Original series Suitable for all readers




Secret Lovers

By Melissa Gaffney



It was 04:15 in London City in 2069 , Christmas day. A man dressed in all in black with black hair and unemotional deep blue eyes  walked down the damp and silent street down London leading to Big Ben. He stopped just opposite Big Ben and stood in the light of the lamp post  and looked at his watch.

"04:59!" the man muttered to himself.

He sighed silently but suddenly pricked up his head again as he saw a woman approaching in a dark long black hooded cloak. She stopped walking and kept her distance from him. she kept herself  out of the light from the lamp post.

"You’re late!" the man groaned.  He never smiled nor showed a hint of emotion. 

The woman shuddered at both his voice and a chilling wind which travelled straight through her slender body.

"Now come on, you know how hard it is to get off Cloudbase undetected!" The woman removed the hood which kept her identity secret. Dianne Simms smiled softly at the man in front of her, who now began to smile. She moved closer to him; she gave him a hug and a deep passionate kiss on the lips and snuck a neatly wrapped present, with baby blue wrapping paper, into his hands.

"Merry Christmas, Paul," she whispered and turned away regrettably to head towards the London underground train station where she would return to the area where her Angel plane was and return to base for Christmas.

Paul, however, walked back down the damp streets of London, holding his present in his right hand.  He climbed into his car and whispered, "Merry Christmas, Dianne." With that, he drove away, onto the motorway, back to Winchester for Christmas with his own family.  He thought of the delight he felt when he'd finally have the courage to ask Dianne to marry him. Although, "what would Colonel White think?" he thought to himself.  Relationships on Cloudbase  were forbidden, but he'd let Adam and Karen marry, and Scarlet was his best officer;  surly he would allow it too.

A faint smile came across his lips, while he once again thought of the kiss he just shared with his secret lover.

"We'll just have to wait and see."









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