Original series Suitable for all readersAction-oriented/low level of violence



A “Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons” story

By Devon ‘Ricco’ Ricks


This story is a  loose parallel to 'The Toughest Uniform to Fill'.  It shows more of Cijay and those around her with an odd situation.







Captain Scarlet looked at Captain Black in surprise. The latter turned around and hit the red clad Captain, sending him to the ground several times, Scarlet attempting to resume their confrontation, rising to continue the fight. Black finally was forced to jump him, their fight continuing on the ground as they pounded on each other viciously. Black slugged him in the face and Scarlet went limp. Captain Black got to his feet, breathing heavily, and looked down at the unconscious Spectrum officer, while he got his breath back. Black straightened and drawing his weapon, shot him. The unconscious body shuddered at the impact. Two lights played across Scarlet’s body and another Scarlet stood beside Captain Black  The renegade Black took aim on the replica Scarlet beside him and fired on him as well. The second Scarlet dropped to the floor. With that, Captain Black's Mysteron masters pulled him out, just as Captain Blue reached the door. He was brought up short, and gasped. His cap mike swung down into position.


“Colonel White, Scarlets been injured again, but there’s a problem this time,” said Captain Blue.

What kind of problem?” asked Colonel White.

“They duplicated him again,” Captain Blue informed his superior. "And sir, both of them are injured, laying side by side. I can't tell them apart."

“I’m sending extra security,” responded Colonel White.

"SIG," Captain Blue acknowledged.


Captain Blue, to be safe, tied both Scarlets up and waited for the medical copter. Neither man seemed to be waking up. Finally the copter arrived with a medical team as well as a security team. They entered and several of the medical team blanched when they saw not one, but two Captain Scarlets. Both were secured to stretchers and loaded into the copter. The return to Cloudbase had everyone very antsy, wondering which was the real one.


The copter landed and was lowered to the loading bay near Sickbay, and the wounded were moved to high security rooms. Instead of nurses taking care of the newly arrived patients, Security officers placed them in sleeping garments and took anything that could be used as a weapon from the room, leaving both rooms with nothing. Dr. Fawn looked at both unconscious captains and frowned. Colonel White entered  the room and Dr. Fawn looked at him.


“This is not going to be an easy task,” Dr. Fawn remarked.

“I’m aware of that. There must be some way we can tell them apart,” replied Colonel White.

“I’ll do what I can Colonel. I'm certain we can figure this out,” said Dr. Fawn.




Three days later, Creek Ridge, North of London


“What, do you call that?” asked Terry Metcalfe, staring at the gargantuan cup that was placed nearby him as his stepdaughter joined him in the den.

I… call it a cup of coffee. I don’t know what you call it,” Cijay Westlake chuckled,  replied as she sat down.

 “That looks more like a pot in itself. No wonder you’re always keyed up,” he said to his daughter.

“Dad, this works for me,”  the female major across from him replied, taking a sip from the cup. “I have one cup and that’s it. I don’t need any more than that.”

“I expect not. How much does it take to fill it?” Terry grinned.

“Not sure. I never tried to measure how much I pour into it,” she laughed.


As they spoke Brighton Stewart, the Earl of Warbrook's, chief aide, knocked on the door and entered the room.


“Major?” both turned to look at him. “Sorry. Terry, there’s a problem. The Colonel is on the phone for you.”

“I’ll take it here”, Terry replied, and reached across the desk  for the phone. Brighton nodded and left the room. “Metcalfe here.”

Major, we need you to return to Cloudbase, immediately”, came Colonel White’s voice.

“May I ask why sir?” he inquired.

You’ll see when you get here.”

“I’ll leave right away.” He hung up the receiver and looked at Cijay.


Just as Cijay lifted the cup to her lips, her COM band chirped.


“Go,” she said, activating it.

Skip, we have to make a rush flight. We’re inbound. Small squad run.”

“Okay, I’ll be ready”, she said.


Both looked at the other.


“Gotta go Dad. I’ll try and get back, if this doesn’t last too long”, she sighed.

“I hope so. This was supposed to be a family get together,” he groused.

“You know how hard that is to accomplish for any of us these days”, she chuckled, grabbing the jacket off the back of the chair and pulling it on. Her father only nodded.


