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More of a plotline than an actual story.


This will make sense to those middle-aged surfers who remember TV21 magazine or have come across the various reprints.  Briefly TV21 serialised the Daleks (without Dr Who), drawn by artist Ron Turner (see Fab issue 44 for details), and ended the series on a cliffhanger:


Daleks on their way to Earth, a small band of survivors from an Earth Starliner heading home to warn Earth.  Copyright reasons and other things would have prevented TV21 from introducing the Daleks to the Gerry Anderson world of 2067 created in the comic by Alan Fennell. 


As a ten year old I always wanted to see the artwork for this massive encounter (maybe someone out there can draw in the style of the TV21 artists, I would be happy to flesh out the script if anyone was interested).


I will try and expand the plotline and start work on a script and suggested picture blocks. What I really need to find is:

  • Someone who recalls the original TV21 scripts and artwork and who would be interested in the project.

  • There could be any permutation of artists, illustrators, to use the idea as they see fit.

  • The material could be used in any way people want. I have no commercial interest in this (after all I am simply borrowing other people's ideas, notably the late Alan Fennell, editor of TV21).

Anyway for those who might remember...



Dalek Invasion Earth 2068



Plot by Ralph Morton



News of the unexplained loss of an Earth spaceliner in Deep Space in 2067 reaches Space City in 2068.  Earth's fastest and most effective Space fighter, the Electrode 909, is ordered to follow the route of the lost ship and find out what has happened.  Cdr Zero warns the crew that they may have to fight their way out of trouble.


On Astra, Steve Zodiac and his crew are enjoying a well-deserved break as guests of the Kaplan of Astra at his summer residence. 


On Styracia, the military government meets to discuss reports from the outer reaches of the Styracian system of a large force of spaceships being sighted in Deep Space.  The Marshal decides to send a Styracian force to investigate. Fireball XL3 and Fireball XL8 are exercising with the Styracians and receive authority to accompany the force.


Some weeks later the Electrode 909 catches up with the route of the missing spaceliner and encounters a strange ship.  It proves to be the small party that escaped from Skaro.  The crew of the Electrode listen in horror to the account. However, they are already too far from the nearest friendly system to send a relayed warning to Earth.


The Styracian force encounters a small scouting force of Dalek ships and is severely mauled.  The crew of the XL3 are captured and brought before the Red Dalek Commander of the scouts.  They are also questioned by the Golden Emperor from his saucer by videoscreen.


Messages reach the Solar System and its allies from Styracia and from the Electrode 909 racing back home.  In Washington the World Security Council meets to discuss the new menace.  White (Spectrum), Zero (WSP), 21 (USS), Shore (WASP), and the Chiefs of Staff of the World Navy and World Army Air Force participate.


On Astra, the Kaplan and his Government meet to discuss the situation, with Steve Zodiac's crew representing Earth alongside a confused Solar System Ambassador. The Astran fleet is mobilised and the Solar System Tenth Space Fleet joins them to form a Task Force.  XL5 escorts the Kaplan's flagship.


The first images of the Dalek Armada show a vast array of saucers and other designs.  The forces clash with heavy losses on both sides, but the Astrans decide to withdraw. The Solar System force rejoins other forces massing at the edge of the Solar System in between Jupiter and Saturn.


Before XL5 can leave Astra, the Daleks arrive in force.  The Astrans have already evacuated the cities and are hiding in their mountains and swamps. The XL5 crew are surprised to meet Astrans who are able to move without the aid of saucers and who are now helping their fellow Astrans to resist the Daleks.


The Solar System Exploration Council is placed under WSP control and Zero X is ordered to Mars, taking 21 on board to supervise the evacuation of USS headquarters to Earth.


On Tracey Island, Jeff says goodbye to his sons as they prepare to re-join their old units.  Brains, Tin-Tin and Kyrano are shown preparing to man the Thunderbirds machines with Jeff.  Grandma recalls the European War of 2028 and Jeff's service with the USAF.


