Original series Suitable for all readersAction-oriented/low level of violence


Captain Scarlet and Sailor Moon: When the Thunder Crashes


By: Ono


NB: I don’t own anything I write in this story only the idea itself, Gerry Anderson is the creator of Captain Scarlet and Naoko Takeuchi is the creator of Sailor Moon, so please don’t sue me.




Chapter 1: The Rift of Time


The Sailor Senshi were in the mist of battle, out in a construction yard, against a monster sent by Esmeraude of the Black Moon, in her attempt to take out the Senshi while she was stealing a great amount of energy. This was to take over key points and destroy the future that would be Crystal Tokyo.

The monster, known as Time-Scale was taking a beating from the great Sailor suited soldiers.

“Give it up you sleaze bag!” Sailor Moon shouted as she dodged another of Time-Scale’s time ball attacks. The attack would instantly slow down time for the person it hit, but the monster had grown weaker, she had already taken too much of a beating as of far.


“I would never give up to you Sailor Senshi, especially you Sailor Moon, you incompetent ditz!”

Sailor Moon pouted, hands on hips, “I resent that remark!”


Sailor Mercury called from a rafter above, “Don’t let her get to you, Sailor Moon, don’t listen to what she says, it’s not true!”

“I thought she was spot on with the incompetent ditz part,” Sailor Mars mumbled behind Mercury.


Time-Scale screamed and threw out numerous time balls, all in a wild flare of her anger, but with this, she kept missing Sailor Moon, who jumped over most of them and not having to bother with some that had flew wide of her.


“Could use some help,” Sailor Moon said, gritting her teeth waiting for another attack.


The other scouts, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus got ready to power up, Time-Scale noticed this and her face dropped, eyes wide with terror.

“Shine Aqua Illusion!”


“Burning Mandala!”


“Sparkling Wide Pressure!”


“Venus Love Me Chain!”


All the attacks connected, throwing back Time-Scale with great force of the powerful energy and light that shot into her body, she lay crumpled up on the floor groaning and trying to get back up with what little strength she had harboured.


“I’ll make sure she’s down and out,” Jupiter said, bursting with great strength.

Mercury raised a hand but was too late to stop her as she leapt down onto the construction ground, in front of Sailor Moon and right next to the nearly floored monster.


“Be careful!” Mercury called to her.


Jupiter stood her ground with sharp eyes as Time-Scale rose onto her knees, and hard eyes fixing onto the green suited Senshi.


“You think you’re tough, Sailor Jupiter,” she gave a shrill laugh. “But if you really think you can take me alone, I’d like to see you try… but not here… No. Not where your friends can help you.”


She laughed firm and shrilly, full of corrupted intentions, Jupiter looked baffled by what the monster was saying but wasn’t going to let herself be shown unnerved in front of her. She was ready to attack.


Time-Scale stood up and held her hands out, cupped over each other, a small ball of light forming between her palms, a huge amount of intensity could be felt from the growing surge that flexed in its expanding state.

“Vortex of time, heed my call, open the great doorways of the calling eras!”


The Senshi looked stunned as Time-Scale threw the ball in front of her and wide portal pulled open, a blinding light flowed from it in waves that coiled around it.


“Oh my… Sailor Moon stop her!” Sailor Venus called out desperately as she watched the ever worsening situation.


“Right!” But before Sailor Moon could counter with her attack, a great strong energy beam wrapped around Jupiter, distracting her, “No! Sailor Jupiter!”


Time-Scale jumped into the Vortex, disappearing while Jupiter struggled to get free, trying to pull away but to no avail, she was being dragged in towards the light.

Sailor Moon ran over to her, leaping forwards to grab her hand, “Hold on, Sailor Jupiter, just hold on!”

Jupiter screamed as she fought to get away but when a hand emerged from the centre of the blinding light, it was no longer in her control to stop herself from being pulled in. The hand gripped onto her and yanked her directly from Sailor Moon’s grip and she was hurled into the streams of light.

Sailor Moon stumbled and fell forward onto the dusty ground.


She and the rest of the Senshi watched on in horror as their friend and fellow soldier was sucked away from them and the vortex closed up and vanished into thin air.


“Sailor Jupiter!” Sailor Moon screamed, choking as sobs soon strangled her voice, merely reducing it to a whisper as tears fell from her eyes, “Makoto…”


The others stood, completely perplexed, the shock relentless against their hearts. They had witness their friend taken from them into the portals of time. Luna stood next to Mercury, watching the group shake with sorrow from what had just occurred, but the black cat kept her feelings locked in the back of her mind, knowing it wasn’t the time or place to let her emotions run wild.

“Come on girl’s, we have to find that energy source of Esmeraude’s!”


They looked at her, still feeling dejected but knowing they had to go on.




Sailor Jupiter was plummeting through the endless streams of time, hearing voices around her calling out, saying things that she couldn’t understand.


“Help me!” She called out; her cry echoed and went unheard.


There were many things she wanted to do right then, but she didn’t have the strength to pull herself away from the free fall into nothing. The fight in her was long gone and she let herself drift, unknowing what would become of her in the moments of her life… if she would live at all!

Then she saw it, a great gyration of mixed colours formed into an open chasm at the bottom in, which she was pulled through with great might.


The first sense of touching ground again was when she smacked down onto tarmac, a great thud to it, she held in the wail of afflicted pain as she realised she was far now from home.
She was no longer in her Sailor Fuku but her school outfit, crinkled across her form as she sat half sprawled on the long roadway.


She didn’t really have time to get use to the surroundings as her sight caught onto a car that was speeding right in front of her, right in her path.


She screamed her loudest, hands to her face, ready for the impact.




Chapter 2: All the Colours


Makoto screamed ready for the pain that would crash against her when the car hit; but then she heard a screech a head of her, and nothing happened.

She slowly took her arms away from her face, looking to see the bumper of the car, only inches from her. She shook from shock. It was too close for comfort.


She took heavy gulps of air, calming her nerves down, knowing she was safe now from actually getting run over.

The doors to the car opened, she let her eyes pan up to see two men climb out of the vehicle, which was painted in a bright red and the design itself was of a style she had never actually seen before, anywhere.


Both men wore the same uniform but they were in different colours, one blue and the other red.

She looked between them, not knowing what to say, but then when she heard a menacing laugh above her head, she was distracted away from them up to see a thick bright silver cloud hover there, the remains of the vortex that had pulled on it’s own new form.

She was frightened, not knowing her situation, watching on to see what it was doing.
The cloud zoomed down, flowing around her; she covered her face, but not for long as it lifted away from her and shot up into the skies, disappearing from sight.

She let out a gasp and rubbed away sweat that rested upon her brow, she turned her attention back to the men, who had been watching the cloud too and had now their firm focus on Makoto. There was a short pause, before finally, one of the men broke the silence.


“You know, sitting in the road is going to get you killed, miss,” the blue uniformed Captain said.
Makoto began to gingerly stand up, her legs and bottom were sore from where she landed, but she ignored it, her intrigued mind was over the two strangely dressed men.

“We saw you come out of that thing,” the red Captain said, his face was plain serious, “Who are you?”


“I, uh, am Kino Makoto” She said softly, though still in shock, she gathered all her best knowledge of English as could, she was going to need it.


The unformed men looked between each other; the one in red looked as if he had many questions, though the look on his face suggested something negative.