She headed outside and saw a large sleek jet in approach over the private runway. As it landed, she wondered what kind of assignment they had drawn. It couldn't be too serious or they would be using the herc.


Devil, wait up!” someone shouted behind her. Turning, she saw her twin and grinned.

“What?” she asked.

“I’m coming too. If there isn’t going to be anyone around, I’m not going to sit and twiddle my thumbs,” said Angel Westlake.

“Okay, okay, but I'm having you guarded. I don’t need you getting into trouble or Dad will shoot me,” Cijay replied.


The jet drew near and both sisters could see the Phoenix with the shooting star on the tail for Firestar. It stopped and the hatch swung open, two of the team, Guppy and Spook looked down and reached for them. They were helped into the bird, the hatch was sealed, and the craft was quickly maneuvering to take off again. Cijay went forward, and Angel sat down beside Guppy. He patted her hand and grinned.

Cijay sat in the copilot’s seat and looked at her TWIC, who was piloting the jet.


“Okay, what’s going on?” she asked.

“Control called us an hour ago. We’re heading to the ‘Loft’ for some reason,” said Major Chris Linnager.

She looked at him in surprise. “I guess I should have offered my Dad a lift if I’d have known. He was called back as well.”

“Yeah, well Control was a bit put out over this. Apparently we have been especially ‘summoned’. No idea why,” replied Chris.


The flight went quietly and Cijay switched with Chris and took the helm.

“Chris, activate the radar blocking unit. I want to test it, ” she grinned.

“You got it Skip,” he chuckled, reaching up and flipping several switches. "System on line. Everything's  reading… green," he told her, examining the unit.

"All right, let’s see what happens. Get ready to squawk though, just in case."

"All set," Chris remarked, his hand at the radio controls.


The jet encountered Rainbow airspace and slipped past the ever vigilant watchers of Cloudbase, the Angels. Chris relayed their positions and the jet wove, and dipped slightly on its inbound course, so far, completely undetected. They drew closer to the massive hovering carrier that had appeared ahead and Cijay positioned  the jet right above the Spectrafan.


“Cloudbase, this is Phoenix One, requesting permission to land,” she said.

Phoenix you have permission to land,” came a choked voice.

Cijay set the jet down smoothly and Chris chuckled. "I think it passes the test don't you? Do we get to keep the prototype?"

"I wish," Cijay grinned while she flipped switches, the jet being grappled by the undercarriage to secure it in place while it was being lowered into the hanger below. "Well at least it's only for the military. God only knows what civilian applications it would hinder. Spectrum’s gonna love this for their birds."

The jet was lowered into the hanger section and security guards came out to the jet and boarded it to secure it. Cijay watched them as they checked the jet over,  proceeding to frisk the passengers as well.


Devil, I’m starting to think I shouldn’t have come,” groused Angel.

“Angel, give it up. This is normal,” Cijay replied. "You should be used to it at any rate, you and the admiral go through this all the time."

“Come with us please,” said one security man.


Everybody disembarked from the jet and followed him to the tower and into a conference room. They all sat down and waited for their ‘host’ to arrive. As he entered, the members of Firestar that were present shot to their feet. Colonel White nodded and looked the group over.


“At ease”, he replied, and everyone resumed their seats.


He sat down behind the table there and looked at Cijay, an eyebrow raising when he saw Angel nearby.


“An extra passenger I see,” he commented, looking at Cijay. "We'll discuss that radar blocker later, Commander."

"Sir," Cijay remarked, nodding.


Angel could only shrug.


“Alright Colonel, you called Beret Control, I assume and asked for us. We’re here. What is going on?” she asked.

“Actually, I called for the team that was in Melbourne earlier this year, the ones involved with a ‘deserted’ warehouse”, he replied. “It might be a good thing that Angel came along with you as well. She can help sort this out.”

“We’re all ears,” Cijay remarked.

"Come with me for a moment and I'll explain. It's you I needed to discuss this with at any rate. Gentlemen, Angel, you can relax for a while. We won't be long," said the Colonel. They left the room and entering a large clear tube, walked down to Command. The Colonel sat behind his desk and motioned that Cijay be seated on a chair that was now rising from the floor.

“At the warehouse, you had dealings with Mysterons, one of your own men being replaced by them. We have another kind of problem, touching on that ‘replacement’. One of our men was ‘replicated’ by them and he is now here. So is the original man. He’s still alive. We can’t tell the difference. You seemed to be able to detect some kind of a difference there, Commander. I’d like you to try and discern, who the real one is for us,” Colonel White said.

