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Mysteron Reversal Of Matter


A Report From Spectrum Research Center

Transcribed By Parker Gabriel



     The conflict between the people of Earth and the Mysterons of Mars began in the spring of 2068 after the Spectrum-commanded Zero-X mission to Mars, led by Captain Black, discovered the mysterious energy beings' lair and mistook a surveillance camera for a weapon being armed; seeing what he perceived to be a hostile enemy, Captain Black ordered Lieutenants Crimson and Ultramarine to open fire on the complex and destroy it.  Given the hostility by our people, it is no wonder the Mysterons chose to respond as they did--by turning their power of matter reversal on us as a weapon of war.  What follows is a set of hypotheses based upon what Spectrum have learned from the numerous Mysteron attacks that have followed the beginning of hostilities.


     It is our speculation that the Mysteron society, as it is, is dying due to Captain Black's attack draining their energy resources.  This explains their oft-stated determination to make the Earthmen pay for their act of aggression; it is the normal reaction of any being fighting for its survival.


     Further, we believe that Lieutenants Crimson and Ultramarine are not dead, as was first speculated, but rather prisoners in the Mysterons' complex on Mars, being held in states of suspended animation, their minds being probed for details of Earth's defenses.  This would explain how the Mysterons seem to have such detailed first-hand knowledge of certain aspects of Earth's military and intelligence forces that they could not learn from mere observation.  We believe Captain Black is also a prisoner of theirs, walking the Earth as a kind of animated zombie; Captain Black himself does not meet the criteria for being an animated Mysteron recreation, for he does not show on Mysteron detectors.


     The imprisonment of Lts. Crimson and Ultramarine also provides Mysterons with a first-hand look at the complexities of the human body, which they need to understand in order to create their exact likeness copies that they place at the scenes of many of their terrorist acts.  They Mysterons need these two men alive due to their own discorporate state, the result of what we speculate to be five hundred thousand years of development of their mental abilities; they have come to rely on organic matter from a living subject to generate an energy matrix whose duplication defies Earthcomprehension.  This matrix, we speculate, enables the Mysterons to link up interdimensionally with a plane of existence paralleling Earth's, absorb matter from it, and use it to create duplications of objects and/or persons, which they can then telepathically and/or psychokinetically control.  To distinguish this form of matter from the matter to which we are accustomed to understanding, we shall refer to this matter as "retromatter".


     Retromatter's properties differ from normal matter's properties in three ways:


§        Retromatter can, if damaged or destroyed, replace itself by absorbing energy from the ambient electrons around it and converting this energy to mass to replace what was damaged or destroyed.  Organic retromatter, in particular, causes measurable electromagnetic interference with radio carrier waves, especially in an active regeneration state.  This property was first noted by Dr. Fawn in observation of Captain Scarlet and has since been named "retrometabolism".

§        Retromatter emits a wavelength of electromagnetic radiation, too feeble to poison organic matter, which blocks Roentgen radiation ("x-rays") and deflects the Roentgen radiation rather than absorbing it as normal matter does.  This discovery led directly to the invention of the Mysteron detector, still the primary weapon in distinguishing a Mysteron clone from a human; the retromatter of the clone deflects the Roentgen radiation and it produces a photographic likeness on the image plate of the detector instead of a skeletal view.

§        Retromatter, though it can absorb a good bit of energy from the environment around it-and, in fact, must do so in order to regenerate itself--cannot absorb unlimited amounts of electronic energy, nor can it exceed a certain rate of absorption.  If bombarded with excessive amounts of electronic energy or bombarded at such a speed that it cannot shed the excess, a paradoxical reaction will result, and the electronic energy will prevent rather than accelerate cellular division as occurs in nuclear radiation poisoning.  The electromagnetic radiation wavelength carrying the highest practical concentration for this purpose without causing the effects to cancel themselves out is Cherenkov radiation, visible as the bright blue flash observed when an electron beam is accelerated to high speed.  Poisonous in its own right to normal organic matter as well as to organic retromatter, Cherenkov radiation became the weapon of choice when designing the Mysteron rifle, an energy-emitting gun used to destroy active Mysterons.