“What are you doing here?” She suddenly felt like she was in an interrogation, “Who sent you?”

“Lighten up on her,” The blue Captain cooled down the situation with his partner and turned and smiled at her, “Hello, Makoto, I am Captain Blue and this is Captain Scarlet, we are Spectrum agents.”

“Spectrum, never heard of it,” she said looking between them, frowning suddenly. “What year is this?”

Blue raised an eyebrow. “2068.”

“2068!” Makoto held her head, her eyes wide. “Oh my god! I’m in the future!”


Then men were taken back a little from her statement.


“When are you from?” Scarlet asked her.


She was still in a frenzy as she spoke. “1994!”


“Wow, that’s a real step up in time,” Blue said looking at his partner and back to her.

“Usagi, Rei, Minako, Ami…”
She said, nearly choking on her words, “My friends, their gone!”


She felt like she was about to sob for all it was worth but she held it in, she had to be strong, this was why she was brought here, to face off against Time-Scale without the others help, to prove she was a true Sailor Senshi.


“What was that cloud? A portal or something? But it seemed more alive,” Blue walked over to her, resting a hand on her shoulder, he knew she was in a distressed plight.


“It was…” She thought for a moment, she really couldn’t give away her identity as a Sailor Senshi, she had to play it low key. “… A monster, it came and took me away, from my friends…”


Blue watched her face; she closed her eyes and held a hand to her chest.

“We tried to fight it, but it was sly and strong… and now I’m here …alone.”


“So this has nothing to do with the Mysterons,” Scarlet said aloud.


“Mysterons?” Makoto looked at him, her face puzzled.

“Nope, don’t think so,” Blue said to Scarlet then looked down at her, “You wouldn’t know who they are, since this is a time beyond yours.”


She didn’t really know what they were but it was the last thing on her mind at that moment.
“I know I’m here to fight a monster, to help my time.”

“You, a pretty girl like you having to fight something so powerful,” Blue chuckled, “You must be very brave.”


She blushed slightly.

“We better take you to the Colonel, we don’t know what is going on with your situation, but anything out of the ordinary always gets linked to the Mysterons.”


Blue nodded at Scarlet, “Come with us, Makoto, we will take you to Cloudbase.”




“We’ll explain more on the way,” Blue said, ushering her towards the red saloon car.


She climbed in without another word, she just had to go with them, she had no other place to go and the battle with Time-Scale was yet to come. For now, her trust was with these men.




The cloud flew up into the immense amount of space, shooting past many stars at a great speed away from the Earth, which soon disappeared behind into the Cosmos.


Ahead was Mars, the red planet, and home of the Mysterons…


The Cloud floated down onto the surface of the planet into a complex that shimmered like it was barely in existence, the buildings all advanced from anything ever seen.

When touching down in the main control centre, the Cloud formed into Time-Scale who stared absently at everything then spoke out in her high piercing voice.


“I felt your power, greater than that I have ever felt, I represent the court of the Dark Moon family, I call for your help as will I heed your services.”


A deep voice began to speak to her, “We are the Mysterons, we are taking our revenge against the planet Earth of which you have come.”


“I am not one of them, I am part of the Dark Moon against the Earth and the Moon who sent us away long ago, I have come from the past and brought with me a Sailor Senshi, whom is in your time on Earth. My plan is to use her power to open a larger gate in time, in which you can cross and help my masters take over the past.”


The room was silent for a moment, they were calibrating on what she was saying, and her smirk still sat against her lips as she waited for answer from them.

“We will help you…”

Time-Scale laughed, she turned and looked out into the depths of space, feeling her power rise with her confidence.


“Sailor Jupiter… you are out there, waiting for our battle… but you will be beaten, and then your powers will be used against you and the rest of the Sailor brats and the world of the past will be destroyed and we will dominate. I will be well rewarded for my actions.”


She gave out a bellowing laugh that echoed through the complex with such vexing power. It was good that Earth couldn't hear her, it would have been frightening to hear such an evil cackle, but space vacuumed it away, and everything above still remained in silence, as did it always in the dark, soundless universe.




Chapter 3: The Perils of Kino Makoto


A strange plane stood ready and waiting in a field where Captain Blue had called his base to rendezvous with them from what Makoto had heard on over the radio.

Makoto had been informed on their short journey about the Mysterons and their mission to take over the Earth, all about their powers to recreate objects or people and about their special force, dedicated to defend the planet against the Martian enemy.

With all that had come out right then, Makoto was tempted to tell them about the Sailor Senshi and their powers to defend the Earth from the evil Dark Moon Family, but as she swore from the start, nobody was to know about it.

The plane, known as an SPJ, waited while they loaded up the Saloon car and took the three people on board, Makoto was very impressed by the advanced machines in the interior, and she had never seen anything like it. Well, it was in the future.

She nearly at one moment had a heart attack. ‘Where’s my transformation stick?’

She patted down her clothes and sighed with relief when she pulled out the gleaming green stick, with the star on top engraved with her symbol of Jupiter that much resembled a four.


“What’s that?” She jumped as Scarlet spoke to her; he was staring down at the stick in her hands. She didn’t know what to say but she had to come up with something fast.


“It was a present from my friends, just a trinket,” she smiled innocently, Scarlet looked at her suspiciously but turned away, leaving it at that.


She let out a deep sigh. “That was close,” she whispered to herself even though she didn’t believe that he wasn’t suspecting something of her.




It was a few hours before they reached Cloudbase, a huge command base high up in the sky, shrouded by fluffy clouds, probably where it got its name. Makoto mouthed a wow, as she was peering out the front screen with wide eyes. It was big and very technical, as she thought most of the things were that she had seen as of far.


“Captain Magenta, take us in,” Blue said to a man up front; Makoto hadn’t really noticed the pink-clad man, she was only paying attention to the view outside.


“This is Captain Magenta to Lieutenant Green, are we cleared for landing?” The Irish accented man talked into his intercom.


“S.I.G, Captain,” a voice replied.


The SPJ pulled around to the far side of the base was, there was a hangar bay opening up for them and they flew in and landed directly on a landing pad near the back of the large room, where most of the other air vehicles were placed.


When they had come to a full stop, they vacated the plane and out into the bay, Makoto was nervous when she looked around at the many different officers milling around, she stayed close Blue, who she liked much better than Scarlet who just seemed too serious and scary.


They walked through long winding corridors, many people turned to stare at the strange girl who had appeared on their base, she stood straight, keeping her confidence up.

She was tall for her age; of course she did feel quite small against all the other people who swarmed about, doing different jobs.

Finally they came to the control room, Blue directed her to step out onto a walkway, and she nodded walking out, then suddenly realised it was moving, she lost her balance and fell onto her bottom with a thud.

She let out a disgruntled yell of pain. She had fallen on her rear earlier and it was still bruised and sore. Captain Blue just sniggered at her as he and Scarlet stepped on and moved along, while she remained seated down on the moving section of metal.


The commanding officer of the base, Colonel White turned to face them, looking down at the girl who looked rather irate after falling down stupidly on the walkway.

“Reporting back, sir,” Blue saluted, Colonel white nodded and directed them up to the desk.
Blue helped up Makoto and they walked over to the Colonel.

“At ease,” White said, Scarlet and Blue shook off their formal stance, “Take a seat.”

