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A Story By Maltray Fox


Part One of a Two-Part Story

Some events and characters Copyright © of all trademarks materials (Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons and all other series titles, all their characters, vehicles, crafts, etc.), owned by ITC/Polygram.


Based on characters created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson for the TV series  "Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons"



Secret Location 2070


London England 09:27am


Spectrum R & D Building.


            Dr James Price finished with the last test sample that had gone though the archway.


"Good that went well, are the test organics intact?" asked Price.


"Yes they are Doctor," replied a tech nearby.


The white room was one of the cleanest areas in the building. There where a few tables loaded with equipment.


"Excellent, we have discovered time travel. Wait till I tell Colonel White. We can stop Captain Black from destroying the Mysteron complex on Mars and end the war of nerves in one stroke!" exclaimed Price.








Cloudbase.  40,000 ft above Earth's European continent



Colonel White sat at the control desk. The round desk commanded most of the Control Room. Across from him sat Lieutenant Green. The last year had been very quiet. After that Probe Omega fiasco, there had been no Mysteron threat for a year. White was not stupid, he knew sooner or later that low booming voice would be back over the radio. Most of the staff of Cloudbase had time off for holidays and such. Most of the agents had sometime for themselves. Captain Scarlet had married, Captain Blue was engaged and even Lieutenant Green had found someone. White smiled; it had been awhile since he had been young. Green had served very well indeed, since that incident in Crater 101 on the moon. Gree's service record was without  a reprimand and it was about time this was rewarded. It was about time Lieutenant Green became Captain Green.




"Lieutenant send for Captain's Scarlet and Blue," said White.


"Yes, Sir." replied Lieutenant Green.


Not long afterwards, the door to the Control Room opened, and Scarlet and Blue stepped inside.


"Lieutenant, please seal all the doors into the Control Room," ordered Colonel White.


"Done, Colonel," answered Green.


Two of the three seats near the Colonel's large round desk rose smoothly from the floor.


"Please take a seat gentlemen," said White.


"Thank you, Colonel," replied Blue and Scarlet together.


"Some hours ago, I was informed by Dr James Price, of Spectrum R & D London, of a major development," said Colonel White. "It seems Dr Price has broken the time barrier. According to his notes, it's possible to send anyone to any time and with a device be able to bring them back. Price was one of the tech's to help develop the Mysteron detector. You heard that the Mysterons are back, and are planning to destroy Spectrum."


"Obviously, not everyone knows of this development?" asked Blue.


"That is correct Captain. That's the way it's going to stay," replied White.


"This Dr Price, could he be the Mysteron means to do it?" asked Scarlet.


"I have not ruled that out Captain Scarlet. However, Dr Price hoped to use this development to stop Captain Black from destroying the Mysteron complex and thereby ending 'The war of nerves' before it starts," replied White.


"It sounds to me Colonel, Dr Price would be the best target as he understands time," commented Scarlet.


"That maybe, that's why I am both sending you to London immediately," replied White."There is a Spectrum S.P.J. waiting for you both on the flight deck. Good luck, Captains Scarlet and Blue."


Lieutenant Green had already released the locks on the doors to the Control Room.





The archway started up all on it's own. The interior of the arch glowed and formed a mirror-like surface.

Suddenly, three forms flew through the air and hit the floor with a bump. One was a winged Fox, the other a Tigress and the last a Foxtaur. The mirror-like surface behind them blinked out of existance.


"What happened? That was not normal for a transporter!" said the Tigress.


"Where are we?" asked the Foxtaur.


The Fox sat up and looked around. They were in a white room.


"Well, this is not Deep Space twelve, that's for sure," he replied.


Deep Space twelve was in orbit of a class J planetoid and was several systems from Sol. The construct would have looked much like a large  crown in space.


"Riva. try the translocator," said the Foxtaur.


"Streamwalker, I was going to do that anyway. Looks like R.E.M.O.R.A. is off-line," said Riva.


The Fox looked at a watch like device on his left wrist.


"Misha, can you get a decent passive scan of this building?" asked Stream.


Streamwalker was unlike the others as shi was a hermaphrodite, that being shi was male and female in one body and could have off spring.


"Sure, just give me a few. I wonder if the Universal Translator in the com badges are working?" asked Misha.