     Retromatter is drawn from its extradimensional source after the Mysterons have scanned normal matter at the quantum-vibrational frequency level.  This scan is visible as the "twin green rings" effect observers have reported seeing near Mysteron targets.  The Mysterons then telemetrically work in reverse to read the pre-destruction molecular and/or genetic pattern of the destroyed matter.  This gives them a template for their psychokinetic transmutation of the retromatter which they will use to recreate the likeness.  The Mysterons then link telepathically with their matter-reversal matrix to open the interdimensional link with the extradimensional source of retromatter, then teleport an identical quantity of retromatter to the destroyed matter's original location, psychokinetically reshaping it into the likeness of the original object or person by using the template they constructed earlier.  The Mysterons can then control the likeness by telepathic and/or psychokinetic means.  It is not believed that Mysteron control over a retromaterial likeness, once released, is easily reestablished; Captain Scarlet's own recovery from Mysteron control is ample evidence of this.


     While reversing matter is a formidable weapon, it must be noted that it has its limitations:  It must be used on very recently dead corpses to gather enough life energies from the matter to ease the process but not leave enough behind to allow the reassertion of control should the telepatchic control link fail; it needs a living normally-material conduit to guide the retromatter to its intended destination; and--perhaps most importantly—its entropic nature is slowly but effectively destroying the discorporate Mysterons.


     The Mysterons cannot grow retromatter clones of humans whose brain functions are not irreversibly terminated; on more than one occasion, either the original victim has survived, exposing the Mysteron clone, or (in at least two cases we know of—Captain Scarlet and Major Blackheart) the Mysterons have released their control on the clone when the body has suffered what appeared to be unrepairable damage and the original personality of the clone has resurfaced to reassert control.  The Mysterons, in their duplication process, duplicate both body and mind exactly, and when control is broken, the original memories and intellect return fully, though memories of the Mysteron control itself is blocked in a kind of psychological suppression; the clone will be amnesiac for the period during which he or she was under Mysteron control.  This phenomenon has been observed in Captain Scarlet, where, despite extensive testing, psychoanalysis, hypnosis, and other memory-stimulating efforts, the six hours of Mysteron control remain unknown.


     As noted earlier, Captain Black himself does not meet the criteria to be a retromatter being; therefore, he is most likely the conduit for the passage of retromatter from one dimension to the other, as observed by his presence at many scenes of Mysteron destructions from which clones have emerged.  The Mysterons appear to guard this conduit jealously, and he appears to be under their complete telepathic control; it is the speculation of many Spectrum scientists that should Captain Black be freed from Mysteron control, he will be able to remember all of what happened to him and be able to provide valuable insight into the working of the Mysteron matrix.  Thus, it remains vital that Captain Black be captured alive at all costs.


     Through observations of Mars, our scientists have observed that energy emissions have been seen slowly but steadily declining since the beginnings of this war.  We therefore believe that the entropic nature of the process of channelling retromatter to the normal plane is destroying the Mysteron society.  With each takeover of an Earthman or object, the Mysterons' electromagnetic cohesion weakens.  Thus, they have been forced to sustain this cohesion, in part, by destabilizing some retromatter to an incindiary explosive state; when it explodes, its energy is released and reabsorbed by the Mysteron matrix.  Their likenesses of Captain Brown and Major Brooks of SHEF are examples; further examples can be found in the exploding champagne bottle used on the President Roberts and the diamond pulsator found in the Spectrum mission to Crater 101.


     In conclusion, it is imperative to remember the Mysterons are motivated to continue this fight not by evil or malice, but by fear and the survival instinct present in all.  This would explain why Colonel White's explanations of the attack being "a mistake" have not been accepted readily, and why the war of nerves and attrition will continue until either the Mysterons are assured of their survival or until they perish.





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