Colonel White pressed a button under his desk and three seats emerged up, instinctively the two officers sat down but Makoto wasn’t expecting it and fell over it backwards.

Again she let out a cry of pain, as she lay sprawled out, legs over the seat and back against the floor.

“Are you alright?” White asked looking down over her. She nodded and quickly got back up to seat down on the seat that she now knew had come out the floor, so far the things she had seen that were futuristic just were either too good to be true or really annoying. (She could think of two at that moment.)


White started off the meeting. “So, from what information I was given, you appeared from a vortex in time, Miss…?”

“Kino Makoto.”

“Miss Kino.”

“Makoto, if you wouldn’t mind.”


He raised an eyebrow but nodded. “Alright, Makoto, so you are from 1994?”


“Yes,” she said with a slight nod, watching his expression, which was unreadable. She could only hope they believed what she said. She was quite glad that he didn’t seem to be undermining her right then.

“What exactly happened when you were sucked into the vortex?”

Makoto was now in a difficult spot, she looked at the three officers who were staring at her, making her feel so uncomfortable, but she’d have to recreate some sort of scenario to tell, just without mentioning the Sailor Senshi.

“Well, I was fighting a monster, me and my friends were helping to stop her, she had a plan of stealing power from our time… it was a bad idea to get involved.”


White looked at her with unbelieving eyes, it was a wild story but it was the best she could come up with without giving away her identity.


“A monster?”

“Yes, sir,” She didn’t want to meet his eyes, it was nerve racking enough without him giving her a queer look.


Before he had a chance to say anything, a voice blared out through the room:

This is the voice of the Mysterons, we know that you can hear us Earthmen, we have found an ally in our war of nerves to help us destroy you once and for all. We shall use time against you; the Dark Moon shall dissolve you…


“What was that?” Makoto looked around her; it was the creepiest thing she had ever heard.

“The Mysterons, Makoto,” Captain Scarlet said looking her way.


She suddenly had the urge to fold her arms tightly to her being.

“Incoming video transmission,” Lieutenant Green said behind them.

“Put it on the screen behind me,” White turned around in his chair to see his map convert into a big television screen.


“Yes, sir.”


Within moments, static creased over the screen then a face Makoto recognised appeared.


“Time-Scale!” She said aloud. Everyone looked at her, and she quickly shut her mouth, not to say another word.


“Hello people of Earth,” Time-Scale said, she was the same as Makoto remembered her, blue skin and hair, the gleaming green eyes that looked so evil and the complete silver suit and high boots. Makoto growled under her breath. “Or more likely, this message is directed at Spectrum and the annoying Sailor Senshi, Sailor Jupiter.”


“Sailor Jupiter?” Blue said confused; Makoto kept quiet.


“I am from the past and here now to destroy your pathetic little future,” She gave a shrill laugh that reminded Makoto of Esmeraude. “I will use time to my advantage, and with the help of the Mysterons and Sailor Jupiter, who I know will not be willing, but of course when I beat her in battle… She will have no choice.”

Makoto clenched her fists tightly at that moment, she wanted to transform and go on the hunt for her.

“I will use the power to open a rift in time and go back to the past with the Mysterons to erase it. When there is nothing left there, this world, as you know it will cease to be…”

Everyone sat in shock. Her threat was a strong one and put them in a position that would mean life or death if they didn’t do anything.


“Goodbye people of Earth, you have less than eight hours to live. When Big Ben strikes midday, you will all be in deep trouble,” She grinned evilly, “Oh and Sailor Jupiter, the battle is on…”

Her face disappeared into static, leaving Makoto and the others thinking about what she had just said.

“Who is Sailor Jupiter?” White turned to Makoto, who sat silently, all she could do was shrug and that wasn’t going to her pull her out of the void of their questioning.




Chapter 4: So it begins


Makoto was faced with the question of telling her identity, so to speak, of her second light as Sailor Jupiter; she knew she could find her way around the inquisitive questions, but she’d have to do it fast or risk giving away much more than she wanted to.


“Sailor Jupiter… she was a warrior, a Sailor Senshi in my time, a fighter of love and justice…” She thought for a moment, avoiding the looks of the men staring dead on at her, intrigued. “…I fought with them to protect against evil but not as one of them, I thought it right.”


“She was a freedom fighter then?” Blue asked. Makoto nodded; he had exactly described the Senshi.


“Yes, she was led by Sailor Moon, and fought with her fellow Senshi.”


The three men looked at each other, she prayed that they believed her, they had to really, there was nothing else to go on that made the information false.


“Are they popular from where you come from?” Scarlet asked, his face dead pan.


“Yes, very, heroines to the core, anyone who is anyone from where I come from knows of the Sailor Senshi… especially me and my friends.”


“So you personally know them?” White was giving Makoto a questioning look.


“Yes, I guess so.” She could have laughed and given it away but she kept a calm aura and a straight face.


“So, beyond their Senshi guise, if that is what they are as super heroines of your time, what are they are normal people?”


Makoto smiled, “Girls, like me… they are great idols…” She stopped and clenched her hands together. “That monster must be looking for Sailor Jupiter… she has to be here… and if she is, she’ll need your help.”


White nodded slightly, then turned to his two top agents. “We have heard the threat and we only have a short amount of time to counter attack it. We know that it is based in London. Big Ben was mentioned by that alien woman… what did you call her?”

Colonel White had turned back to Makoto who remembered distinctly she had let out the name by accident but seemed pointless to pretend not to recall it.




“Yes, Time-Scale. We haven’t got much time, I’ll inform some ground agents to get to London immediately and to launch the Angels to over-fly the area,” White sat back in his chair. “Captain Blue, Scarlet… you will fly out there too. Report what you see and stop the threat as best as possible.”

“S.I.G.” Blue and Scarlet said together, standing up. Makoto stood up quickly, she knew that she had to face Time-Scale and take her out, that was why she had been zapped there.


“I am definitely going with you, I know what Time-Scale is up to, I may just look like an innocent school girl but I can be of use to you. And I’ll be able help you find Sailor Jupiter if she is around.”


Colonel White looked at her, a stately look on his face. “You are a brave girl, Makoto, in this time and your own. Take care.”


Makoto nodded and followed the men out quickly, winding their way back down to the hangar bay and they were instantly given clearance to take off, departing the sky base and disappearing into the immense placement of clouds.


Makoto looked at the two men. They were very tough and dedicated to their job. She could see it written over them like bold print; they were honourable and brave like the Sailor Senshi, their job like hers, to protect their people, the future generation of the planet Earth.


“I still don’t see why you get yourself involved, Makoto,” Scarlet didn’t turn his head as he spoke to the brown haired girl. “It sounds all too dangerous for you to handle.”


“Don’t count me down,” she said. “I’m always willing to take on the action, just like the Sailor Senshi, I will do what it takes to protect people.”


“Sounds like you want to join that idol Senshi group of theirs,” Blue smiled. Makoto listened on keeping herself bottled up from telling them that she was apart of the group. “Do they let in new members?”


“They are gifted, given powers. I’m just me, just a natural born defender.” Makoto sighed after she spoke, she knew she’d have to keep her identity concealed and prove she could fight as herself, Kino Makoto.




Somewhere in a rural forest area, in South England…


A small group of British Army soldiers were under training, made to camp out in the unpopulated wood area, to learn to live on key sense and primal instinct. There were targets placed around as farce enemies for practice shoot, so they were carrying armed weaponry.