"They are, that was the first thing I checked after R.E.M.O.R.A.," commented Riva. "Blasters on stun, we don't know where we are as yet. Don't pull any regenerations, either."


"We're sixty meters underground. There are three lift shafts nearby. We can get to the surface using them," answered Misha.


Riva looked to his watch.


"This is not good, we're on Earth, circa 2070,' he commented.


"One hundred and two years, time displacement. That's a visit from Temporal Investigations. It would not be so bad. If we had gone forward, we could of gone to the Office of Temporal Displaced Persons," replied Stream.


"Let's move out before someone comes, 'cause at this point of time, furs don't exist," commented Misha.


"Ok, cover the outer corridor, and we'll get out of here," replied Riva.


All three were wearing the uniform of the Confederation of Fur Planets. The green stood out on the three. Their shoulder flashes where all different. Riva's where red with four small gold stars. This was the rank of Captain; the color was of the command division. Stream's where yellow with two stars for Lt. Commander, the yellow was for engineering. Misha's were blue and had two stars and a bar. This was the rank of Commander; the blue was for science and medical. Just Misha and Riva wore pant's as Stream's shape was much like the mythical centaur of Earth.


The three waited for a second, and as soon as the way was clear, made for the elevators and stepped inside.


"I really don't like these," groused Misha. "They are hauled up and down by a counter weight and cables. I much prefer the Turbolifts on the ship."


"Be quite," ordered Riva."Anyone could be waiting up top. Draw your blaster just in case."


The others did as ordered. As the lift stopped at the top floor, the doors slid back and all of a sudden. Riva was confronted by a man in a white uniform. This one looked young. Riva acted like lighting – and  fired his blaster, stunning the man. The human fell to the ground and as he rolled onto his back. Riva spotted a symbol. It had many colors in a circle that was denoted by a black outer line.


There was no one else around, and in the distance not far for the three, was what looked like a large shed.


"We'll go there and wait till things blow over," said Riva.


"Aye, Captain," replied the others.


Entering the squat building was not a problem at all. But it was dark and Riva knew full well to best not show much light. The three sat down and waited.


"What was that symbol?" asked Stream.


"It has to be Spectrum, a security force. According to the Adamant's computers they were engaged in a war with a species they called the Mysterons. The files are still secured under a level five clearance," finished Riva.


"But the Earth/Mysteron war ended..." replied Stream.


"Yes, I know. But we cannot tell them that. All events from this time must not interflict with the proper time-line," answered Riva.


Stream shivered and stood up quick.


"Something is in here, I touched something cold and hard," shi said.


Shi had already pulled parts for a palm light out of hir tunic, and fitted them together quickly. Soon afterwards, the light revealed something, a vehicle.


"Damn, that's a S.P.V.," commented Riva.


"S.P.V?" asked Misha.


"Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle," answered Riva.


"That's not so bad, we need transport to get to one of the jump points on this planet," said Misha.


"I'm not sure humans know of the jump gates. If we are very lucky, we could get to one and make the jump home. They should be on-line, or at least have enough power for a jump," reported Stream.


"I doubt Spectrum lend out their transport," said Riva.


"We have to do something, there are now furs on Earth in this time zone," said Stream.


"The boarding ramp at the rear is down," said Misha.


The two padded behind the S.P.V. and got in. Riva looked to the heavens and spoke with a different voice. The voice was that of Colonel White.


"Spectrum Security will not like this," said Riva.


He stopped and then got in himself, and took the driver's seat.


"How does this thing start up?" asked Misha.


"Did you not take Mr. Scott's alternative signal and power start up's of warp drives and electronics?" asked Riva.


"Well...I never got around to it," confessed Stream.


Riva took out a smaller version of a tricorder and tapped in a few commands. The S.P.V.'s drives started up.


"That's let's get outta here," announced Misha.


With that the S.P.V., went forwards and blew off the doors to the shed.





Lieutenant Green turned in his chair to face Colonel White from the communication board.


"Spectrum London, reports the theft of S.P.V. 1709," he reported.


"Put it on the screen, Lieutenant," ordered Colonel White.


On the large screen behind Colonel White apperared a detailed map of the London area. The large round desk the Colonel sat at swung around so he could view the screen.


"Lieutenant, put up all the secured area's where there is S.P.V. transport," White said.


Several dozen red dots appeared on the map.


