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Welcome to the Real World

A “Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons” and “Harry Potter” cross-over fan fiction

By Kelly Haycock and Devon Ricks


Chapter 3

Authors’ note:  All Harry Potter characters, places etc already established in the books belong to JK Rowling.  All Captain Scarlet characters, places etc already established in the television series belong to Gerry Anderson. We only own the characters we created for this story.

“Imagine an instant...  That the world of Captain Scarlet and the world of Harry Potter would be set in the same timeline, and in the same universe..."



“Come back here with my quill, you vile little beast!” called a Gryffindor student as the white ferret ran down one of the halls, a quill in his mouth.  It reached the foot of a staircase and a tall, dark-haired, young man in Slytherin robes reached to take the ferret into his arms.  The ferret hissed at her slightly as she reached him.

“I’ve had just about enough of your little ‘friend’, Richards.  That’s the third time this week he’s stolen something from either me or someone else,” she complained as he took the quill from the ferret’s mouth gently.

“Oh, come now, Polo is just playing, Haycock.  He collects things.  Don’t you, Polo?” he asked, turning the little animal so he was looking into the ferret’s face.  The ferret hissed again.  His owner dug a small treat out of his pocket and gave it to the little creature.  The ferret squeaked happily and looked at her.  He moved and curled up under Richards’ robes while Richards bowed slightly and handed her back her quill.

“Here you go, and not wet this time either.  I’ll try to keep him in hand,” Richards told her, a grin on his face.

She took the quill back, glared at him and turned to walk away.  Behind Richards, descending the stairs were several of the Slytherin Quidditch team.  One clapped Richards on  the shoulder and nodded.  He grinned and showed large teeth.

“Got to keep them on their toes, right?”  Flint snickered.

“Right oh,” Richards replied and left with them.

Haycock glared after them and saw the same light-haired teen that had given Granger a hard time the previous day in Herbology.  She liked the young Gryffindor prefect.  Granger knew what she was about, and in Haycock’s mind she would be a real challenge for anyone foolish enough to cross her later on.  And you never quite knew if a Muggle-born was going to have just that little bit extra.




In another part of the vast school, a former student had woken up and was about to partake of a hearty meal.  He had asked for and been given his favourite breakfast.  The house-elves arrived with several trays, loaded with sausages, soft boiled eggs, and hash browns.  Toast and preserves were brought as well.  Dobby arrived with a small container of orange juice and a pot of tea to drink. 

It was if things were being done especially for him, and he was curious just how aware of things going on Dumbledore really was.

“Dobby, I hope I’ll be getting clothes soon.  I don’t think Grandfather wants me to amble through Hogwarts in my other clothes,” he remarked to the House-Elf.

“Arbus is not to worry.  If Arbus relaxes after breakfast, that gives time for the robes to be finished.  One thing only is there to do.  Professor Dumbledore insisted to Dobby it be done,” Dobby explained.

He devoured his meal as he had the night before, with gusto.  White relaxed slightly, drinking more of the tea, and after letting his meal settle, he found a bath drawn and waiting.

When he came back to dress, he looked at the robes Dobby or one of the other House-Elves had brought in.  The garments had been lain out neatly at the end of the already made bed.

They were the same as he had the habit of wearing, and yet these were different than the ones from before when he was younger.

They consisted of a pair of neat black trousers to be fastened with a plain white belt.  The shirt was black also but with a high collar and triangular cut sleeves, trimmed with white.  The cloak was, again, black and looked as though it would reach the floor once he put it on.  The sleeves were cut short to show the longer sleeves of his shirt, but were slit so they hung loosely almost to his knees.  The front of it was formed by the middle being folded over to form something akin to a hood on his back, while the folds on the front, almost like large lapels, were darker than the rest and the left side was decorated with the Gryffindor crest, framed by the same white trimming as his sleeves.  The Colonel found the clothes were similar to what one younger professor was wearing.  As he pulled on the robes, he ran his hand over the Gryffindor crest and smiled.  It had been so very long since he had been back, even to visit with Dumbledore.