They trudged endlessly through the thick bushes and tall trees that spanned their walkway in huge clumps together. Their map directed them through the area, but it didn’t help pull moral back into the group who groaned endlessly, just wanting to meet some action that was suppose to happen out there, yet it had not appeared.


“Captain?” Called one of the younger group members to their assigned leader. “When are we going to get out of here, or at least when do we get to shoot something?”


“Be patient,” the Captain called back, then grumbled under his breath about how much he hated every moment of being lumbered with a group of cry-baby, wannabe soldiers.


“There has been no sign of nothing. I’m going to shoot a bird if I don’t get out of here!” Another man shouted out, adding more grief to the ever more boring situation.


“WILL YOU SHUT UP!” The Captain snapped then heard some rustling, turning about face smiling, “I think our practice has come, boys. I think this is what they put out for us.”


They all picked up their guns, clicking the safeties off and preparing for the signs of the target boards to come up, they were triggered by sensors planted around there. Some were a little concerned, wondering if the targets had becoming moving ones at all.


They kept firm eyes shifting around the land, the trees swaying in gentle rhythm with the wind, putting them all on the edge, every corner and ideal place for where the boards were.


Gunfire rung out overhead, the Captain swung round, “Who told you to fire?”


They all shrugged, someone spoke out. “None of us did!”


The Captains eyes widened a little then he heard a gun click, not from any of his group, he turned to a bush area near to them only to meet a bullet straight to his head.

He fell back, blood splashing against the underfoot dirt and twigs. The others tried to make for cover from the sudden attack but were picked off easily. Finally the last struggling man was shot down after trying to make a quick escape through the bushes, he fell against the nearest tree, a couple of seeping bullet wounds in his chest.


They were all dead, no signs of movement from any of the team. A figure trod carefully between the many bodies, looking down at the carnage that had just been inflicted, a gun draped over his arm. The figure was none other than former spectrum agent Captain Black, who had single-handed taken out roughly ten men.


He stood there, his face straight and emotionless, no remorse or guilt flowed over him for his heartless and uncaring action for slaughtering those men.


He looked into the sky, a flash of light could be seen peering through the trees and two green circle shapes appeared, tracing over the bodies of the dead men, each in turn getting a cover of the mysterious lights, projected by the Mysterons.


After they had been done, the lights disappeared and close by to Captain Black, the reconstructed clones of the dead men stood, weapons in their hand staring blankly at Black who turned to them, stepping away from the original bodies, now only mere corpses to the world.


“Your mission is to go to London and guard Big Ben from resistance in co-operation with the new ally of the Black Moon of the past, once the time portal is open, you will led our resistance with our leaders.”


The reconstructed Captain nodded. “Yes, we know what we must do.”


“Good,” Black turned to see Time-Scale hovering about the mass of bodies.


“What a mess, but I do like the conventions of the Mysterons,” Time-Scale giggled. “They are incredibly tack!”


“You know your side of the plan,” Black said, the soldiers in the back were waiting for Time-Scale, as she was to lead them on.


“Yes, of course I do, I gave half the ideas,” She brushed her flowing hair back. “I will arrive in London and go to Big Ben, placing one of my portal devices in the clock, set to send out waves of time energy to a directed point in the city below. Then I will use Sailor Jupiter’s power, when she turns up. I know she can’t resist to fight, and I will power up our gateway into the past.”


Black said nothing and nodded, and with that he disappeared into the wind.


Time-Scale floated over to the Mysteronised soldiers.


“Well, if you don’t mind, you will be following my orders and first off we are going to set off to London,” She clicked her fingers and a vortex surrounded them. “In my style.”


She chuckled and they were enveloped, sending them off to London in her quick transportation method.




Many Spectrum agents had already gathered in London and were sticking close to the Big Ben clock, it was twenty to eleven and there was no sign of attacks over the place.


Captain Scarlet, Blue and Makoto were less than half an hour away and still at full speed to arrive.


A few of the minor ground agents were patrolling inside the clock, waiting for anything to happen, it was a hard game to play and sticking around with no action for a long period of time would send you crazy.


Then when it was at least expected, a small vortex appeared and deposited the Mysteron soldiers and Time-Scale right out before them.


The Spectrum patrolling few tried to fire a few shots at them but Time-Scale only had to put out a hand and the bullets slowed down, looking like they were coming at them in slow motion, with her other hand she batted them away. In retaliation, she sent a wave at them, throwing them back with great power.


She pointed forward in her commanding position and the soldiers instantly dealt with them, blocking anyone’s entrance up to the big clock tower, leaving Time-Scale to her peace of planting her time device, the first part of the plan set into action.




Chapter 5: Faces in the Fight


The area had been cleared after the warning of a terrorist threat, or mainly not saying that the aliens and monsters had decided to band together against the people of earth, so the usually busy streets of London were now abandoned. People hiding away in their homes and wherever they could.


The SPJ had landed on a small area at St. James Park, powering down to silence. Blue, Scarlet and Makoto climbed from the large jet and walked briskly across the grass looking out at the calm streets, cars and buses left at the side of the road, the wind rustling around in a sharp and tumultuous sort of way.


They ran out across the pavement and wavered glances all over to see any sign of Mysteron activity, or of the monstrous woman, Time-Scale.


Gun shots blared in the distance, near enough to Big Ben; there was cries and shouting as if a war was going on in front of them.


Makoto had never felt so frightened. As her job as a Senshi, she went into battle with monsters that threw themselves up front into the frail. Their leader, Sailor Moon, led their cause to vaporise them. But never had she felt a tentative sneaking chill, like someone was hiding around her, ready to gun her down where she stood.


The Captains had been told of the situation of the soldiers that were sided with Time-Scale, the plan lay a foot and they had to take it down before the clock struck midday.


The Angel aircraft flew overhead, seemingly the only other noise to fill the frightfully tense atmosphere.


She looked at the Captains, who were engrossed with scanning the area around the clock, where they could see a few figures darting about. She wondered why they trusted her so much, taking her to their base and giving her a chance without proving herself. She had only really lied about Sailor Jupiter thing so she wouldn’t give away her identity away, but somehow she wanted to know why they had let her into the clashing scene. Did they really think she could handle her own? Or did they really need the help of this girl. Their great organisation!


She felt greatly honoured.


“Do you know how to beat this Time-Scale?” Scarlet turned to her when they came to a dead stop near a large square, close to the clock; the action had disappeared to the other side of the area.


“No, but I have to, for my time and yours,” Makoto felt grown up and responsible, though she wished she wasn’t.


“You know, you’re holding back on us, something that you’re keeping to yourself,” Scarlet had a questioning expression; she was getting angry at being put on the spot.


“Look, you have your job to do and I’m just here to deal with my own problems,” Makoto looked at them each in turn as she spoke, hard on her words, at least being careful too. “Sailor Jupiter has to take out this monster and I want to do it too!”


“Will she be here?” Blue asked, Makoto nodded.


“How do you know?” Scarlet’s voice was plain and still very interrogating.


“I have a feeling…”




Time-Scale looked at her device with an evil smirk.


She had remained in the clock, barred away from the activity below her so that she would be able to keep her strength to open up a gateway in time. But she knew her job of taking out Sailor Jupiter was what she was longing for, not knowing when she would turn up and how she would appear.


