Original series Suitable for all readers


Ten Little Captains


A poem by Dan







Ten little captains all clinging to a vine,

One slipped into the muck and then there were nine.



Nine little captains, each standing 'neath a crate;

One didn't see them fall and then there were eight.



Eight little captains in a penthouse near to heaven,

One tumbled o'er the rail and then there were seven.



Seven little captains playin' with pointy sticks,

All but one was quick to duck and then there were six.



Six little captains all learning how to drive,

One came flying out the door and then there were five.



Five little captains going off to war,

One bit a Cobra's head and then there were four.



Four little captains sailing off to sea,

One went 'swimming' with the sharks and then there were three.


Three little captains all sitting on a loo,

Along came a big green tank and then there were two.



Two little captains with matches having fun,

One set the fuel alight and then there was one.



One little captain playing in the sun,

He tried to reach the TNT and then there were none.









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