He smiled as he finished doing them up and looked around.  One thing was missing.  One item he would need and yet it was not among his new things.

“You have a problem, Arbus?” came a familiar voice from the door as he looked around for the missing item.

“My wand.  I was rather hoping Dobby brought it to me,” he said looking at Dumbledore.

“Dobby and his friends are not allowed to handle wands, Arbus,” Dumbledore remarked, looking over the top of his glasses at White.  ”I thought you might want go for a walk with me and we will recover your wand.”

The Colonel looked at Dumbledore.  “I hope you have an invisibility cloak, then.  If you don’t want me seen then I’m afraid I’m going to need one.”

Dumbledore raised his arm to show him the cloak and smiled.  Handing it to White, he waited as he slipped it on, then the two left the room.  White looked to see a waiting feline that gave a throaty meow before walking ahead of Dumbledore.  White had to smile.  His Grandfather would make sure that none suspected he was there.  Any student that saw Mrs Norris approaching took a wide berth so that Dumbledore was able to walk unimpeded.

Leaving the vast building, they headed past the Quidditch pitch and went to a small garden surrounded by trees.  In the centre of the garden was an urn holding Gubraithian fire.  The flame burned there eternally and would never go out.  Dumbledore sat down on a bench and the Colonel joined him, taking the cloak off and setting it across his lap.  He looked around the garden.

“This place hasn’t changed a bit,” he remarked.

“It has, in one regard, Arbus.  For some reason, only white roses grow here.  We have tried for red ones, but they don’t survive.  It’s as if something is lacking,” Dumbledore remarked, a slight smile to his face.

White stood and went to check the soil at a rose bush.  He crouched down and took some in his hand, sniffing at it.  He shook his head and dropped the soil before cleaning his hands and standing up.  He looked at the white blooms and stroked one absently before returning to the bench.  Dumbledore smiled and pointed to the rose.  White looked at it and the blooms of the one rose were going red.

“That bush is from your old garden.  It was brought here after Alexander died.  Although I am an accomplished gardener, I don’t have the touch to do what you just did.”

“Father always said I had a touch for roses.  Mother even had trouble when I started to tend them as a child,” White said, smiling at the memory.

Dumbledore nodded and stood up.  Walking over to a tree, he moved behind it and did something, then came back with a thinly wrapped object.  White took it and unwrapped it to reveal his wand.  He looked it over and nodded, grinning at three well-smoothed stripes along its side where Drake had clawed it many years ago.




Not far from the two men, two others were meeting in the almost deserted area.  The Slytherin robes of the one a severe contrast to the Gryffindor of the other.

“It’s a bit disconcerting you know.  If Finnigan could learn to enunciate a bit better he’d be able to cast some really good spells.  He has a crackerjack mind so his O.W.L.S. weren’t a problem at all.  His practical stuff though…” This brought a sigh from the Slytherin robed one.

“I wish you were better at Herbology, then you could tutor Malfoy.  He has no regard for what he needs to know.  I know if he doesn’t pay attention his going to fail,” remarked the Gryffindor robed companion.  “I have gotten a bit of a response from him.  I asked him how he would feel if his father knew he was about to fail.  I’ve never seen anyone go that white before.”  She chuckled at the Slytherin robed male.

“I didn’t fail Herbology though.  Professor Dumbledore thought it would make the two work a bit harder if we took the opposing house mate, remember?” he remarked, scowling.

“I remember.  I believe it will work quite well.  I’m just glad we both had the time off before we had to go to our assignments,” grinned Haycock.

“I’m not.  I had plans, but I like Professor Dumbledore and I just couldn’t turn him down,” Richards remarked, still pulling a sour face.  The headmaster had requested that they come back to offer their services to some of the students as, despite there being a year or so gap since the day of their graduation, they were skilled in the areas they were helping the two students with.

They continued walking along the path and saw a white snowy owl winging its way toward them.  Haycock looked at it and looked at it harder.  Richards watched the bird swoop in with a white mass of fur squirming to get free, then he realised what that mass was.