“Who’s your man?” she asked.

“Captain Scarlet,” he told her. Cijay looked at him, and nodded.

“Let’s get a gander at him then,” she replied. She was worried now. What had been done to her cousin?

"We can rejoin the others and go from there. Angel being a doctor might be able to help.  I noticed you have yours along as well," the Colonel remarked.

"It's normal for small team ops to have him with us," Cijay explained.


The Colonel and Cijay headed back to the conference room and had just arrived back when Terry entered the room. All eyes swung to look at him. He returned their gaze and imperceptibly flinched when he saw both his daughters there.


“Major, We're heading to Sickbay”, Colonel White instructed.

"SIG," remarked the Cloudbase security chief.

“Richards, keep close to Angel would you, just in case,” Cijay said quietly to the Aussie.

“Gotcha Skip”, came his reply. He grinned at his charge. Hello, Winged One, he thought to himself.

She looked at him and winked.


They followed Terry to Sickbay and when they reached it, were surprised to see several more guards surrounding the high security containment area. Looking through the windows, Cijay saw two identical men, looking back at her and her group. One grinned slightly. Dr. Fawn came over to the newly arrived group. Cijay shook her head in dismay. Angel looked on in surprise at their cousin, looking at one and then other.


"Oh my god…" Angel groaned.

“Well, Commander, what do you think of our dilemma?” Fawn asked.

“Impressive to say the least. I suppose you’ve examined them over from top to tails?” she asked.

“Most assuredly and they match up, perfectly,” said Dr. Fawn.

“Angel, care to have some fun?” she asked her twin.

“Depends on what you have in mind?” she replied, looking at her sister, then at the two men locked up. Paul… a twin now. How was something like that possible? “Dr. Fawn, Angel here is a qualified physician and she likes a challenge. It comes with her naval background, I'm afraid. Now seeing as one of those two is really family to us, I’d like her to have a go at physical exams. Something else,” Cijay said.

“What?” Fawn inquired.

“If there’s any other tests you’d like to run, now might be the perfect time”, she grinned, causing Angel to snicker.


Both Captains looked back at her and lips pursed. Neither one seemed impressed by the suggestion.


“Skip, you’re mean,” chuckled the Aussie accented voice.

“I’m not that mean, Dev,” she said, looking back at him, then turned back to face both men. “Chas, you can help her.”

“Okay Skip”, came the reply from the team doctor.


Cijay watched as her sister went in and began taking blood samples to compare. She looked at the two men who had her cousin’s face and sighed. She could see no real difference right away. She decided to have a question and answer session with them as well and see what they could come up with.


“Commander, we need to talk about something,” said Dr. Fawn.

“Of course. What?” she asked.

“Come to my office for a few minutes”, he said.


They walked down a hall to his office and entered it. Fawn closed the door and she sat down across from him.


“Tell me what you saw after your man was killed in Melbourne,” Fawn inquired.

“It’s rather hard to describe. It looked like a pile of ‘goop’, black and evil. It made me rather nauseous. That guy in the black uniform looked like a cloud was surrounding him, almost like there was nothing real there. Why?” she asked.

“I want to make sure we get the right man back. I’d like you to see something,” said Fawn.


He showed her a tape showing the dead body of her cousin, after his return to Cloudbase. Cijay looked back out at the two men, one really being family to her, the other, she didn't know what.

"One of Paul's tricks gone wrong?" she asked.

"No. He  was dead," said Dr. Fawn.

"Was?" she was confused now. She looked at the doctor and then turned when the door opened behind her. The Colonel had joined them.

"I know this is confusing Cijay. It's very hard for us as well. Doctor, please explain. Commander this is strictly need to know. Do you understand?" Stated Colonel White.

"Aye sir," she responded.


Dr. Fawn proceeded to explain the situation as it has occurred, how the Mysterons had taken him and another officer, now dead, over and had used them. The kidnapping and subsequent rescue of the World President at the Car-Vu. How another Captain had had to shoot Scarlet and his fall to what everyone had assumed his death, and the amazing recovery on Cloudbase later. Dr. Fawn explained about his healing ability sketchily, giving her enough to know how it functioned for him to recover from wounds. Cijay looked back out at the two, amazed that he could appear without a scratch in mere hours. She wondered how he felt over it, but knowing him as she did, it would be duty first. She turned back to Dr. Fawn and Colonel White.


