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Dead Ringer


A “Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons” story


By Chris Bishop & Sue Stanhope







This story is based on characters created by Gerry And Sylvia Anderson for the TV series “Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons”  Some events and characters Copyright © of all trademarks materials (Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons and all other series titles, all their characters, vehicles, crafts, etc.), owned by ITC/Polygram.  Information of the series are all been taken from copyright © materials (books, magazines, videos, T.V. medias, comics, etc) owned by ITC/Polygram/Carlton. 


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Many thanks go to Hazel Köhler and Mary J. Rudy who have helped us a great deal by proof-reading the text for the following story.
Completed six-parts story.


This story is set in the current storyline of Chris Bishop’s stories, and follows the events depicted in ‘Gangsters Trilogy’ (Past Imperfect, Present Tense and Future Conditional) written by Sue Stanhope.  Some characters from these stories have been used in this one, but it is not essential to have read any of the preceding stories, as brief  outlines have been included as these characters are introduced.


The character of Spectrum Intelligence Agent Martin Conners is an earlier creation of Chris Bishop.  The character of Lieutenant Tan was created by Chris Bishop for the story A Question of Trust, but background and substance to the character were given by Sue Stanhope.


The characters of Matt Riordan, Ben Fisher, Jack Harper and Josh Kirby are creations of Sue Stanhope for her ‘Gangsters Trilogy’.  Robert ‘Ox’ Oxbury was thought of by Chris Bishop, but mainly used in the past by Sue Stanhope for her stories.


The name for the Irish town of Innisfree mentioned in this story has been inspired by the beautiful John Ford movie ‘The Quiet Man’.


We hope you enjoy the story and would appreciate your feedback.



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PART 5 - EPILOGUE (posted August 2, 2004 – NOW COMPLETE!)









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