"Polo!" he yelped.

Just then, the owl opened his claws and let go of the stringy piece of fur and Polo fell at Richards' feet, hissing.  The owl landed on Haycock's shoulder and nipped lightly at fingers that had started to stroke the bird's downy breast.  The little ferret jumped onto Richards' leg and climbed upward to rest in folded arms.  Haycock, who had her head leaned close to her owl suddenly chuckled.

"What's so funny, Haycock?" Richards glared, as he looked the ferret over for any injury.

“Lexi just told me that he caught Polo in my bag again,”  she said, referring to the bird perched on her shoulder, then leaned closer to the little black nose.  “Serves you right this time, Polo.”

Richards looked at Polo briefly, then looked at Haycock.  “It’s unnerving that you can talk to them you know.  I don’t know how you can understand them.”  He turned the little ferret to look at him.  “What were you looking for, Polo? She doesn't carry anything important in the bag.”

She shrugged.  “I don't know how I can, either, all I know is I can.  Just call me Doolittle!"

The ferret squirmed in Richards’ arms and hissed at Lexi for spite.  They paused on the path and Haycock looked at her companion.

“Do you remember me saying that I saw a rainbow the other night in my dreams? A rainbow that surrounded Hogwarts?” she asked, looking beyond him.

“I recall. Why? Didn’t Firenze tell you it was nothing to worry about?”

“Yes, but I think I know why it was here.”

“Okay, why?” Richard asked.

Haycock pointed toward the Garden and he turned and saw Dumbledore.  He then saw the second man beside him.  At first, Richards didn’t make the connection and then realisation sunk in.

“That’s the Colonel!” Richards remarked, looking at her in surprise.

“I thought I was seeing things for a minute.  Last time I saw him was a month ago at Koala just before we graduated,” Haycock stated, looking at him.

“I saw him the same day,” Richards replied.  “Hmm.”


“How does he know about Hogwarts though?” stated Richards.

“Only one way I can think of.  Colonel White is either a wizard, or from a wizarding family,” Haycock suggested.  “I know, it’s a daft thought but the fact is, he is here.  We should tell him we’re here.”

“Well he certainly seems to know the professor in some regard.  Also, I don’t think it’s impossible for someone from Spectrum to be here do you, Captain?” Richards said.

“Watch it, Richards… Of course, if you’re going to be rude about it, remember I’m your superior here, Lieutenant,” she replied, and edge to her voice.

They moved down a path away from the garden to discuss this development.  As they walked, neither was aware of the blue piercing eyes that had seen them.  A smile lit Dumbledore’s face.

White looked at his grandfather and then off in the direction he was looking.  There was nothing visible.  Dumbledore turned to look at him.

“I think it’s time we returned.  You may want to start to practice a bit this afternoon before Miss Granger comes around,” Dumbledore remarked.

“I could use a bit of time to become used to holding a wand again,” White commented.


The walk back to the school was quiet until White and Dumbledore passed two young men talking with Ernie Macmillan.  The Hufflepuff student seemed a bit upset.  Dumbledore walked over to the small group.

“Ernie, what seems to be the trouble?” Dumbledore asked kindly.

Macmillan looked at the Professor and swallowed but regained his composure.  Arbus looked at the two other boys.  They were twins.

“Professor, you know my brother, Andrew, I believe?” Dumbledore nodded at the new first year student that he had not seen until just then.  “He was tricked into purchasing some of the Weasley’s new sweet tricks.

“Look what it did!” Macmillan protested.

He yanked the younger boy’s hat off his head and Dumbledore looked to see a full head of white hair.  Dumbledore looked at the twins over his glasses.

“It seems to me that your business has gotten better if you have come back to school, boys.  Did we not agree that there would be no testing on new students anymore?”

Fred looked at George.  “Business has gotten much better Professor, the truth be told, we came to open another shop in Hogsmeade,” said Fred.

