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The Cloudbase Staff's New Year's Resolutions for 2070








ü      Finally publicly admit my feelings for Symphony.

ü      Figure out what Colonel White knows, learn it.

ü      Get over my ‘daddy issues’.

ü      Take singing lessons.

ü      Stop letting Paul drive all the time.




ü      Finally figure out what makes Scarlet tick.

ü      Develop some hobbies; being a slave to the job isn’t healthy.

ü      Practise swimming so as to have a hope at beating Grey in the swimming gala.

ü      Stop being a hypocrite and eat three square meals rather than the majority of my eating habits consisting of snacking at my desk.

ü      Try not to take it personally that everyone is so eager to escape from sickbay.  




ü      Try to be nicer to Scarlet, in efforts to find out what he knows.

ü      Get over my crush on Rhapsody, or ask her out, as situation dictates. 

ü      Bring myself to admit that, on rare occasions, sometimes Magenta is almost as capable with computers as me.

ü      Write home more often, and not just send the same letter to all my siblings.

ü      Stop ‘using my initiative’ and reading other people’s personnel profiles just because I’m nosy and can get away with it.  



ü      Quit losing so much sleep over the fact I’m getting older and my hair is going grey.

ü      Date a girl who isn’t going to die, turn out to be a terrorist, or something equally bad. Just for a change.

ü      Name all the tropical fish in my fish tank. They’ve been here since March; to still be calling them ‘the fish’ seems stupid.
Add more variety to my wardrobe with different shades of grey.

ü      Research hair dye, and anti-ageing creams, for men.



ü      Quit ‘borrowing’ pens from Pat all the time, just buy my own.

ü      Have more hot sex, but with fewer women.

ü      Find extra storage space for my model planes.

ü      Devise more ingenious practical jokes.

ü      Learn some computer geeky language, so I know what Pat is on about half the freaking time.



ü      Figure out why all my pens keep disappearing.

ü      Get the hell over Symphony once and for all.

ü      Win the colonel’s trust, and prove myself a truly competent captain, so as to get more fun assignments.

ü      Bring myself to admit that, on rare occasions, sometimes Green is almost as capable with computers as me. 

ü      Settle the debate as to whether magenta is a shade of red, or just pink.



ü      Cut down on destroying uniforms to once every other assignment.

ü      Ditto for crashing SPVs.

ü      Stop giving Fawn such a hard time, as he is only doing his job.

ü      Brush up on my report writing skills.

ü      Stop leaving all the paperwork to Blue.



ü      Be more discreet about my relationship with Blue.

ü      Make it through the whole year without getting overdrawn.

ü      Learn to drive an SPV.

ü      Be more accepting of the fact my boss is dating my mom.

ü      Give wardrobe a makeover - kipper ties are so last year.




ü      Either renew friendship with Black, or kill him, whichever the situation dictates. 

ü      Find a permanent cure for my writers block.

ü      Use up all my furlough allowance this year; the base won't fall out of the sky without me.

ü      Win the war of nerves.

ü      Find a new radio station to listen to while working.





These resolutions were inspired in parts by contributions from the ‘Captain Scarlet fanfic forum’. Hope you liked them.

Thank you to Chris, for all she does.  







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