“I feel you near me, Senshi,” she whispered. “I will take you down and use you to open up time.”


Then a voice murmured in her head. “This is Captain Black, relaying instructions from the Mysterons. Two Spectrum agents have arrived on the scene with a girl. We have taken away the ground team of their organisation. Intercept them and destroy.”


“A girl… Sailor Jupiter?” She nodded and spoke through her mind. ‘I will do as you please, I have been waiting to see some action.’


She transported herself outside the clock, looking down over Blue, Scarlet and Makoto, who were positioned near a centre statue, waiting for something to happen. Time-Scale could see Makoto, who was not in her Senshi outfit, but didn’t think it as her.


“The Senshi hasn’t appeared yet,” she narrowed her eyes, “But that girl, I distinctly remember her face but I don’t know… never mind, if that stupid Spectrum group want to bring children into this, let them, they will all be destroyed.”


She floated down, still the three below her hadn’t noticed her presence over their heads, she knew she’d have to grab their attention in her own method.




Makoto lingered on the spot, Blue had suggested staying out of the firing range so they wouldn’t get hurt. He was especially caring for the young student’s safety and she was very flattered by his concern, but knew she’d have to get involved pretty soon.


Then she sensed something coming towards them, a power dominated by the evil forces, she growled under her breath the felt something rush through her, giving her signals to move from where they were, danger was right over them.

“DIVE!” She shouted, throwing herself forward and giving them the que to do the same, just as a beam crashed into the spot they had been occupying.


They were a little shocked and when hearing bellowing laugher from above. They turned their heads skywards to see Time-Scale there, a demonic look on her face.


“Three little bugs ready to be squashed. Stay still and make it easy on yourself, you only have fifteen minutes left anyway and then you are as good as dead.”


They all turned to the clock as it ticked slowly on quarter to twelve, ominously going on; signally fate was close at hand.






Esmaurade’s plan had been put to rest in ashes as her source of the power drain was destroyed. The Senshi had changed back to their normal selves and had gathered at Rei’s shrine.


Rei was sat in her shrine robes, concentrating next to the sacred fire that was lit in front of her, candles flickering around the room. Usagi sat with Chibi-Usa playing with her Luna P ball that hovered and bounced in front of the pink haired child. Usagi was too busy thinking about Makoto and every time she pictured her in her mind, she felt like crying.


Ami and Minako were stood near Rei who was trying to sense Makoto’s life force anywhere, but still it was like she had vanished away from them, away from existence.


“Anything?” Minako asked anxiously, Ami shushed her, watching Rei flinch a little.


“No…” Rei opened her eyes, looking at them apologetically. “I’ve tried my best to find her but the fire doesn’t know.”


“There has to be something we can do!” Minako said, tears sat on the corner of her eyes. “Makoto is my best friend! We can’t just let her disappear from our lives”


“There is another way to find her… but we just don’t know it yet…” Ami said.


They turned to Usagi, who sighed looking at Chibi-Usa, who played happily away.


Usagi watched the Luna P ball bounce from the child’s hands, up and down until she patted it at the wrong angle and it sprung over to Usagi and rolled to her side.


She picked it up, making Chibi-Usa pout, “You’re not aloud to touch it, give it back!”


Usagi sighed then was a bout to hand it over to the very bratty child, when she came over with an idea.


She jumped up. “Guys, I just had a thought!”


Rei laughed, giving a short snort. “You! THINK! That would be the day!”


“Quiet, Rei,” Usagi smiled at the ball then at Chibi-usa, “You can help us!”


“I can?” She scratched her head looking at the dumpling headed girl.


“What’s your plan, Usagi?” Ami asked curiously.


“Remember when we had to go into Chibi-usa’s dreams to save her from the Black Moon family’s monster?” Usagi recalled. “Sailor Pluto talked to us through the Luna P ball. She helped us and she can again by sending us through time. We know Time-Scale opened up a gateway to the future or something and Pluto can take us there!”


The three older girls were astonished by Usagi’s smart idea, usually she was plainly dumb and they were speechless.


Rei spoke first, “Wow, Usagi! You’re not as dumb as you look!”


“Thanks… HEY!”


“Right!” Ami walked over and took the ball from Usagi and handed it to Chibi-Usa. “Could you get in touch with Sailor Pluto, we could really use her help?”


Chibi-Usa looked up with bright eyes, “Yeah, I’ll try.”


She sat down and crossed her legs, back to the thin wall of the shrine, the four girls kneeling around her.


Chibi-Usa spoke into the ball, “Puu? I need your help, can you hear me?”


There was a faint ringing, then a voice came through what sounded like static, “Small Lady?”


“PUU!” The young girl said happily. “My friends need your help, please come?”


The ball floated from Chibi-usa’s hands and sat in front of Rei, Usagi, Minako and Ami. A hologram appeared on top of it, revealing Sailor Pluto.


“I am the Sailor Senshi that guards the gates of time, who am I to speak with?” The long dark haired woman spoke.

“Me,” Usagi said, a little nervous. “I am Sailor Moon and Princess Serenity.”


“Ah yes, our Princess… I am honoured to see you once more noble White Princess of the Moon.”

Usagi nodded. “We need your help. Our friend Makoto and fellow Senshi has been taken through time and we want to get her back.”


“Yes…” Pluto mused. “I do remember feeling a shift in the balance of time. Another portal opening somewhere… it was not a worthy passage and it must be set right.”


“Will you help?” Usagi asked.


Pluto bowed gracefully. “I am always at your service, my princess, I will help you.”


They all cheered; smiling contentedly at each other as a bright light appeared in the room along with Sailor Pluto.


“Small Lady will stay in the realm of time where I guard the gates while I take you to the time where I could distinguish Makoto’s life force.”

“Right,” Usagi looked at her friends. “Let’s transform!”

“YEAH!” They echoed in agreement.

“Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!”


“Mercury Star Power, Make Up!”


“Mars Star Power, Make Up!”


“Venus Star Power, Make Up!”


Beautiful lights, ribbons, flames and bubbles flew around and revealed the group of the Sailor Senshi.


“Okay, Sailor Pluto,” Sailor Moon said. “Lets go!”




Makoto, Scarlet and Blue were sat across the concrete as Time-Scale still floated up over them, trying to show she was high over them with power, her evil grin made them uncomfortable and wanting to take her down.


“You know soon, you’ll all be dead, and my masters and the Mysterons will rule the world.”
Makoto took a stand, getting up sharply and shouting up at her with great bravery. “You won’t be ruling anything, you’ll be dead long before you try and get this planet!”


Time-Scale hissed. “You will be silent, stupid frail child!” She growled and threw down a great dagger like beam at Makoto who was in shock that is was coming right for her. But a blur of red caught her eye as that of Scarlet, stood in the way, throwing himself against her, protecting her from the hit from the attack.

They fell down; streams of blood now visibly trickling from Scarlet’s shoulder. Blue quickly pulled his gun from the holster and took shots at Time-Scale who dodged them easily, but it had given them time to get behind the large monument, Scarlet pressed his back to it, holding his injury.


“Why did you take that shot for me? It was deserving to me, I know how to fight past it.”

“You may be a fighter but I couldn’t let you get hurt, it’s my duty to protect people from the Mysterons, but she is pretty much an alien herself so it’s still my call.”

