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Christmas Cheers


Fifteen ‘Captain Scarlet & The Mysterons’ limericks for Christmas

By Keryn




It’s the thought that counts…


Colonel White loves a good mystery,

Detective novels complex and twisty.

But he’s got no space to date,

For a whopping big crate,

Of the complete works of Agatha Christie.


While Harmony was on duty at night,

She saw a shooting star bright.

Her wish was for peace,

The war of nerves to cease,

And some socks … just to be polite.



Home and away for the holidays…


Captain Blue’s surfing trip to marine parks,

Was planned using internet bookmarks.

It all worked to a tee,

Until he got to the sea,

And found crocodiles, jellyfish and sharks.


Melody’s holidays began at a pace,

With four brothers and their families to face.

She never imagined she’d miss,

From the first, ‘Hiya, Sis!’

The relative peace and quiet of Cloudbase.


Captain Grey took a nostalgic trip,

Back to Marineville by ship.

Good mates, a rock band,

The beach party was grand,

But the pub crawl he decided to skip.


Christmas in Paris is a great place to see,

Destiny’s shopping trip filled her with glee.

But her card’s all maxed out,

As she couldn’t do without,

A Lalique angel for the Amber Room tree.



A spot of Christmas decorating…


Captain Ochre had plans that were clear,

From Christmas to the new year.

He made Cloudbase look bright,

With tinsel, decorations and light,

And a big sign that says; ‘Santa, Stop Here’.


A Christmas tree Rhapsody made,

By skywriting - without any aid.

There’s an angel on top,

With wings that flop,

And a halo that’s started to fade.


Lieutenant Green couldn’t resist,

Christmas decorating with a twist.

Spectrum computers now play,

Christmas carols all day,

And they’re free to download from a list.



A few words from the Mysterons…


Captain Black viewed Christmas with a sneer,

Like him it should all disappear.

The Mysteron’s call,

Was ‘Bah Humbug’ to all,

And grim wishes for a deadly New Year.



Meanwhile back on Cloudbase…


Captain Scarlet stayed up really late,

Eating roast turkey, pudding and cake.

With second helpings no less,

The Angels weren’t impressed,

It’s not fair that he never gains weight.


Symphony fancied a holiday it’s true,

With her best friend and partner, Blue.

But while he’s at the beach,

Her dream’s out of reach,

She’s on Cloudbase in bed with the flu.


Captain Magenta did his shopping online,

Choosing gifts both silly and sublime.

He was pleased with the lot,

But alas he forgot,

How to get them to Cloudbase on time.


Dr Fawn planned for the New Year,

A party on the Eve, but it was clear,

With duties on Jan 1,

He had to cut back on fun,

And stick to lemonade instead of beer.



A Christmas message from the World President…


Peace, Joy and Goodwill is what we seek,

Said President Younger at his peak.

His speech travelled the stars,

It even went to Mars,

And stopped Mysteron threats for a week.




Author’s notes:

It’s Christmas time already?  Crumbs.  Thanks to everyone who has written stories for the site - they’re a never ending source of inspiration and a reminder to try and do better (…even if it’s like getting blood out of the stone sometimes).  A special thank you to Marion for her friendship and humour, and many many thanks to Chris for creating Spectrum HQ.  I must have read at least a hundred stories on the site before the penny dropped and it occurred to me that maybe I could give writing a go too.

Also, my very best wishes to the Andersons who created a world that I was happy to embrace for what seems like my entire life.  If there was a time before their ‘adventures in the 21st Century’ I have to say I can’t remember it.

A Happy Christmas and New Year to all!








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