"You know how far fetched that sounds I gather?" she remarked. She was still startled over the information.

"Needless to say, though, it’s fact," said Dr. Fawn.

"Commander, we still have this problem. Can you help us with it or not?" Colonel white questioned.

"Let me see that tape again," she suggested. Cijay viewed the tape intently once more and finally nodded slowly. She looked at Colonel White. “There is a way,” she replied.

 “He displays some kind of difference?”

“He does. If you still want to make some tests, it is a good time,” she grinned.


They returned to the high security area and Cijay looked at the two Scarlets again. Angel stared at her sister, questioning, then suddenly started snickering. The doctor from Firestar also snickered. Dr. Fawn looked at Cijay.


“Yes Doctor?” she asked.

“You have a mental link to your twin?” he asked.

“Most twins do, whether it becomes strong or not depends on if it’s used and we have used ours quite extensively. I can ‘talk’ to several of my team, they themselves also being a bit sensitive,” she replied quietly. “I’ve used it with a few others as well.”

“Who else?” inquired Dr. Fawn.

“Oh, mostly family, my brothers, another set of twins, my cousin, and my fiancé,” she told him. “My godfather as well, but that was a long time ago.” Colonel White raised an eyebrow at the statement.

“Interesting,” Dr. Fawn commented. “Who is your fiancé?”


They both heard the door to the Sickbay opened and close; Cijay turned to face someone. “Him.”

Dr. Fawn looked at the new arrival. He stood just inside the door, grinning at her. She grinned back and raised an eyebrow. Captain Ochre smiled happily. He nodded.


“You’re talking with him?” Fawn looked back and forth between the two.

“More like yelling, Doc. She’s mad I shave now,” Captain Ochre said, humor in his voice.

“How far away do you need to be to have contact with him?” asked Dr. Fawn, curious now.

“I’m not certain. We never tried that,” Cijay said. “When he ‘died’ I got an impression of him here if you recall.”

Dr. Fawn nodded.


She looked back at the Captains. Angel came out and stood beside her, both of them talking, nothing being heard though. Abruptly one captain jumped in surprise. He looked at the two conversing and frowned. They both snickered, Cijay looking at him. The other captain jerked spasmodically and glared at them.


“Well, looks like we can’t use that method. They both feel it,” Cijay commented.

“Yes, but which one doesn’t mind it, is what has me curious,” Angel said.

"You would think that way Ang. Honestly!" Cijay carped.

“What were they feeling?” asked Dr. Fawn.

“They were getting a bit hot under the collar,” Angel snickered.



Cijay looked at Angel and grinned suddenly. She removed weaponry from all over her person, entered the one room and sat talking with one of the Captains. Dr. Fawn watched and suddenly the Captain she was speaking to grinned and chuckled over something. She nodded and left the room, going to talk with the other one. She ran her hand over the edge of a table there and spoke with him quietly; this one only nodded and kept an impassive face. She exited the room and rejoined them.


“Well?” asked Angel.

“The day he admits to that, I’ll certify him nuts myself,” she chuckled. “We’re talking stiff assed Brit here, remember?”

“Admit to what?”

“Painting a goat.”

“A goat?”

“Doctor, he’s got a few things that would be embarrassing to the General if they became known,” she grinned. “Ang, should I hit him with that low blow?”

“Oh go for it. I want to see one of them blush. It might even be the real one.”


Cijay went back into the room she had left and spoke to the Captain there. He developed a very slight smile and only nodded. Going into the next room, the second captain smiled broadly and appeared to make a pass at her. She came back to the group.


“Well?” inquired Angel.

"I don't know. We’ll have to do this the hard way I think. Doctor Fawn, we need to talk," she sighed.

The two of them walked to his office. He looked at her expectantly. "Is there someplace where I can shoot them?”

 “Shoot them?!” he questioned.

“Certainly. What I observed, might only be visible when he’s been injured,” she commented.

 “Let me check with the Colonel,” Dr. Fawn went back to where the Colonel stood and they conferred momentarily, then both joined her in the office.