“In fact Professor, this isn’t a product to be tested.  They have already been done so,” George chipped in.  He held up a bag of brightly coloured, wormy things.  “Weasley’s Wonder Worms.”

Dumbledore nodded. “I see. I take it you planned on giving some to Ron and his friends?” The twins nodded in unison.  “Very well. I believe they are in the library at present.  Do not, I ask you, create a disturbance like last time you were here though, agreed?”

The twins both nodded and left.

“What about my brother’s hair, Professor?” asked Ernie.

“It would appear that it has taken care of itself,” replied Dumbledore, nodding at the younger Macmillan.

Ernie turned and found his brother’s hair was indeed back to its normal dark brown colour.  He was, however, eating another ‘Worm’ that one of the twins had snuck him and his hair was now going to a brilliant red in colour.  Ernie choked back a cry of anger and grabbed his brother by his robe, heading to find the Weasley twins once more.




White smiled at the problems Dumbledore dealt with and recognised in the twins, a younger version of himself.  They returned to his room and entered, several students having almost bumped into him.  Once back in his room, he was able to remove the cloak and he lay it on the back of a chair.  Dumbledore sat down before the fireplace.

“Grandfather, will it be alright if I practice in my room for the time being.  I know I have a great deal to cover and we are both aware it has been a while since I last held my wand.”  White looked at it, then cast his gaze to Dumbledore.

“Of course, Arbus.  I think I can trust you not to blow anything up,” Dumbledore remarked wryly.

The Colonel grinned and nodded.  “I can hope I won’t,” he responded.

They spoke quietly for several more minutes before Dumbledore left and White began re-familiarising himself with his wand, and performing some basic wand movements.  He practiced the better part of the afternoon until he was satisfied and finally reached for the invisibility cloak.  It was near time for him to meet Hermione near the entrance for the Gryffindor common room.

As he approached he saw Mrs Norris hanging about and smiled.  She certainly had a mind of her own and she was able to keep anyone coming from the common room away from him.  He heard the red-haired boy and his companion, before they were out of the door and he moved along the hall just to be on the safe side.

“…It’s not like her, I tell you.  Normally she’s ready to go to the library with us but she says she has something more important to do,” the boy stated to his companion.

“Relax, Ron, if she said the Professor asked her to do something then don’t worry about it.  We both know Hermione; she’s probably further ahead in her revising than we are.  Come on,” protested the dark-haired young man.

Ron looked at him.  “Harry… Hey wait up!” he yelped, chasing after his friend.

White looked after them.  So that was Harry, he thought.  He had heard about him, and his parents’ demise as he’d asked Hermione about him.  He could be of help later as well.

The large portrait swung open and Hermione stepped through it.  She looked at the ground and saw Mrs Norris.  Knowing that he would have the cloak on she motioned he follow with her hand.  Mrs Norris trailed along so as to make sure no one inadvertently bumped into White.

She led him to a hallway and paused for a moment.  Almost immediately a door appeared in what seemed to be a solid wall.  Hermione led him through the door and before she closed it behind them she looked out.  Mrs Norris was there taking up position.  Hermione looked at the cat and then went into the room.  The Colonel was looking around the room in surprise.

“In all the time I was here, I never saw this room,” he told her.

“Not many people know of this room, Arbus.  I only learned about it a short time ago.  It will help in our getting you back to where you can cast, however,” Hermione said.

“If I had some of my old school work I could go back over things when you’re not around, but I expect they are long gone,” White commented.

Crookshanks, having come with Hermione, jumped up onto a desk and sat down watching the goings on.  Hermione reached out to scratch the cat and the room filled with its loud purring.  She looked at the scrolls there and opened one.  Grinning, she looked at White.

“One thing we found about this room is that whatever we needed for here, we got.  I believe these are your old notes, “she said looking at him, her hand motioning to the scrolls there.

The Colonel moved to the desk and opened another scroll and looked at it.  He smiled happily.

“They are indeed.  This will be a great help.”

