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Captain Scarlet and The Mysterons


Souls of the Brave


By Big Dave


Part I



A loud smashing echoed off several confined walls as an SPV broke out of hiding and flew off into the small desert town. Its engine note remained audible as it screamed through the streets toward the walls of the town, its wailing only pausing for the dull thunk of the gearbox upshift.

  A few minutes later a Spectrum Patrol Car pulled up outside the semi submerged dwelling, the SPV's escape route from the hardly visible water tank painfully clear, an almost cartoon shape of the vehicles forward profile roughly cut into the wall of the tank surrounded by small lakes of precious water. Captain Magenta emerged from the car and looked down into the tank; his cap microphone flicked down at a nod of his head.

“Colonel White, Black was here alright. The SPV is gone. Judging by the wheel tracks he's heading out into the desert.”

“Good work, captain,» came the pleased reply from his superior. “Have you found the SPV's attendant?”

Captain Magenta turned to see Captain Grey walk out of the house with a relieved look on his face

“It's OK, Captain Magenta. He's alive, but he's badly wounded. There's a lot of blood around him; he may not survive.”

“Did you hear that, Colonel?” enquired Captain Magenta before running over to the house with Captain Grey.

“Yes indeed, Captain. I'll dispatch Captain Ochre to you to bring the attendant back to Cloudbase.” The Colonel turned in his desk to face Lieutenant Green. “Patch me through to Captain Scarlet,” came his immediate order.

‘SIG, Colonel.”

On the southern border of Egypt, another Spectrum Patrol Car was cruising along through the desert; at its controls, Captain Scarlet’s epaulettes began to flash as his cap mike came down to mouth level.

“Yes, Colonel”, the words flew from his mouth, the adrenalin of the situation forcing him into a great sense of urgency.

“Captain Scarlet, Captains Magenta and Grey have found the trace of Captain Black. He has stolen an SPV and has escaped into the desert toward a position close to you. I require you to acquire the nearest SPV and pursue him. I am dispatching the Angel aircrafts to give you air support.”

“SIG, Colonel.”

Scarlet turned to the passenger seat of the car; looking back at him was Captain Blue,

“Well you heard the Colonel, lets go!”

“Yes, Sir, Captain Blue,” was Scarlet’s joking reply.


As the SPC arrived at a small settlement, a nomad-looking man walked up to the car. “How may I help you gentlemen?” he inquired.

“Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle 24759, please,” Blue requested.

“Identification, please,” asked the man.

Both Scarlet and Blue held up their Spectrum ID.

“Everything seems to be in order. Come with me,” the attendant added needlessly.

Some minutes later, a shop front burst open and another SPV bawled off into the desert.


As they approached the stolen SPV, Captain Blue pulled out the control column in front of him and keyed in a command code. Moments later, a large circular crosshair appeared on the screen in front of him. Outside on the front of the vehicle, a panel opened and a 20mm cannon emerged from it. Blue keyed in another sequence and the cannon locked down, taking careful aim at the left rear wheels of the preceding SPV; Blue squeezed the trigger on the console. The shell hit the assigned target with deadly accuracy; the left rear wheel assembly shattered under the force of the impact and sent the SPV into an anti-clockwise barrel roll. The vehicle continued to roll until it went over a cliff hidden by the sand.

Captain Scarlet stopped the SPV at the top of the cliff and turned to his friend.

“I'll go down and check it out, you radio Cloudbase for air support.”

“SIG, Captain Scarlet.”

Scarlet hoisted the SPV power pack from its housing and onto his back; he then proceeded to strap himself into it and firmly attached his helmet.

 Hovering down the cliff made Scarlet feel nervous; he wasn't sure what to expect, as he got down to the wrecked SPV.

Scarlet approached the door and hit the release hatch; it pushed its way outwards ploughing through the rubble as it went. Strapped into the seat was Captain Black; impossibly he was still conscious, his Mysteron powers of healing already setting to work on his body. He turned to look up at Scarlet

“Paul?” came a confused voice from Captain Black.  “What the hell am I doing here? I'm meant to be on Mars… Why does it hurt so much…? Did we crash land?”

“It's alright, Conrad,” Scarlet said softly. “We'll get you back to Cloudbase and have Doctor Fawn see to you”. Scarlet’s cap mike swung down. “Captain Blue call in the medical helicopter, we have a man down.



Part 2





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