"You think this is necessary?" the Colonel asked.

 “It might be the only way,” Cijay replied.

Dr. Fawn nodded. “The Colonel has suggested the gym. How accurate can you be?”

“I'm fairly accurate," Cijay asked, looking amused. "Where do you want them shot?”

“Someplace that won’t make a huge mess,” said Dr. Fawn.

“Okay,” she replied simply, replacing her ‘arsenal’ back onto her person. "No head shots." Dr. Fawn stared at her.


The security team assigned escorted the two Captains to the gym, Cijay behind them. Cijay waited, eyes downcast while a covering was paced on the floor to contain any blood spilled while both men stood in front of her, waiting. The guards positioned them on the covering and stood back.. She sighed, then started to stare at them both. Her face didn’t change and she pulled out a shinzu from a hidden holster on her back. Both men were looking back at her calmly.


“This is hard for me, Paul. I don’t want to do this, I think you know that, but if it helps figure out which one you are, I’ve got to do it. Don’t be too angry with me?” she said, looking at them.


Neither one made any movement. She fired at the first one, then quickly shot the second one. Both fell to the floor with wounds serious enough to render them unconscious, but not bad enough to kill.  She put her gun away, and then knelt watching them. She didn’t move for several minutes, looking at or for something unseen to the doctor, then pointed. “Him.”

Dr. Fawn looked at her and then had his medical team pick up the fallen Captain.


“You might want to use this one for research Dr. Fawn,” Cijay said quietly, pointing at the remaining body.

“Get rid of it," remarked the Colonel. “I don’t think we need a twin of him wandering around. One's bad enough.”


Security came and took the body and hustled it off. Cijay, and Dr. Fawn returned to Sickbay and looked in on a now conscious Captain Scarlet. He grinned.


“That was not nice,” he complained, seeing her enter.

“Sorry, but shooting you was the only way I could find out for certain. How long will it take for that to mend up?” Cijay asked. She moved over to him and gave him a hug. He returned the hug, single armed, his other arm in a sling for the moment.

“Long enough. How did you know?” he asked.

“Dr. Fawn showed me the tape of you after Captain Blue shot you at the Car-Vu. I could see a ‘halo’ if you want to call it that. When it shows, there’s another feature to it though. It’s like a shell around you. The other one didn’t have that, although he does certainly have the glow around him,” she explained. “Dr. Fawn didn’t explain what happened to bring it about though, just gave me the clue to getting rid of the counterfeit.”

“I’m glad he did. Thanks Brat,” he said, smiling.

“Oh God, he’s smiling! Look out,” Angel chuckled, teasing from the doorway.

“Angel, shut up,” said Scarlet, he growled at her playfully.

“Make me,” she retorted.

“Cousins!” he remarked, exasperatedly, then chuckled.

“Twin sister? Hmm, Charlie, what else do I need to know?” came a quiet voice behind them. Scarlet looked to see Ochre in the doorway looking at Angel.

“We’ll have to discuss that, unless the Colonel could surrender you for say a week,” Cijay said, grinning.

“Explain this to me Cijay,” said Scarlet looking at her.

“What? I only gave him a touch to tell him I was here," she said.

“That was more than a little touch Charlie,” Ochre commented. "I have a headache because of it."

“Okay”, she chuckled. “So maybe my control isn't perfect yet.”

“Riight," Scarlet chuckled.

“Commander, you and I need to talk,” came a crisp voice from the doorway. Cijay spun to see Colonel White.


“Captain, I'm glad we have you back among us. How are you feeling?" Colonel White inquired.

"I'm fine, sir. I should be up and around in no time," said Scarlet to his commanding officer.

"Commander, Come along”, he insisted. He led Cijay back to Fawn's office once more. They entered Dr. Fawn’s office and  the Colonel closed the door after she entered. “So what do we do with you? I appreciate the fact that you gave me back my best man, I hope you realize that.”

“Do with me?” she asked.

“Yes. Do with you. I don’t want a repeat of this scenario again and you’re the best one to be able to help me in this regard,” he replied.

“Anyone could tell Colonel,” she remarked.

“No, not anyone. Your twin, maybe. You, certainly. Who else?”

“Maybe one or two of my team, I’d have to ask,” she replied.

“Alright”,  he looked at her and sighed. “What else can you do these days that I’m not aware of?”