She lowered her gaze. She was happy that he didn’t want her to get hurt, but she had to do this fight and there was no more use of hiding, her identity didn’t matter anymore, she just had to protect the world.

She ran out from behind the monument. Scarlet was shocked but didn’t move and neither did Blue, they wanted to see the outcome of her actions.

Time-Scale looked down on her. “You want more! You are completely simple minded!”

Makoto grinned. “You’re very foolish. Being so naïve! Our battle has just begun!”

Time-Scale’s eyes went wide; the realisation was just hitting her.

Makoto pulled out the transformation stick, what she had said was a trinket from her friends, in a way it was but it was a powerful one that would help humanity. She raised it high.

“Jupiter Star Power, Make Up!”

Scarlet and Blue looked on shocked as a mixture of light and electricity emerged from the stick and flew around Makoto who turned around with the power that enveloped her. She reappeared from it dressed in her Sailor Fuku and stood in her pose then smiling up at Time-Scale who was literally ripping her hair out; she was utterly scared to actually fight Jupiter, but never admitted it.


“I am one of the agents of love and justice, I call upon the power of thunder to heed my attacks, you see before you a member of the Sailor Senshi… SAILOR JUPITER!” She pointed up to the skies at the shaking monster. “And your time is up!”




Chapter 6: Feel the Electricity


The green suited Senshi stood proud in front of Time-Scale and the Spectrum officers. She had her head held high, looking up at the frightened monster that was trying to hold her fear at bay away from the sights of the brave young warrior.


Scarlet held onto his injury, which was healing at a rapid rate with his powers of retro-metabolism. He couldn’t believe his eyes after seeing her transform into the Sailor she really was. He had thought to himself about it before and had been suspicious about her story, much of it was true but the other part of it was a way to hide her identity.


“My god…” Time-Scale’s words were grabbed by alarm and most of all, loathing.


“You brought me here to fight without my friends…” She put up her fists, clenched tightly up in front of her, while her legs were kept apart, her balance mainly in her back foot that shifted on the spot ready to go. “… Now lets go…”


Time-Scale hovered there, her eyes firming set onto the courageous young soldier, she wasn’t going to back down like she thought she would away from her friends who stood by her with their powers so great. She let out a shaky sigh, letting the fact that she was pretty much weaker then her opponent take over her mind, but she wasn’t going to give up.


“Oh Sailor Jupiter! You are all for being the really tough Senshi girl,” Time-Scale laughed ruffling her hair back from her cheeks. She gave a demonic grin along with morbid and anguished eyes that were staring at the Senshi with death riding her sentimental gaze. “You really thought that we would actually fight. You with a greater power, which I must admit, would take me down. You are too quick my time balls and I know that for sure. But you must know, in the court of the Black Moon, we play by one rule… the rule to do as we may, and what I’m about to do makes the favour tilt my way…”


She snapped her fingers, the high pitched click brought the Mysteronised guards to their position, guns high in her direction. Jupiter watched them as did Scarlet and Blue, who had stayed put for the time being.


The soldiers had taken care of the land agents and now were there to do Time-Scale’s bidding; the heartless fiend folded her arms and kept her gaze on Sailor Jupiter.


“This is my way… I’ll have them shoot you down…” She let out a low cackle.


“But, this isn’t fair, you said that I would face you away from the Senshi, just me and you!”


“Do you really believe I would keep my word? The only thing that sticks is that the Sailor Senshi are out of this battle!”

“You lying…”


“Don’t waste your breath…” She narrowed her eyes, “… Because it will be your last!”


The Mysteron soldiers aimed at Jupiter, standing like a firing squad in front of her ready to blast the young green-clad Senshi away.


‘This is so unfair, the odds are stacked against me…’ Jupiter thought. She remained standing in her fight position for she had to remain fearless.


Gunshots roared, but it wasn’t from the soldiers they were too busy backing off away from the Spectrum Captains who were shooting at them, defending her. But they wouldn’t be able to take them on for much longer, which was the right notion as the soldiers gathered their senses and started firing. Each shot ricocheting off the side of the monument as Scarlet and Blue hid back behind it, guns still at the ready.


Then they turned their fire to Jupiter who easily dodged her shots; each bullet missed her every leap to escape. She landed gracefully as all the soldiers reloaded. Time Scale put a hand up so they wouldn’t fire again until she said so.


“Face it, Jupiter,” the evil monster said, “You have no hope to leave here alive.”


Jupiter took heavy breaths; she flicked her hair back, which was tied in its usual high ponytail.


“This is hopeless, how do I beat them all… I can’t possibly win…” Her voice was low enough not to be heard by Time-Scale, as not to give her the satisfaction to know she could succeed in taking down the Senshi.


Blue heard her and called over to her, knowing not to be loud. “Mysterons are killed by electricity, you can easily take those soldiers out.”


Jupiter turned to him and her face lit up, ‘Electricity! That’s my call card.’ She thought, the hint of prospect taking to light. “Thanks,” she called to him then turned her attentions back to Time-Scale and her band of followers.


Time-Scale smiled, “Prepare to die… I will give you death on my command to fire!” She looked down at her small army. She was ready to shout fire when Jupiter spoke out with courage against her foes.


“You may have your troops to take me down, as the coward you are! All against me, the odds of me surviving slim in your books. But I have a power that will take them all, you’ll never stand a chance!”


“What!” Time-Scale screeched.


Jupiter brought her hands down crossed and her index and fourth finger raised on her hands. "Please, my guardian Jupiter! Bring me a storm and bless the clouds with fearsome lightning!"  A small lightning rod rose from her tiara, darkness coursed across the skies and a huge amount of electricity could be felt like static through the air prickling everyone’s skin. The lightning rode out the clouds and crashed into the rod flowing around her, the attack ready.


Time-Scale froze. “Oh no…”


Jupiter called out. “SUPREME THUNDER!”


The attack roared over, across to Time-Scale and the Mysterons who were in a state of shock, the attack crashing against them. The Mysteronised soldiers all cried out and slumped down after the charge took them down, each one killed permanently, no power to come back.


Time-Scale fell down, hitting the ground hard, shaking from the attack. She couldn’t believe it. After all that had just happened, she was now alone, knowing what Sailor Jupiter had felt when she was ganged up on.


“Wow…” Scarlet said, no longer gripping his wound since there wasn’t one there to grip, it had healed completely.


Blue agreed, “That’s some attack!”


Time-Scale staggered to her feet gingerly, her mind all over the place as she tried to stay on her feet, she coughed and turned her head to the direction of Jupiter, standing amongst the dead bodies growling like a dog, fists clenched tightly.


“You…meddling little wench!” She let out an angry scream, rubbing some spittle from the corners of her mouth. “You’ll pay for that, you are ruining my plan!”

She yelled, flinging her arms up and forming an unseen attack and hauling it in Jupiter’s direction. She didn’t see it coming until it was clearly in front of her. She gasped and tried to dodge but was forced back and thrown, scuffing her body against the concrete.


The pain rushed through her like a burn and she held in the urge to scream out for the agony within.


Scarlet and Blue were shocked, they held their guns tight and flew from hiding and fired at Time-Scale, who merely laughed, holding up a hand. All the bullets slowed down, caught in the lapse of time. They stopped within her grip and she crushed them to dust.


They held their guns up high still, even though they knew it was futile to keep on firing, she would just crumble each bullet between her fingers like it was nothing but chalk.