"Good. Have Captain's Scarlet and Blue arrived yet?" asked White.


"No Colonel," replied Green. "Spectrum security has sent men to search the area. Captain Ochre has reported that he's near it. He should have another S.P.V. on the road within a few minutes."


"Good. As soon as Captain's Scarlet and Blue arrive, have them join the chase also," answered White.


"Very good, Colonel," replied Lieutenant Green.





"This really was not a good idea," commented Stream.


"Well you didn't say no," replied Misha. "We have covered nearly a hundred and twenty miles. The gate should be near what they call the needles."


"Look you two, stop it, that guy behind is not giving up." said Riva "I wish he'd go take a long run off a short pier."


"Still coming, I think we might have made Spectrum a little angry at us," replied Misha.


"You don't say," retorted Stream.


"Distance to jump point?" asked Riva.


"It's over another twenty miles," replied Misha.


"Ladies and Gentlemen this is your Captain speaking, please remain in your seats," joked Riva.


Riva looked to Misha a look of pure terror crossed his muzzle.


"What's happened?" demanded Misha.


"Ths steering link has gone and.... the accelerator is stuck. We're...gonna go over a cliff!" stated Riva.


"If..-we regenerate in front...." moaned Stream.


"It's looking like the end of the road up ahead. It's been a pleasure serving with you," said Riva.


The three faced death and not just a quick one either, pain and, if they were unlucky, fire. Suddenly the S.P.V. screamed over the cliff edge. The vehicle bounced, as it careered off the rocks and other objects that lined the cliffs, and plummeted down into the surf from the sea far below. The vehicle exploded before it hit the ground, and the wreckage plummeted down the slope. The flames totally claimed the vehicle. Had the sea been fully in, there would have been not much of a difference.


If anyone had been down there, they would have seen twin rings of light. Rings that where a pale green and of Mysteron origin, that passed slowly over the wreckage. Far above on the headland, a Mysteron version of the S.P.V sat waiting. Inside where three excat, duplicates of the three that had been killed. But maybe the Mysterons had jumped the gun too early or perhaps they had just made a mistake.





Captain Ochre's S.P.V. pulled up just short of the headland. The Captain has soon got out of the vehicle.


"That's the end of the line, come on out nice and quiet like," he called.


Three beings got out of the other transport. One looked very much like a Fox with wing's the other a Tigress and the third looked like a Centaur. Ochre was amazed at the three in front of him and his mind was not on things corectly. Ochre's cap microphone swung down.


"Captain Ochre to Cloudbase, I need Spectrum security here. I'm fifteen miles from the Needles lighthouse on the Turo road."


"Colonel White to Captain Ochre, there's a Spectrum security force on it's way to you. They will be there shortly."


"Thank you, Colonel. Ochre out."   


Ochre looked to the pall of smoke spiraling into the sky from the wreckage of the S.P.V. below. As he watched the Spectrum security vehicle pull up and several officers got out. The truck was designed to remove persons that had been arrested by the color agents. The others took the three aliens into the waiting truck and the rear door to it closed. It then swung around and headed off the way it came.


"I could have sworn there was only one S.P.V.," said Ochre. "Never mind it must have been in front and I missed it. Wait till I tell the Angels about this one, they'll think I'm pulling their leg or something!"





After Spectrum security and the transporter had left with Captain Ochre, Captain's Scarlet and Blue had been detailed to remove sensitive equipment from the bottom of the cliff. Scarlet was looking at Blue.


"What?" asked Blue.


"I don't know, I have a feeling," said Scarlet.


"Roaring in the ears?" asked Blue.


"No, something else," replied Scarlet.


"What?" questioned Blue.


"I'm not sure Adam, but search the wreckage and quickly. I have a bad feeling about this," answered Scarlet.


The two searched thought the wreckage and soon found something. They  looked very much like a Fox with wings, the other a Tigress and the third a Centaur.


"They're dead," commented Blue.


"Somehow I don't think they are. Look at the cut on the Fox's right leg," said Scarlet.


Before their eyes. The cut scabbed over and then fell away and fur grew back quickly.


"Are they...?" asked Blue.


"No, Adam," Scarlet replied quickly.


"Then... the three who had beed taken away in the security transporter… - they  are Mysterons!" exclaimed Blue




End of Part One



To be continued… (soon!)





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