“Um… well... you really want to know?” she asked.

“I do, yes. Out with it,” he told her.

Her brows furrowed and she sighed. “Well, I suppose you know I can shoot well. I can help it along a bit. I could pop into your head and look out of your eyes if need be.  I can make you physically ‘feel’ my touch, and yet not touch you. I still get my premonitions. They’re stronger so I have a better chance of giving a warning now,” she said, looking down at the floor. " Then of course there's my basic skills as a beret, but you're aware of all that."

“I see. Anything else I should know about?” he inquired.

She sighed. "No, but I do have some things I'm working on. We just found out about them recently."

"Alright. I'll expect to hear about them later, you know," the Colonel commented.

"You will,  I assure you," she said looking at him.

"Question. Why didn’t you ever mention it to anyone?”

She laughed cynically. “What kind of response do you think I’d get if I did? It’s odd enough I can do it. Add to it I didn't know how it could be useful, until now,” she remarked.

“Quite true. I want you to consider this request for now. Come here. Join us. We can use you and you know it. I can use you. As a beret, your life is in greater jeopardy and I don’t want anything to happen to you. Don’t think it’s because I’m trying to protect my godchild either. I know what you’re capable of doing, I’ve been watching you for a while, although I don’t think a certain person realized why. Scarlet told me about you being at that warehouse debacle. It bothered him. I believe it also had Captain Ochre concerned as well. I was informed you had something to do with it, through other channels of course, but was not told in what capacity. That voice synthesizer certainly threw us off, and the clothing concealing certain features helped as well.”

She looked at him, her face holding an expression of a guilty child. “I felt I had to. We had enough flack when it was learned a female was in the ‘Blacks’. To be Flight Commander would have really made it a problem,” she commented.

“How long have you been with them?”

“Since about September of 66. Polar Ice considered me suitably vicious.”

“Pendergast would only tap you if you were, Cijay. I take it you were angry over Commander Fraser disappearing?”

“Of course. We get engaged and he disappears a week later, right as I’m arranging a transfer,” she replied. “Knowing he was out there somewhere was the worst part of it.”

“I see. When did Firestar come into it?”

“When Firestar lost their previous flight commander, Rev. I was their top choice. There was no short list or anything, just the notification of a tap order,” she explained.

“And you’ve taken care of them very well. No deaths. Skimmers death wasn’t your fault by the way. It was mine. I wasn’t aware that Captain Black would show up.”

“You had us sent in?” she asked, incredulous.

“Yes. I wanted to see if you could take on an odd situation. You performed admirably,” he commented.

“Have I been your ‘performing rat’ for a long time Colonel?” she asked, eyes blazing.

“No, not really. I wanted to see what I was going to get,” he replied, coolly. “The Committee has been looking you over as well. That also includes Firestar. I like to know if I’m going to get my money’s worth from my people.”

“Do you ‘test’ everyone?”

He smiled. “Of course I run tests on everyone. That included your cousin and fiancé too, by the way, so don’t think I’m picking on you specifically. I was also interested to see if you could shoot Captain Scarlet if the need arose.”

“Making sure I could do it, no matter who it might be, I suppose?”

“I have to be certain. Especially these days.”

“Uncle Charles, you are mean,” she said, her voice quiet.

“Cijay, I have to make sure of the people I get before they even step one foot onto this base. You make certain of your own people, don’t you?”

She chuckled slightly and nodded. “Certainly.”

“Then you understand why I’ve done what I have,” he told her. “Will you consider it?”

“I need a bit of time. I do have one request though.”

“You would like to have your fiancé for a while to yourself, I imagine”, Colonel White grinned.

“Of course”, she sighed. “I knew Dad had this placed wired, I just didn’t know to what extent.”

“Well enough. He knows his job. Captain Ochre has a fortnight coming up I believe. Will that do?”

“Might I assume he’s to be my ‘snake’?” she asked.

“Call him what you will. Are you two still intending on marrying?”

“I believe so. He might have different plans though.”

“Somehow I doubt that. Your father had to make a security sweep through all the living quarters last month. He saw a picture of you by the Captain’s computer and informed me of it,” White told her.

“Good”, she sighed.

“His holiday starts in three days. Since I know you and your team were on a vacation as well, I’ll send him to the island, if you want to meet him there.”