“You won’t be helping her! I won’t allow it!” She launched a bubble at them that on impact enveloped the two Spectrum officers. They were trapped inside it; their attempts to escape were useless, they watched on, looking at Sailor Jupiter who was just regaining herself, leaning up her elbows rubbing her head, groaning softly.


“Now back to you!” Time-Scale walked slowly towards the Senshi who turned round to get up only to receive a slap across the face.


She gasped and fell back, turning to crawl away, making the evil monster laugh with glee.

“Yes scurry away little Senshi, my victory will soon strike you down to the depths of the underworld!”


She gained a powerful beam in her hands, it glowed a deep grey and blue and fired at Jupiter, who screamed, her powers draining slowly.


“You will no longer need your powers! I will use them to open up the doorway back to the past taking the Mysterons with me, this world is history!”


Sailor Jupiter felt her whole aura crush around her as the energy was holding her tightly in its grasp. Then her eyes widened as she heard Big Ben start its ringing as the bells tolled twelve, the who area glazed over in a deep red as a light from the clock face fired out into thin area began to open a rift.


The time device in the clock was working.


Time-Scale took one of her hands containing Jupiter’s energy and fired it at the rift, it began to open up, and the time path was appearing.


Scarlet and Blue stood watching the portal open, helpless to do anything to stop it from opening a way for the Mysterons to win the war, they beat their hands against the bubble that held them. It was unbreakable.


“I can’t let her win…” Jupiter said weakly, looking from Time-Scale who was maniacally laughing to the Spectrum officers who stood uneasily trying to get free to save their time. “I must do something…”


She gathered some strength and began to stand up, clenching her hands, barely apart as electricity began to gather between her fingers.




Time-Scale turned. “What? You can’t! NO!”




Jupiter shot an electricity ball up at Big Ben. It flew with tremendous speed before striking the face of the clock, making the beam shut off, but the rift remained open but was vastly fluxing to keep its energy. Time-Scale released the Senshi from her power draining attack and Jupiter staggered back, dropping to her knees.


“No matter, you may have cut off that beam, but it was already too late. The rift may be weaker but it is still open, some of the power I got from you was enough to have some stability for it.”


‘I can’t win…’ Jupiter’s mind flaunted on the turn of events, she closed her eyes as tears welled. ‘Usagi, Minako, Rei, Ami, Luna, Artemis, Chibi-Usa… I failed you all…’


Time-Scale had turned from the wallowing Senshi and looked into the sky raising her hands up. “Great and honourable Mysterons, you now can help the black kingdom to take the world of the past, we will be victorious!”


“You won’t succeed!” Scarlet said, pressing his hands up against the bubble.


“Oh and how will you stop me?” Time-Scale looked smugly at the dark haired man who scowled viciously at her. She averted her attention away from him and back up. “Come forth allies of this time, we shall cross together!”


The skies began to rumble and a pale green radiated from the skies in thick waves of light that disturbed the Earth surface in vibrating ripples.


She laughed, looking at the each shocked individual faces of Captain Blue, Captain Scarlet and Sailor Jupiter.


“You’re all finished, I will…” Time-Scale was cut off when a bright light appeared from far off her left side, “What the…”


From the bright light a door began to emerge, gleaming a silver colour that blinded Time-Scale. She covered up her eyes. Once the light became bearable to look at, she turned back to the doorway, which seeped with a smoke like it was coated in dry ice.


“It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before…” Blue said to his companion as they stood, pressed up to the bubble, being their morbid prison.


Jupiter watched like Time-Scale, unknowing what it was, but she had a distinct feeling she knew but couldn’t come to remembering. Her curiosity was frenzied, she didn’t know if her next moments were her demise or her survival.


The doors began to open slowly; an eerie sound of wind rang out like a storm brewing the skies, making everyone fear what was there.

When it was fully opened, a light flashed in gold streams and five figures emerged, Time-Scale’s face was gripped with horror, she held in a breath before she gulped and took a few steps back.


“Sailor Senshi…” She said in a near whisper. Walking from the door of time was Sailor Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus and Pluto.




Chapter 7: The Past and Future


“Sailor Senshi!” Sailor Jupiter cried happily.


Time-Scale lost the words to speak. She gagged on the sight of seeing the Sailor Senshi appear against what she had planned. She tried to scream but all that came out was gargled, crackled whines.


She gulped and shook her head as she managed to speak from the shock. “No, this can’t be! How did you get here?”


“We used a time passage of our own!” Sailor Moon said looking over her shoulder back to the door they had passed through. “Did you think you were the only one who could control time?”


Time-Scale’s draw dropped as Sailor Moon looked back at her smugly then peering at Sailor Pluto who stood proud, as the keeper of time she was doing her job as of far, but she had some unfinished business that needed attending to before the monster would be dealt with.

She looked from the big clock to the fluxing rift, then to Time-Scale, who was a scared stupid.


“You are not worthy of using time as your ally!” Pluto said in a deep tone. “I will stop this abomination!”


“You… You can’t!” Time-Scale screamed but Sailor Pluto didn’t listen to her pitiful cries and raised her time staff, the garnet orb on top, glowing a bright red that streamed with great power.


“I call upon the powers time, seal away this travesty of the feigned gate created of evil!”


With her words a great beam of bright red and purple light flew up into the sky, weaving towards Big Ben like a ribbon in the wind, striking the face, eradicating any traces of the time device that was used on it.


Time-Scale screamed out, everything was turning away from her favour. Captain Scarlet and Blue stood watching in amazement at the power that was used by Sailor Pluto, from the bubble they could see everything, though they felt they were watching a fantasy movie.


Another beam traced out of her time staff and headed towards the rift, but the monster wasn’t just going to let them win. She raised her hand and called out to the Senshi, “You won’t close that rift! Not as long as I’m here!”


Between her fingers formed a time ball, she grinned and launched her hand back and hurled the ball with all her might at the rift. It flew like a bullet, passing at speed by the power of Pluto’s. The ball flew into the rift and grew brighter.


Time-Scaled laughed hysterically. “You will not defeat me easily, you will…” She paused as she looked at the rift. Her face dropping from the perky smile to a deep sorrowful frown, the power of the time staff coiled around the rift putting pressure on it, like squeezing it as hard as it could.


“It can’t be!” Time-Scale murmured.


The ribbon of power from Pluto proved too much and crushed the rift; a great blinding light flew out as it disappeared into nothing.


“Your power has been countered,” Pluto said, placing her head to her staff. Time-Scale screamed in frustration.


Sailor Jupiter stumbled over to the bubble witch held the Spectrum agents.


“Are you okay?”

They looked at her and nodded, she put her head against it weakly. She felt drained but had the need to free them from Time-Scale’s doing.


She stood back. “I’m going to get you out…” Her lightning rod raised from her tiara but only a few sparks emanated from it. She was too weak to free them. “… I can’t, I don’t have the power…”


She slumped slightly, her knees buckled but her fellow Senshi, Venus and Mars caught her.


“You rest up,” Venus said, helping her properly to her feet. “Me and Mars will help them out.”


“Let’s do it!” Mars said, with raw enthusiasm.






A thick mass of fire and light collided with the bubble, sending a shockwave over it. Then within a second of impact the shell of it began to crack and spread amply across the surface until it shattered into small shards that fell oppressively onto the concrete floor.