"There are other books I can suggest if you like," Hermione remarked.

"Yes," he remarked in agreement.  "I think I know several of them."

“Good.  I was thinking it might be a good idea to work on summoning charms first.  I don’t know how good you are at them and it will give me an idea of where you need any other work.”

For the next hour Hermione had the Colonel summoning various things from around the school, several books from the library that she gave him a guilty look over.  Finally she stopped.

“Arbus, I want you to find something in the school and bring it here.  It can be as big or small as you want but it must mean something special to you,” she instructed.

White thought for a moment and raised his wand.  "Accio!"

Hermione watched as a white rose entered the room through an open window and he grasped it.  Almost immediately it began to change colour.  He looked at it and then bowing slightly, gave it to her.  "For my teacher," he said giving her the now yellow rose.

Hermione took the rose and smiled, her face having a slight flush now.  "Thank you, Arbus," she remarked, smiling slightly.  She sniffed at the rose and set it down on the books he had summoned in.

"I want you to try and cast a full body bind on me," she instructed.  "You might have to cast it."

White faced the bushy haired girl in front of him.  "I won't do it," he said, stubbornly.

"How else are you going to perfect these spells if you don't practice though?" Hermione asked him.

"But it means casting them on you!" he protested.

They stood in the middle of the room surrounded by pillows, the books Hermione had insisted he take back his room so he could study the theories, and with their wands drawn.  He lowered his as she asked this of him because he didn't like the idea of casting such a spell on a girl very much younger than himself, not to mention shorter.  To be honest with himself, he was just uncomfortable casting it on someone he felt didn't deserve it.

"Well of course it means casting them on me!" Hermione said, just as unwilling to give up the matter, as he was to pursue it.  "Look, you can either practice Disarming me or we can go out and find a Death Eater for you to practice on.  What would you prefer?"

She had a point.  Sighing in resignation and uttering an audible apology, he raised his wand again.

"Petrificus totalus!" he cried, his voice ringing clearly and loudly, echoing slightly in the barely furnished room.  He watched as the girl froze, her arms clamping to her sides and her legs looking as though they had been tied together, then fell to the floor landing heavily on her back.

'Good thing that floor's padded,' Arbus thought, pointing his wand and casting the Reviving Charm.

He breathed an inward sigh of relief as the spell took effect, her body loosening up.  He reached out with his hand and helped her to her feet.

"Arbus, that was wonderful," she remarked, excitedly.  "I couldn't have done it better myself."

She looked around the darkening room and lit some of the candles there.  "I didn't realise it was getting so late.  It must be close to bedtime and I still have some studying to do," she sighed.

"Don't let me keep you, then.  I'll grab my old scrolls and take them back to my room to re-familiarise myself with them."

“All right.  Can you get back to your room safely?”

“I think so.  I’ll put the scrolls in this bag to take them back and Mrs Norris is helping me get around everyone, although there shouldn’t be to may people up about now,” said White.

Hermione nodded and left the room, leaving the door open so that Mrs Norris would see him.  After putting scrolls and books into the bag, he left the room and headed back to his quarters.  He’d just opened the door and entered when he realised something was missing.

“Blast.  I’ve left my wand behind,” he put the bag down on a chair, the invisibility cape beside it and turned to head back to the room.

Mrs Norris had left and so he was in a minor situation of having to move about the halls by himself.  It being so late he was grateful that no one was about and he reached the room, with no trouble.  Entering the room, he hurried over to the desk and had just picked up the wand when he heard a scuffling sound by the doorway.  He spun around, wand at the ready, a sudden blast of light emitting from it upon his command.  There was a sound of something striking the floor and the Colonel moved over toward the door.  His foot hit something invisible and he leaned down feeling something.  Giving it a tug, he found two boys in a full body bind.

“Oh dear,” he groaned.

The sound of Reganbalde behind him made him turn.  “I have to ask you to go get Hermione, Reganbalde.  I’ve frozen Harry.”  He turned to pull both boys into the room so the door could close and hide them all from view.














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