A Dalek scout force led by the Black Dalek arrives on Mars and is engaged by Rock Snakes.  In the Mysteron City scanners detect the Dalek forces and the Mysterons prepare to welcome the Daleks as a potential ally against the World Government.  Before the Mysterons can evaluate the threat, the Dalek scouts attack their city.  The Dalek force is destroyed and subjected to retro-metabolism.  The Daleks go mad in the process and destroy one another.  The Mysterons decide that the Daleks are a disease and must be eliminated.


Kahra is also attacked by Daleks from the scout force.  Most of the civilian population has been successfully evacuated to Earth, remaining World Space Patrol and USS units are shown engaged in fierce fighting.  They are stunned to here an all too familiar voice:  "Earthmen, we the Mysterons will join you in your fight against this new menace. Daleks, be warned, the Mysterons will be avenged for your unprovoked attack on our City."


The Dalek Armada reaches the edge of the Solar System.  The massed Solar System Task Force has already withdrawn.   The Golden Emperor expresses contempt for the Earth and warns that his forces will exterminate all opposition.


At Unity City, a helijet evacuates the World President to a waiting Stingray.  The craft proceeds at full speed to the underwater headquarters of the Earth Forces.  On large screens, the President is briefed on the preparedness of Earth forces.  The World Space Patrol has moved its surviving XL ships into near Earth space.  The mighty Second, Eighth and Tenth fleets of battleships are shown escorting civilian shipping to Earth and the Venus colonies.  The President orders the countdown of Planetomic missiles at Space City to begin. 


Cloudbase has moved from Unity City to a new location. Spectrum units are on global alert.  Marineville is underground and standing by.  WASP air, surface and underwater units are patrolling with the World Navy.  Huge carriers and their escorts are shown at sea.  The World Army Air Force has taken over units from World Government nations.  Fighters are shown patrolling.  Junglecats are operational in Africa, South America and Asia.


21 briefs the President on a new threat.  A message has been intercepted from the Bereznik leader to the Golden Emperor offering Bereznik support for a Dalek invasion of Earth.  World Government forces in Germany and Russia have been put on heightened alert. Tanks and other equipment are shown near the border.


In Space, the Dalek Armada tracks its way through the Asteroid Belt.  As it emerges, the first Planetomic missiles launched from Earth engage their targets.  Many Dalek ships are destroyed but the Armada moves on through the barrage.   On Mars Kahra is now deserted, but the remain Earth forces have withdrawn to the Mysteron City, which is proving a difficult target for the invaders from Skaro.


The Lunar Defence perimeter and various missile bases around Earth are shown in readiness.  The main Solar System battlefleets have withdrawn to the Venus colonies to provide a counterstrike force.  The Daleks are cautious after their encounter with the Planetomic missiles.


The Golden Emperor's saucer escorted by some of the main force enters Earth atmosphere and descends into Bereznik airspace unhindered.  At Katania the Daleks are welcomed by the Bereznik and Tong Vietkin leaders.


In Berlin, Captain Black and Captain Scarlet meet and hire a car. Some hours later they cross the border into Bereznik disguised as journalists.


Celebrations in Katania are interrupted by scenes (like those in Mars Attacks!) of mayhem as the Daleks turn on their Bereznik hosts.  The Golden Emperor gloats as he takes over the War Room in Katania and prepares to unleash the nuclear missiles of the Bereznik forces on targets around the world.  His triumph is shortlived, Scarlet and Black gain entry to the facility with a new Mysteron weapon and succeed in contaminating the Daleks with a new virus which drives them crazy.  In the chaos, the Golden Emperor is able to escape in a Dalek scoutship.


Around the world celebrations begin.  On Mars, Astra and in the Styracian system Daleks are shown surrendering or being captured.  The Mysterons confirm that the war with Mankind is now over in the face of a greater menace, as they remind the Solar System that the Golden Emperor (shown hastening back to Skaro) will return.





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