Original series Suitable for all readersAction-oriented/low level of violence

Assault on London 



A Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons story


By Matt Crowther





The doors to the Amber Room slid open as Rhapsody Angel climbed off her pilot’s chair; she took off her helmet and ran a hand through her red hair. The hair had been matted under the helmet and her fingers picked at some knots.

“That was some landing,” she breathed.

“You should not hurry,” Destiny chided her.

“I had to, didn’t you get the message? Immediate return.”

Destiny frowned. “No. I only just came out of the shower.”

Rhapsody dumped her helmet heading for the exit, with Destiny following her. “Something about a new threat.”

“I’m sure we are not late.”


“We’ll be late,” Captain Blue said to Captain Scarlet as the latter fiddled with his gun belt.

“It was your idea to play squash.”

“We had time.”

Scarlet clucked his teeth and followed Blue into the corridor leading towards the conference room. Ahead Lieutenant Green was waiting.   As they reached him he murmured, “You’re lucky, the colonel sent me to get the tape.”

As if on cue White’s sharp voice came from within.  “Where’s that blasted tape?”

Green walked in with the two captains on his heel.  They went for their seats as White said, “About time, Lieutenant.”

As Green fed the tape into the room’s machine, Rhapsody and Destiny hurried in. Rhapsody looked more unsettled than the Frenchwoman; Destiny had had the luxury of being ready. Rhapsody sat with Destiny and Grey and Ochre the other Angels were not present.  She caught Magenta’s glance briefly.

“Now that we’re all here play the tape, Lieutenant.”


The tape whirred into action and then they heard the familiar droning sound, “This is the voice of the Mysterons, we know you can here us Earthmen. Our act of revenge for your attack on our Martian complex continues. We will attack the city of London in several stages. Hear us Earthmen, we will attack London!”

As the tape clicked off, Rhapsody was the first to react. “Not London!”

“Indeed Rhapsody,” White said. “London, and in stages.”

“It sounds like they’re planning more than one attack,” speculated Scarlet his eyes thoughtful.

“I sense this will be an operation of great magnitude,” White added. “Stages mean more than one and not all the same method. This is one threat the Mysterons intend to carry out.”

“Orders, sir?” asked Ochre.

“The orders, Captain Ochre, are for the immediate dispatch to London of all captains.” White paused. “Two Angels will provide aerial support, Rhapsody and Symphony.”

Green spoke, his voice hesitant, but respectful.  “May I go, Colonel?”

White also hesitated. Green was in many White’s right-hand man on Cloudbase and a great asset to the colonel. “Very well, Lieutenant. Lieutenant Purple will take over your duties.”

Green smiled. “Thank you, Colonel.”

“Captain Scarlet is the team commander; Captain Blue is the number two. You leave immediately.”

The race was on to halt the Mysteron attack, or attacks, on London.


The aircraft elevator raised the SPJ into the gleaming, spring-morning sunshine. Even as the lift slotted into position, Scarlet –wearing shades –flicked switches to start the Passenger Jet.

“SPJ requesting launch clearance.”

Over the radio the clipped Canadian accent of Lieutenant Purple replied,  SPJ cleared for immediate launch.”

Scarlet reached for the lever. “SIG.”

The SPJ began to roll forward.  As it picked up speed Lieutenant Purple keyed another intercom.  “Angels One, Two and Three, immediate launch.”

Rhapsody and Symphony raced into the sky to join the SPJ already sweeping earthwards. Inside the SPJ, all of the captains sat in the comfortable seats.

Lieutenant Green sat by a window seat he watched as Rhapsody’s jet moved alongside, it was easy to make her out due to the flaming red hair that fell from beneath the helmet. He waved and she returned the gesture.  He glanced opposite at Magenta and noticed the way he was watching.

“Sorry, Captain.”

“For what?”
”Nothing,” Green shrugged.

Scarlet called London HQ. “Our ETA is half an hour. We’ll set up our HQ in The Dorchester Hotel. I realise we could use Spectrum London but it’s my decision.”

“Posh – very,” Magenta said. “Who’s paying?”

“No one.  Well, Spectrum, if anyone has to,” Scarlet replied.

There was laughter.





Captain Black leant against the wall that kept the River Thames from the flooding its surroundings.   In this case he was on the stretch known as the Embankment close to the famous Egyptian obelisk - colloquially called Cleopatra’s needle - and its attendant Sphinxes.