“You’re going to make this as hard as you can, aren’t you?”

“Hard for who? Josh is going to be the one howling for my head in the same time period. I have no doubt he’ll try and convince you to stay there, but he will be more angered when Firestar becomes tapped don’t you think?”

“That’s blackmail. Firestar for me? Come on,” she groaned.

“Cijay, Firestar has been one of the top teams for several years, even before you came along. We’ve been tapping them constantly. Consider them the proving ground. The same applies with the Red berets as well as any branch we tap from. Spectrum has to have the best.”

“So I qualify too, do I?” she asked.

“Only if you want to. I always hoped, but I didn’t dare want to pressure you. I never wanted you to feel obligated, or have anyone yelling nepotism. The first indication I got, was you overcoming your mal de mer,” he chuckled.

“Just what have you been doing, watching my every move? That got straightened up just last month!”

“Near enough. You’re my godchild, the closest I’ll ever have to a family of my own. I wanted to see how you would turn out,” he grinned.

“I suppose that means you’re suitably impressed,” she stated, smiling.

"If you transferred to the Navy, I would be," he told her.

“With all due respect sir, no thanks. Lex and Angel can handle that area,” she replied.

He grinned. “Fair enough. How does Angel’s godfather feel about her being Navy?”

“Same as you feel about me being WAAF,” she chuckled.

“That bad, eh?”

“That’s about it,” she replied, grinning.

“So will you consider it?”

“Yes,” she replied.

“Good. Let’s go see how your cousin is doing,” he replied standing and giving her a hug. She looked at his uniform.

“Do they have left handed holsters?” she asked.

“Not yet,” he replied. “It wouldn’t take too much to adapt. You could shoot right-handed however.” She looked at him. “I told you I’ve been watching. I know you can shoot quite accurately with either hand. You’ll probably be the only ambidextrous marksman we have. And it could be a big help if your one arm is injured.”


They left the office and returned to see Dr. Fawn examining Captain Scarlet.


"You know that is totally unnerving. I know the wound I gave you wasn't a bad one, but it should take at least a week to heal," Cijay commented.


Scarlet grinned and looked at the Colonel.


"Colonel, I'd like to talk with the duplicate," Cijay stated suddenly. "There's something I want to find out."


The Colonel nodded approval.






They left Sickbay and after a short walk, entered the security section. One of the security team led them to where the Mysteron lay on a bunk now. He opened his eyes as he heard them approach and watched as Cijay removed her weaponry. Colonel White motioned the guard to let her in and she entered to sit on a chair just a bit out of reach of him. He looked at her and said something. She only looked at him and nodded, then the two began talking in earnest. Whatever they were discussing, she seemed to take the answers in stride and nodded several times. A sudden move on her part and she broke the Mysterons neck. Colonel White flinched and stood watching her. He wasn't ready, however, for the effect that happened next. From where he stood, he could see a dim glow, around the body of the Mysteron agent.


"What the?"


It winked out after a moment and she walked over to the door of the cell , was released,  and moved to stand before him.


That’s what you see?”

“Yes,” she replied.

“Jason is right. You are suitably vicious,” commented Colonel White.

“I’m a beret. We’re supposed to be vicious.” She looked at him through worried eyes.

“What did he say?”

“He asked if he’d been found out. You saw my answer.”

“It bothers you, doesn’t it?”

“Certainly. He looks exactly like Paul. Voice, manners, everything. Of course this one’s inner thoughts are more American thinking than British, so his mind set is a bit looser. It's like seeing a younger version of him, prior to when he went to the Point. They went a bit overboard in duplicating him. They wanted him to fit in badly.”

“I’m glad Scarlet is as strict in his thinking as he is, or we would have killed the wrong one,” said Colonel White.

“I’m just glad the General didn’t see this guy. We would have had some very rough times.”


So we would be duped by the phony easier. When we were younger, Paul always had a fun streak to him, and this guy is stuck in that mode. This is like looking at a younger Paul, more like when he was just entering West Point. The pranks and outrageous things he would do for the heck of it. When he started up the ladder in the WAAF he lost some of that, or buried it deeply, I don’t know which. The General would have liked this version,” she commented.

“Not if he was supposed to harm someone down the road,” said Colonel White.

“How about harm Spectrum. That’s what I as able to pick up. In a way, it worked,” she said.

