A "Lieutenant Lake" story

by Scarlet Lady



Captain Scarlet sighed as he entered the Promenade Deck and took in the peaceful scene. He was tired after a long mission, and just wanted to relax before he returned to his quarters for bed. He stopped suddenly, hearing music.

Lieutenant Lake was quietly strumming her guitar, as she stared through the big bay windows at the sky, pink-tainted with dusk. He sighed, recognising her expression – she was thinking of home again. Quietly, she started to sing her own version of ‘Driving the Last Spike’, an old Genesis song he vaguely recognised, owing to the fact that it was often played on the base.


“Leaving my family behind me,

Knowing to them I was dead,

Whispering goodbye as I left them in tears,

Remembering all we’d said.

I looked to the sky, I offered my prayers,

I asked Him for guidance and strength.

But the simple mistake of another man

Lay in His hands and on my head.

My head…”


Lake was silent for a moment, just strumming as she brought her emotions back under control in order to continue her song in tune.


“I gave everything that they wanted.

Still they wanted more.

I did all I could, but good men lost their lives

I don’t think they knew what for.

I gave them my heart,

I gave them my soul,

I lost everything I had…

But they couldn’t break my spirit – my dignity fought back.

Fight back.”


She let her voice soften, still strumming the guitar. She was almost in a trance as she whispered to the red sky before her. “You can take all that I have, but I’ll still be here. You can knock me down, but I’ll still fight you. You took me from my family, but they’re still with me. You won't stop me.”


Scarlet stared at the small girl, seated with her back to him. Usually, she got on his nerves – she always seemed to be moping, thinking of her past and not moving on… Yet, in that moment, he respected her more than he did most people. He went to her and put a hand on her shoulder.


“Well said, Lieutenant. They won’t stop me, either.”


Lake turned and stared up at him, her eyes brimming with unshed tears. “S-sometimes, I hear or see something, and I think of them and… and I want to show them… or tell them…”


The Captain nodded, sympathetically, suddenly wondering how he’d feel if he lost one of his loved ones – or all of them together, like she had – he wondered how strong he’d be.


“I miss them so, so much…” the girl whispered, strumming the guitar as if expecting the instrument to make everything alright. She tightened her jaw, suddenly becoming angry. “But when I miss them, I remember why they aren’t here and promise myself to never give up fighting the Mysterons.”


Scarlet smiled and put an arm round her, hugging her in the way that a father might in an attempt to soothe her. “Brave girl. Don’t worry, we’re all here to stand by you – Spectrum never backs down in a fight.”


The Lieutenant smiled, allowing her tears to roll down her cheeks. Somehow, she felt more like a part of Spectrum than she ever had before.









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