Over a century of improvements in water-quality meant that The Thames was as pollution-free as it had ever been.  Even the brief civil war had not stopped the efforts to return London’s river to health; in fact it had given the project a whole new impetus.

Black heard the whine of a jet plane banking for approach into London International Airport and even though it could be any jet, Black knew it was a Spectrum plane.

Captain Black, the Spectrum agents have arrived. Begin our plan.

Black’s dark eyes gleamed with renewed vigour.  “I understand.”


The Spectrum agents were assigned one of the undercover tankers.  This one had TEMPEST AQUARIUMS on the side. Symphony, wearing casual clothes, drove the tanker out of the airport and into London. 

“We have to keep our ears to the ground and our eyes peeled; anything out of the ordinary that happens must be checked. The Mysterons move in many different ways, so be alert.” Scarlet said.

“I hope we can stop them,” Rhapsody muttered. “Stop them from attacking London.”

“We will, Rhapsody,” Magenta reassured her.

Symphony’s voice came over on the intercom.  “We’re here.”

“Okay, Symphony, park around the side.”

In fact, they chose to use the underground car park at The Dorchester and within ten minutes were ensconced in their rooms. They congregated in Scarlet and Blue’s room. The officers still wore their uniforms, but the Angels were wearing white jumpsuits.

“We’ll patrol in SSCs which Spectrum Headquarters London will provide for us.”

“Excellent,” Blue added. “We’ll all monitor the situation until nightfall and then one of us will constantly be on watch.”

It was settled that Magenta would work with Ochre, Grey with Green, and Scarlet with Blue, whilst the Angels worked together in the SSC. 

They left later that afternoon, watched coolly by Captain Black.


Lieutenant Peach, the nightshift communications officer on Cloudbase, read his report carefully. Both Peach and Purple normally worked as the base’s helm officers. They had both been officers with the WASPs before joining Spectrum and being assigned to Cloudbase.

Peach heard the beeping and pressed the intercom.  “Cloudbase, Lieutenant Peach here.”

This is Captain Scarlet.  Nothing new to report. Inform the colonel we will have night officers on duty. Tonight’s duty officer will be Captain Magenta.”


Scarlet out.”

Peach made a note of the information for Purple to see, when he came on duty and returned to checking his report.


Magenta was in the lounge bar, which the Hotel Management had allocated to the Spectrum agents as their HQ.  He was sitting at a table by the window, drinking some decaf coffee when he heard a rustle.  “Rhapsody?”

The Angel was still wearing her jumpsuit, her hair in a ponytail. “I couldn’t sleep.”


“Are you doing all night?”

“Yep, I got the short straw.”

Rhapsody laughed and joined him in on the armchair.  “Anything to report?”

“Just Peach’s weather report,” he replied. 

They fell silent, the only sound being the traffic passing along Park Lane. Magenta put an arm around her, enjoying the way there were sitting but feeling the need to reassure Rhapsody. “They won’t do anything to London. We’ll stop it before it happens,” he said.

“I know, but even so, they’ve threatened my home.”

Magenta stood and moved to sit beside her.  “We’ll stop them Rhapsody, be sure of that.”

Rhapsody leant her head against his shoulder and shortly afterwards, she fell asleep.  He remained awake, hoping they could stop any attack on London.





Black stepped out of the shadows and walked briskly across Baker Street, passing the underground monorail station and up Dorset Road where he waited by a corner. He was wearing a black leather jacket, sweater and trousers. His right hand slipped into his pocket to feel the butt of his service gun.

Hearing the sound of a car, he watched as a police car rounded the corner. He swiftly produced his gun and fired twice into the front wheel. The car slewed to a stop, the policemen got out, unaware that their attacker was Captain Black.

He fired a single shot into each policeman and watched them as they fell, groaning. The Mysteron circles were the brightest objects on the dark street. Black turned his head to his right to see the two Mysteronised policemen standing by him.

“I am Captain Black. You know what you must do.”


Scarlet and Blue moved along Regent Street in their SSC, the traffic was dense and had been like this since early morning.

Blue scanned the streets.  “It’s more than likely that Black is here.”

“Most certainly.  I only wish we knew how they would strike.”

Blue’s shoulder tabs flashed yellow. “Yes, Captain Ochre?”

Ochre’s voice filtered through. “The City of London police report that two of their officers have not reported in, following their nightshift.”

Perhaps nothing unusual, but Blue glanced sharply at Scarlet.  “Captain?”

Scarlet’s cap radio fell into place.  “Anything else on that?”

Only that they were last seen in the vicinity of Westminster.”