“Thanks,” Captain Blue said to the two Senshi, who nodded at him.


Time-Scale had fallen to her knees, finding it hard to catch her breath, hyperventilating as she kept playing back the scene over in her mind. Her demise could be felt screaming up her skin, she didn’t know what to do next. Then she looked up at the still pale green sky and finally sucked in a gasp of hope.


“Help me great Mysterons!” She blundered her steps as she got up.


“Who?” Sailor Moon said; she with Pluto and Mercury had joined their friends next to Scarlet and Blue.


“The Mysterons,” Captain Scarlet said, the name sent a shiver into Sailor Moon’s spine.


“The enemy of our time,” Blue added.


“They sound creepy,” Moon said clasping her hands to her face.


“Get a grip, Sailor Moon,” Mars scowled slightly, folding her arms.


There was a long silence; everyone waited especially Time-Scale who was shaking recklessly from an invisible icy chill that flowed through her insides.


Then they spoke:


“We are the Mysterons, we hear your call…”


“Yes, please help me, I need you now!”


“… We hear you call Time-Scale, your plan has gone a stray and by our judgement, you are unfit an ally to us…”


Time-Scale raised her neck up. “WHAT!”


“… From now on… you are alone…”




The green skies melted away with a thunderous roar and the perfect blue came back, fluffy cloud mounting high up, the beauty had returned through the tense atmosphere that was once there infected by evil.


Time-Scale stood, tears of fear and hopelessness fell down her cheeks and now horror had taken control in her mind, she veered her head to look over at the Senshi and the Spectrum agents who stood staring at her, waiting for her next move.


“I… I’m out of here!” She cried and whisked her body round and began to run away.


“Oh no you don’t!” Sailor Moon called out then looked back at Sailor Mercury who nodded.


Mercury thrust her hands forward. “SHABON SPRAY!”


An obscuring fog drifted across and around Time-Scale, her path disappearing from sight. She stopped running and looked about seeing nothing but a blue and grey mass of globules. She stood stiff, the air was cold and each time she exhaled she could feel her throat clenching tight. Her skin prickled and she hunched over, stomach clenched with the feeling of foreboding.


“It’s time to finish out battle.”


Time-Scale snapped round to see a frame appear through the fog, Sailor Jupiter came through using her courage to power her weak state.


“This is not fair…” Time-Scale slurred out through blossoming tears.


Sailor Jupiter raised her hands to the sky. “Give me the power now to defeat this time travelling trash!” Lightning hit her rod that protruded from her tiara, “SUPREME THUNDER DRAGON!”


An immense striking power plastered up hard into Time-Scale who was threw back through the bubbles screaming as it hammered against her being like a thousand daggers plummeting into her body. She skidded across the floor to a stop, crying bitterly in a self-pitiful manor.


Sailor Jupiter walked out; a smile was sat on her lips, her eyes looking glazed over from the draining attack. “Consider yourself beaten.”


With that she closed her eyes and fainted down, lying crumpled on the floor.


“JUPITER!” All the Senshi minus Moon and Pluto ran to their fallen companion.


“It’s time to lay the fiend to rest, Sailor Moon,” Pluto said not looking from Time-Scale who was trying her best to stand, blood poured thickly from her brow, scratches drew lines up her sides and bruises blotched her skin that had turned red raw.


“I think you’re right…” Sailor Moon raised her moon tier. “Please, give me the power,” she whispered.


Time-Scale looked up as Sailor Moon was powering up her attack, she knew she had to make a break for it what ever condition she was in, she scrambled clumsily to get away but Sailor Venus stopped her.




The strong light created chain wrapped around Time-Scale’s upper body and gave a sharp tug to unbalance her and send her tumbling back onto the floor.


Sailor Moon released her attack. “MOON PRINCESS HALATION!”


A crescent of the moon flew at the downed monster that screamed in agonising pain as she was enveloped by the power, disintegrating her to nothing more than a pile of dusty debris.


“Well done, Sailor Moon,” Pluto congratulated. “And to all of you Sailor Senshi.”


“Poor Jupiter,” Mercury said, who was holding the hand of her friend who lay in an unconscious state.


“We’ve got to help her,” Mars said standing up. “Share our power!”


“Alright,” Sailor Moon said running up to the other. They formed a circle around Jupiter.









A great energy rose from each Senshi, their auras glowed bright with the colours of what they were, mingling together and floating over Sailor Jupiter, who’s body absorbed the power as her healing began.


Scarlet and Blue looked on; they were still over come by what the whole turn of events had displayed.


“This is so amazing,” Blue said, he was mostly transfixed.


“Yeah, how the heck are we going to write this into a report,” Scarlet said; his humour dry.


“With great difficulty,” Blue chuckled.


Jupiter opened her eyes slowly, signalling them to stop their power transfer, she let out a deep sigh, and they kneeled down to her as she rubbed her face and tried to sit up, they helped her as she found it difficult.


“Take it easy,” Venus said softly. “It’s over.”


“Time-Scale…” Jupiter coughed as she spoke.


“Let’s just say her time was up,” Mars smirked, making Jupiter laugh laxly.


“Nice to know you haven’t lost your sense of humour,” Sailor Moon said with a big smirk on her face. “But with Mars telling the jokes I wouldn’t be surprised if you were dead now.”


“Usagi…” Mars said under her breath, rolling her eyes as the others giggled.


“What about Captain Blue and Scarlet?” Jupiter asked. “Are they okay?”


“You mean those men?” Mercury said, everyone turned to the Spectrum officers who noticed they were the centre of attention and walked over; Mars and Moon stood up.


“You did a great job,” Blue said as he and Scarlet stopped in front of them. “We heard the Sailor Senshi were tough from a partially reliable source.”


“In one way…” Scarlet added, looking intensely at Jupiter.


“I had to lie to keep my identity secret,” Jupiter said, she looked down then up again at the agents. “But I had to help and it didn’t seem to matter.”


“We’ll keep your secret,” Blue said and she smiled at him.


“Thank you… for everything”


“Everything?” Blue went down onto one knee to talk closer to Jupiter.

“Yes, helping me and all.”


Blue laughed softly and shook his head. “You did all the work,” He said through his laughter.


“If you hadn’t of been there from the start… maybe Time-Scale would have succeeded in her plans. Where would we be then?”


Blue put a hand on her shoulder. “Don’t think about it, you beat her and it’s all said and done.”


She closed her eyes as she smiled; Scarlet cleared his throat to get his friends attention.


“We better report in to Colonel White and get back to Cloudbase,” Scarlet said.


“And we better get back to our own time,” Pluto said also.


The Senshi got Jupiter to her feet; her arms were over Mercury and Venus who helped her walk to the gate of time, with Sailor Pluto in lead.


Jupiter turned her head to Blue and Scarlet and motioned with her lips. “Goodbye.”


The Spectrum pair watched as the Sailor Senshi crossed through the door, their figures became shrouded back the mist that poured out and the doors slowly closed on them.


Once done, it disappeared with a blinding light and there was nothing more of them.


The Spectrum officers made their way back to the SPJ, the scene never to be forget but Time-Scale was nothing more than dust that scattered softly across the pavement in the gentle breeze. She had become nothing more after crossing the path of thunder, against Sailor Jupiter and her fellow Sailor Senshi.



The end


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