“How do you figure that?”

“How many people saw both of them brought in? There are going to be those that might have a bit of a mistrust of him, and me as well, I think. It’s rested on my shoulders if he’s the right one or not,” she sighed. “You better take that into consideration about me joining. If anything goes wrong for him, I’ll be one to feel the displeasure of everyone here.”

“Sometimes the toughest choices are for the best of everyone,” her godfather told her.

“I know. I’ve had to make some others as well. This has been the toughest to date. Do me one favor?”


“If they ever try and get me, make sure neither myself nor my ‘replacement’ are allowed to survive.”

“Would they do that?”

“I don’t know. They did it to Paul, what’s to say they won’t try it on someone else,” she said, as they walked down a corridor.

“I don’t know if I can do that,” he told her.

“You might have to. You know what I can do. I wouldn’t want to have an ‘evil’ twin running around. Promise me.”

“Cijay… I… ” he started.

“You just said it… tough choices for the good of all. Please,” she said.


He looked at her.


“You’re not getting hints at all are you?”

“No, just making sure. I like to cover all my bases,” she replied. “I got that from you.”

“Alright, I promise. Take note that I do this under duress as well.”

She nodded. “Duly noted. So how do they choose the colors?”


He looked at her.


“Is this an affirmation of your intent?” he asked.

“I still want my Commander for the fortnight, Colonel. Then, I’ll give you my answer”, she grinned.

“Cijay, if he was sent out and didn’t come back, could you handle it?”

“I’d have to, wouldn’t I? I’d just want proof of his demise, is all.”

“Understandable, I stole him once”, he grinned.

“You could have told me,” she groused. "I wasn't exactly 'tickled' when I found out you had him."

“And have something less than believable at the funeral? I think not,” he replied.

 “Covering all your bases, right?.”

“Of course.”


They entered Sickbay and found Angel and the others waiting. Captain Scarlet was gone. Dr. Fawn approached them.

Chas came over to her and handed her an apple. She grinned and started to eat it.


“What’s this about?” asked Colonel White.

“I need to eat a bit after I play around with my ‘talent’. If I don’t, I get a bit peaked. I did pass out once,” she said, after swallowing a bite of the apple.

“I see. All right. I think Dr. Fawn would want to find out how extensive your ‘ability’ is but that will have to wait. I think we’re finished and you’re probably thinking of heading to the island for your ‘working holiday’. How did Josh ever allow it?” asked Colonel White.

“The normal way. He wanted me to take charge of the guys and wanted me to get to know them, find out about them and their skills. I asked for a month and started the ‘working holiday’. We do it every year now and as you can tell, they’re turned out pretty good. Josh got a broken jaw out of it though,” she said sheepishly.

“How many times is that now?” asked Colonel White.

“Eight times. Chas figures if I do it again, he won’t be able to fix it, his jaw is that shattered,” Cijay reported.

“If the circumstance does present itself, don’t think I would accept that behavior from you,” he commented.

“I’m aware of that sir,” she grinned. “You don’t behave much like Colonel Gray however, so I don’t think there will be a problem in that regard.”

“Thank goodness for small miracles?” asked Colonel White.

“Um… yes sir,” she replied, flushing slightly.

“Just what has he done to earn your ire?” asked Dr. Fawn.

“Oh, where to start? I know. You saw Commander Richards I believe." Doctor Fawn nodded." When I met him, he had a full beard and looked exactly like Captain Ochre as he was when he was Detective Commander for the WGPC. Exactly. I’ve since made him keep a mustache so I don’t get unnerved by his appearance. Colonel Josh Gray thought he was taking my mind off personal problems when he brought the Commander around. He got a broken jaw and Commander Richards almost lost his life,” she said grinning.

“You went a bit overboard I take it?” asked Colonel White.

“Sort of. The biggest problem with Richards is his team nick. I had to change it from Ricco, to Guppy after I saw the Commander and we talked. He and the Commander have both shared the same nickname as well,” she groused.

"I can see why you changed it. Do you still refer to the Captain as Ricco?" asked Colonel White.

"Most of the time. You might find if I get angry at him, I call him Fraser," she stated.

"I'll remember that. Now, tell me about the radar blocker. We know it works, obviously," Colonel White remarked.

She looked at the Colonel, then grinned. "Got that right."








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