“Magenta head to Westminster, consider these men as Mysteron agents.”

Scarlet scowled at the traffic ahead of him near Piccadilly Circus.  “Blast.”


Ochre and Magenta drove into Parliament Square, near the House of Commons. The Government buildings were under repair and they scanned the traffic. “The suspects might still be in their car.”

Magenta nodded.  “Maybe.”

Ochre opened the door and got out; Magenta joined him and they continued to watch. 

“So many cars.”

Magenta’s gaze fell on the statue of Winston Churchill that had somehow survived the years. He caught a glimpse of a stationary police car beyond that.


Ochre’s eyes followed where Magenta’s were looking and he looked grim. “Let’s go.”

As Ochre and Magenta walked across the road to the square itself, the SSC of Captain Grey and Lieutenant Green crossed Westminster Bridge to the left of Big Ben.

Ochre and Magenta reached the police car. 

Magenta looked inside. “Empty.”

Ochre’s cap radio fell into place. “Captain Scarlet, we’ve found the police car but there’s no one inside. We’ll look around.”


Magenta felt, rather than saw, the gun dig into his ribs from behind.

“Hold it right there, Earthman,” said an English accent in a monotone.

A brisk glance revealed Ochre also under threat as they stood facing the right side of the car.

“We’ve got help coming,” Magenta warned.

Out of the corner of his eye, Magenta saw an SSC snake along with the traffic bound for the city. Inside were Green and Grey. The passenger window was lowering, Green visible beyond.

“London will be destroyed.”

“Over my dead body,” Magenta quipped.  He was thumped and as he fell to the ground his cap radio fell as well.  “This is Magenta, the Mysterons are here!”

He rolled away as he heard gun shots.

Ochre grabbed him having dislodged his captor.  “Let’s go!”

“Why?”  He smelt smoke and looked at the Mysterons; both were immobile and smoke was beginning to envelope them.  Images of Captain Brown flooded back.


The explosion blew Magenta away and as he hit the ground, he thought he heard angels singing.


“Say again,” Colonel White ordered.

Captains Ochre and Magenta have been wounded by the Mysteron blast. Request a SPJ to take them to Cloudbase,” Grey said.

“How bad is the damage?”

Very slight, the explosion took out the police car and scorched the grass in front of Parliament.”

“Right, an SPJ is en route.”

Purple had been listening patiently having dispatched the SPJ already. “What now, Colonel?”

“We can only wait for more attacks, this is only the beginning. The Mysterons won’t stop now.”





Colonel White walked down to the sickbay and paused at the operating theatre doors. Captain Ochre had got off with bumps and bruises, yet Magenta had suffered burns to his back and legs.

Magenta’s boots stuck out from under the green sheet as Fawn worked on him; obviously the wounds were serious enough for Fawn to not strip Magenta.

White turned away and began walking back to the control room. If only there was some way to know where the Mysterons would strike next, instead of waiting for it to happen.


“We’re now down two. From what I hear, Ochre might return soon, as for Magenta, I don’t know.”

The Spectrum agents sat in their HQ listening to Scarlet, who stood in front of them, his fingers dipped into his belt.

“Angels, I need you on instant readiness for take-off.  Where are your jets?”

“Still at the LIA,” Rhapsody answered referring to London International Airport.

Good. Symphony can you get there for immediate readiness? I should’ve scrambled you the last time but I obviously didn’t.”

Symphony nodded and was soon on her way to London International.

They broke up.   Scarlet paused beside Blue in the HQ.

“I do hope Richard and Patrick return, we need the manpower,” he said with some concern.

“Richard might be back soon…” Blue’s voice trailed off.

“I know, Adam.   It is one of the less enjoyable facts of life, that not everyone makes it.”

Scarlet gritted his teeth and headed for the door.


The WAAF base at Northolt was north of London and on the site of a former RAF airbase. It had been redeveloped by the new occupants, with more buildings replacing those from the RAF days. Primarily it was a bomber base with large Phoenix bombers based here.  

A white lorry with blue finish waited by a Phoenix, in black, down its sides, was the legend –WORLD ARMY AIR FORCE. The driver sat patiently as a bomb was loaded into the back. Once loaded, an air force major walked to the driver’s cab.

“Okay Jack, it’s loaded. Take it to Sparrow.”

Sparrow was another WAAF base, south of London and was, in part, the WAAF’s bomb test site.  The bomb was being transferred there for evaluation.

