee only approached you because it was the only way they could keep you under constant surveillance." Ochre laughed harshly. "What an ingenious way to get New Yorkís crime scene back under control! You were smart Donaghue, Iíll give you that and maybe we couldnít get you, but what better way to get you out of the picture than to put you right in the middle of an army of military police?"

Magenta stared silently, unblinking. The idea hadnít occurred to him. He had taken the opportunity at face value, was it really just a sham? Was Ochre assigned to him just to keep him under control?

"And the best part? You fell for it! They offered you a pardon and you took it!" Ochre shook his head mockingly and approached Magenta once more, jabbing a finger into his chest. "They had nothing on you. NOTHING! You had no reason to accept, but by accepting you admitted your guilt. Theyíve got you, whichever way you turn now, theyíve got you."

Magenta reached up angrily and gripped Ochreís wrist, pushing his hand away far enough away to stop the jabbing, all the while glaring furiously.

"Nobody gets me, not before, not now, not ever and DEFINITELY not YOU!"

"No? Well, Iíve got you now havenít I? Who better to keep an eye on you than me?"

"Oh believe me, Fraser, if they REALLY wanted someone to watch me, I seriously doubt youíd be their first choice!"

"Oh yeah, and whyís that?"

"How long have you got?" Magenta scoffed. "Do I start or finish with the fact that you-just-told-me?" he added emphasising the last four words in staccato fashion.

Ochre pulled his hand out of Magentaís grasp and smirked. "So what? What can you do about it now? Youíre stuck here, under very close surveillance. Donít think you can get up to your tricks with me around, watching you."

"When are you going to get it through your thick skull that I have no tricks any more. I accepted the pardon, the guilt, if you like, because I wanted it behind me. A fresh start, to do something worthwhile. But, have YOU got it yet, Fraser? Iím working with you. Youíre not watching me; youíre stuck with me! Iím your worst nightmare. Iím going to make your life a living Hell and, believe me, Iíll do itÖ just inside the regulations." Magenta drew himself up to his full height and looked Ochre squarely in the eyes. "You better figure out how to work with me, because otherwise the only place Iím going, is under your skin. Got THAT?"




Beyond the drill room, two men watched the heated exchange on a monitor.

"Still think I made the wrong choice putting them together, Conrad?"

The younger man laughed quietly and nodded his approval.

"No, Charles, I think theyíre going to make a fine team."





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