Sergeant Jack Jones was a bear of a man, with red hair and a lived-in face.  His eyelids drooped over his dark eyes, giving him a permanently sardonic expression that belied his cheery nature.

“You’ve got it, Major. I’ll be home for tea.”

The WAAF major grinned. “I’m sure. But don’t rush it - be careful - this bomb is very fragile. Well, not totally fragile, but you know what I mean.”

Jack saluted and started the engine.   Gently he applied speed and the lorry rolled forward. Once out of Northolt’s gates, he turned right and south into London.

The sun was rising for a new day - the third since the Mysteron threat.


Near the former London borough of Marylebone, in the northwest of the city, was a man-made lake spanned by a two-lane bridge. This lake had been created from a bomb crater –a testimony to the ferocity of the civil war.  Surrounded by trees the lake was an attractive setting both in winter and in summer.

Captain Black ran into the middle of the bridge and laid the explosive carefully across the smooth roadway between the two small piers of the bridge.   The device resembled an upturned rake. He could hear the sound of an approaching vehicle and ran back to the south end of the bridge. He held the control for the explosives and waited.

Jack steered the lorry onto the final approach for the bridge and did not see the explosive. The front wheels hit and the explosion was slight, puncturing the tyres and shattering the cab’s glass.

Black nodded in satisfaction.  The Mysterons did not want the bomb destroyed.

He walked carefully to the lorry, the man in the driving seat was dead, his neck twisted at an odd angle over the wheel.  Yet standing by the lorry was the identical replica of the driver.

“You know what you must do,” Black told the latest Mysteron agent.


Captain Scarlet and Captain Blue sat in their SSC waiting. Sometimes, it seemed that that was all they did… waiting.

“Doctor Fawn reports that Ochre is fit for duty, he’ll be back soon,” Scarlet remarked.

“And Magenta?” queried Blue.

Scarlet rubbed the bridge of his nose and pinched it.  “Still out.”

Blue’s epaulettes flashed green and his radio mic fell down.  “Yes, Lieutenant?”

“We’re at WAAF Northolt, Captain.  The major in command here is requesting our assistance.”

Blue glanced at Scarlet who was reaching for the handbrake.   He replied, “We’re on our way.”


Captain Magenta shrugged Fawn’s hands off his black top, his face pale and unshaven.   “Let me go, doctor.”

“You’re in no condition to go,” Fawn said his voice strong and determined.

Magenta too was determined.  He gritted his teeth. “I’m needed below.”

“What’s going on?” said a commanding voice.

Both Magenta and Fawn looked to the door.  Colonel White stood in the open doorway and behind him, slightly to the left, was Lieutenant Purple.

“Captain Magenta is refusing to stay where I can help him get well.”

“I’m well enough.  I want to go back down to London, Colonel.”

White narrowed his eyes.  “Doctor, how fit is Captain Magenta?”

“The burns are healed but I need to make final examinations. I have to keep him in longer.”

Magenta reached for his uniform jacket.  “The doctor is mistaken.”

White stepped inside leaving Purple at the door.  “Captain, the team have the situation covered.”

“But, Colonel…” Magenta started to protest.

“Captain, if Doctor Fawn believes you need longer to recover, then you must remain here.”

Magenta stood, Fawn moved back two steps and his arms fell to his sides. Unsteadily Magenta began walking for the door.   It was a matter of saving London from a worse fate than imaginable.  More personally, a matter of the obligation he felt he owed to Rhapsody.

White watched him trying to face him down but Magenta was determined.

Purple made a step forward into the doorway, but White held his left hand out. “No, Lieutenant.”

Magenta passed White and then collapsed, as if his body was little more than a puppet whose strings had been cut.

White knelt by him and turned him over.

Fawn approached and made a quick assessment.  “He’s fainted.”

“Sorry, Captain, this is one you will have to sit out,” White murmured.





“So a lorry carrying a bomb is missing?” Scarlet asked.

“Yes, one of the Ash bombs.” Major Standhope replied. He was red faced and sweating, although a lithe, athletic man.   He was scared stiff.

“What can it do?” asked Green.

It was Ochre who responded. “It can destroy an area of about one square mile and leave a crater almost as deep.”

“Is it nuclear?”

“No, but it is the most powerful non-nuclear bomb we have,” Standhope said his voice now getting quieter.

All of the Spectrum agents, they had flown in from LIA and now awaited new orders. Only Captain Magenta was missing. 

Scarlet took action.  “We’ll have to assume this lorry is now in the hands of the Mysterons and the target is somewhere in London. It can’t be that hard to find a lorry.”

“Hard?” Blue said incredulity seeping into his voice. “These lorries are numerous. You’ve driven one, they’re everywhere.”

Blue was referring to the time of the initial Mysteron threat to London when a bomb-laden tuck, driven by a man named Macey, had been hijacked.  Spectrum had searched the city in vain, until the fact that Macey told them he had heard Big Ben strike thirteen times, alerted them to a couple of possible locations. With time running out, the mission ended with Scarlet driving the lorry out of London to a site where the bomb had detonated safely.

“Then let’s not waste time, instant deployment.”

Scarlet’s cap radio fell into place, “Scarlet to Angels One and Two, be on lookout for WAAF white and blue lorry.”

From above the city Rhapsody replied, “SIG Captain Scarlet.”

The race was now well and truly on.


The captured lorry sped onto the Marylebone flyover and along the widened Marylebone Road. The Mysteron double of Jack had orders to park the lorry on the historic Tower Bridge.

The explosion would take out most of London.


 “SPV 846.”

“ID please.”

Ochre handed a bus conductor his pass and the conductor nodded graciously. “In there.”

He was referring to a very old London bus, almost one hundred years old.   On cue the bus fell apart and a resplendent SPV sat there. Blue and Ochre made for it with Ochre electing to drive.  The other agents collected SPVs from the various secret locations and the Angels took to the air.


Magenta walked into the control room and strode past Purple. 

Colonel White glared meaningfully at him. “Captain, if you come again to plead with me to put you back on duty…”

“No, Colonel.”  Magenta sat before White. “I know I’m not fit for duty, sir.”

“Right.  I’m glad you finally agree that it’s necessary for you to remain on Cloudbase.”

At that point Lieutenant Purple turned. “Colonel, Captain Scarlet on the radio.”

“Put him through lieutenant.”

Scarlet’s voice came through, “Colonel, an Ash bomb has been stolen and is being driven by lorry into London.

“Blue blazes,” swore White, “an Ash bomb. Thank you, Captain, I’m sending another Angel to assist in the operation. Find this bomb at all costs.”


“Launch the standby Angel, Lieutenant.” 

The pilot was Harmony, who - along with Destiny and Melody - had been left behind when Symphony and Rhapsody went on the field mission.


This is Captain Black relaying instructions from the Mysterons.  Spectrum is searching for you, conclude your mission quickly and evade capture.

Jack’s lifeless eyes began searching for signs of Spectrum. By now he was in Central London and stuck in midday traffic on Regent Street, near Piccadilly Circus. 

He didn’t hear the jet roar overhead and perhaps should have.


Rhapsody banked over Piccadilly, her eyes peeled. Behind her, Symphony and Harmony swung in perfect formation. The traffic was dense.   Rhapsody smiled, some things never changed.

“Target spotted!” Symphony announced.  The American’s voice was excited.

Sure enough, sandwiched in traffic near the Circus was the lorry with the bomb. Rhapsody hailed Scarlet.  “Captain, the lorry has been found.   It’s on Regent Street, heading into Piccadilly.”

SIG, maintain position. I am arranging ground forces.”

Scarlet’s cap radio flipped back into place.   We’ll try to force it out of the city into the countryside.”

“Good idea,” Blue replied on the radio, as Ochre turned their SPV into The Mall.  


Jack broke through the traffic at Piccadilly and the traffic eased after this.   He headed in the general direction of St. James Park, as he passed the Crimea memorial he saw a SPV approach from the left.

“Spectrum!” he hissed.  He carried straight on and shot down the stone steps, the trailer of the lorry bouncing.

 In the SPV that was now pursuing, Grey drove as Green reported, “The lorry is now heading into The Mall.”

Scarlet tapped the brakes and swung his SPV around in a wide circle; he had been near The Admiralty and now turned south. He could see the lorry as it now turned the opposite way towards Buckingham Palace and joined the pursuit behind Grey’s SPV.

“As Scarlet is on his own,” Blue said, “we ought to go a different way.”

Ochre nodded and his radio fell into place. “Captain Grey, maintain pursuit, we’re going a different way to cut the lorry off.” 



The Mysteron had been forced south of the river, through Lambeth, and was quickly nearing the edge of the city. Every attempt at turning back was thwarted either by a SPV or SSC magically materialising. The Angels were flying ahead and relaying the Mysterons position to the field agents.  The Mysteronised Jack was beginning to become impatient, his options decreasing with every mile that took him towards the city limits.

He licked his lips and smiled. “One more try.”


The lorry veered across Grey’s path.   The captain reacted by throwing the SPV into a wild turn that sent it spiralling into a tree. Grey, although shaken, reported the incident before Green could.

“He’s turned back, we’re out of it.”

Ochre tried Rhapsody. “Can you see the lorry?”

Negative, dense cloud cover.”

Blue peered at the cloud that had swept in. “We’ll have to do it the old fashioned way, by line of sight.”

“Hmm,” Ochre murmured. “He’s headed back, we’ll try Crystal Palace.”





Scarlet was by himself in the SSC, without Magenta he was running solo. He drove past the House of Commons, the damage caused by the Mysterons was still there and so were the memories of one friend who had nearly died there.

Ochre to Scarlet, the Mysteron is now taking the lorry into Lambeth heading for the Lambeth Road and, presumably, the bridge.”

“I’m nearing Lambeth Bridge now.”

We’re still in pursuit and the Angels are flying by.”

Scarlet turned onto the bridge two minutes later, he could see the lorry coming his way. Scarlet was known for thinking on his feet and this time would be no exception to the rule. He cut across the road and stopped on the bridge’s pavement. He climbed out, the roar of jets getting louder before fading as the jets shot into the horizon.

Scarlet stepped out and smelt salt on the river breeze blowing down from Greenwich and towards Battersea and Chelsea. The lorry was yards away and as it went past Scarlet leapt.


“Captain Ochre, Captain Scarlet has jumped onto the lorry. He’s on the trailer connection,” reported Rhapsody.

Okay, where is the lorry now?”

“Heading across Lambeth Bridge into Westminster,” the Angel reported.

Ochre drove the SPV off Westminster Bridge. “We’ll catch him soon.”

“I’ll get in touch with Scarlet,” Blue said his cap radio flicking down on command. “Scarlet, this is Blue, what are your intentions?”

The response came accompanied by the whooshing of air, vehicles passing by and car horns. “I’m going to separate the trailer, my suggestion is once I do that, the Angels destroy the driving cab.”

“What about you?”

I’ll bail out with the trailer.”

“Fine, signal the Angels when ready.”

At that point, the lorry appeared on Blue’s monitor as it approached Parliament Square from the opposite direction.


Jack could see the Spectrum agent through the rear of the cab; he wore a red jacket.

He had to dislodge the Earthman. Jack swung the wheel and the lorry began weaving erratically across the square whizzing past Abraham Lincoln’s statue and heading for the turn into Whitehall.

Scarlet held on and drew his gun.  He crawled across the connecting line and aimed downwards.  He almost fell off, but biting his lip, he held on with his left hand.

“This had better work,” he murmured.

Scarlet fired six times into the line.  Weakened, the line snapped with the sound of a rifle shot and the trailer stopped suddenly, throwing Scarlet back into the trailer’s front. The cab careered off wildly. Instead of going down Whitehall, Jack turned back onto the square past Scarlet’s SPV and onto Westminster Bridge.

“Rhapsody, this is Scarlet, engage the cab and destroy.”


Rhapsody nosed the jet down and watched the cab of the lorry fall slowly into her targeting reticule. “Here goes.”

She fired twice, her shells missed. She fired again and this time the shells struck the lorry’s cab. The cab was initially shaken but the second shell blew it off the bridge and flaming it fell into the Thames, after being flung into the air.

Rhapsody streaked skywards. “Cab destroyed.”

The Mysterons had not succeeded in destroying London.





“Congratulations on defeating the latest threat,” Colonel White said to the Spectrum Command Team standing before him in the control room.

“Captain Scarlet, the mission was primarily a success due to your ingenuity. Well done.”

Scarlet was stiffly at attention. “Thank you, Colonel.”

“Thanks to all of you, London is safe once again. I am granting you all leave, of course, not at the same time, but over a five-month period. Dismissed.”

Spectrum, with Captain Scarlet at its fore, had once again saved the situation from the Mysterons and thus enabled them to fight another day.

Outside the nearby porthole, the sun slid from view in a brilliant sunset.





Lieutenants Purple and Peach are featured briefly in the comic strip We Will Destroy Unity City as Cloudbase helmsmen. According to the Complete Guide to Captain Scarlet by Chris Bentley, in Big Ben Strikes Again there were going to be two more agents, Yellow and Purple.

I know this might bear a resemblance to Big Ben Strikes Again but this is not the case. Thanks for reading and I look forward to any feedback.


M. Crowther

30 May 2004







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