New series Suitable for all readersAction-oriented/low level of violence 


Seeing Double


A “New Captain Scarlet” story

by Adam Blue


“Look, just take your top off!”

“No I’m not, Paul; it doesn’t need looking at!”

“Just do as you’re told, Adam!” Scarlet was getting annoyed his friend wasn’t doing as he was told; the wound needed a new dressing.

“No, it doesn’t need changing!”

“Do you want me to take it of myself and have the whole of Skybase talking about it?” Scarlet was looking daggers at him and hoping this would do the trick.

“You wouldn’t dare... BUDDY?”

Scarlet leaned in. “Try me.”

Blue was looking at him and couldn’t tell whether he was telling the truth.

“Fine,” Blue said, looking very unhappy.  Scarlet leaned back again and smiled.  Blue took his top off with a bit of a twinge of pain and Scarlet could see the wound was still oozing.

“See?”  said Scarlet.  

Blue looked down and saw it was. Damn, he thought, you were right as usual! Scarlet walked away from the bed, smirking, and let Doctor Gold sort Blue’s wound out.

“Right,” said the doctor. “Let’s see how bad it is.”

Blue was getting annoyed; he just wanted to go back to field duty.  It’d been almost two weeks since his encounter with the female Mysteron, who shot him whilst he was helping Scarlet stop her from releasing a chemical that would turn humans into zombie slaves.  Blue did ask so nicely as well, if she wouldn’t mind not shooting at him.  But a bullet in the stomach was the answer he had gotten.

The doctor cleaned Blue’s wound and gave him another antibiotic jab before putting a new dressing on.

“Right, Captain, it’s looking very good. Just got to get rid of this infection and you’ll be fighting bad guys again in about… a couple of days.”

“What?” Blue’s eyes shot wide open. “Why not now, Doctor? It’s basically healed.”

“Because, Captain, it’s infected. It could cause you more problems if you went back to duty now!”  Blue was really getting annoyed with the doctor; he hated not doing anything. He was bored out of his mind.

Blue put his top back on, grumbling to himself and got up to go to the restaurant for something to eat. He was always hungry. 

Just as he sat down, deciding what to eat to help his “depression”, Colonel White called Scarlet and Grey to the Control Room.  

“AAARRRGGGG!” moaned Blue. “Typical. I was waiting for that to happen whilst I’m on medical leave. Can’t the Mysterons have waited until after I recovered?”   It put him off his food, so he left.



In the Control Room, Scarlet and Grey were in front of the colonel’s desk.

“Captain Scarlet and Captain Grey,” White said, “ there are reports of an explosion near a coal mine in Alaska. I would like you two to go and see what is going on over there.”

Scarlet was puzzled.  “Sir? What has that got to do with Spectrum?”

Grey nodded slightly.

“Because, there were also reports of a green glow coming from one of the small out-buildings.”

“Oh,” said Scarlet.

“Oh indeed, Captain.” Colonel White’s eyebrows rose. “The Albatross will be ready in thirty minutes. Be careful, Captains, God knows what the Mysterons are up to and what they want with a coal mine.”

“Well, there’s only one way to find out, sir,” smiled Scarlet.

“Yes, Captain. And don’t forget your cold weather gear, both of you.”

“No, sir,” Scarlet and Grey said.


“Yes, sir.” They went to their quarters to get their gear.



Scarlet was putting his gloves in his bag when his bell rang.  He walked over to the door and opened it.

“Adam, come in.”

“Thanks, Paul.”  Blue walked in. “Just came by to see what was going on.” He saw his friend’s bag and the gloves that were on top. “Oh, and where are you going?”

“Alaska, there was an explosion right near a coal mine.”

“What’s that got to do with Spectrum?”

“Exactly, that’s what I said to the colonel.” 

Blue had a big grin on his face. “Great minds think alike, eh?”

Scarlet laughed.  “Yeah, they sure do. Anyway, someone saw a green glow from an out-building, that’s why we’re involved in this one.”

“Typical.” Blue’s shoulders sunk.

“Don’t worry, Adam;  I’ll fill you in with all the juicy details when we get back.” Scarlet smiled at him.

“We?” Blue repeated curiously.

“Me and Grey.”

“Oh, that’s even better.  You two get to be in the action!  I feel a big piece of chocolate cake coming on!” 

Scarlet tried not to laugh. He had always smiled at Blue’s sense of action and adventure but when he didn’t get to wave a gun in someone’s face or blow something up, chocolate cake or apple pie would be the next thing on his mind to make him feel better.



An hour had passed and the captains were onboard the Albatross.  Two crew members were there to fly the craft. They started her up, checked all the instruments, pulled the lever and shot down out of Skybase. It took off to their destination.



In the Control Room, Colonel White received confirmation from Scarlet that the Albatross had launched and was on its way to Alaska.

“Lieutenant?” called the colonel.

“Yes, sir?”

“What is the weather doing in Alaska?”  

Lieutenant Green looked at her screen and pressed a few buttons.

“Colonel,” she said, “the weather will be fine for the next couple of hours then it will start getting very cloudy with possible heavy snow for two hours after that.”

“S.I.G, Lieutenant, keep me updated.”

“Yes, sir.” Green spun round back to her screen.



Scarlet and Grey were discussing their assignment inside the Albatross.

“I wonder what we will find near the mine,” Grey asked with interest.

“Nothing good that is for sure!” Scarlet sighed. 

Grey raised his eyebrows in agreement. 

“Captains, ” one of the pilots said through the comms.

“Yeah?” replied Scarlet.

“We’ve arrived.  We’ll be touching down in five minutes.”

“S.I.G.” Scarlet turned to his companion. “Well, Ian, we are about to find out.”

Grey smiled a nervous smile.

There was a loud thump and the captains undid their belts and walked down to the Rhino to climb aboard.

Scarlet contacted base. “Scarlet here, we’ve arrived and are on our way.”

“Okay, Captain, keep in contact and be careful!”

“S.I.G., sir!”



It wasn’t too long before the captains reached the mine and saw a huge fire in the out-building, thirty meters away.

“Blimey!” Grey said with a high voice. “What could have caused that?”

Scarlet stopped the Rhino. “Let’s go find out.”

With their guns drawn, they proceeded to the hot spot.  They both set their weapons to kill mode.

“What was that?” screeched Grey. 

It was a green flash of light that flew past them and made Scarlet feel ill.

“It was green,” said Scarlet.  “So Mysterons are definitely here; keep your eyes and ears open!”

They walked towards the fire but before they could get any closer, Scarlet blurted out:  “Can you hear something?”

“Yeah.  Sounds like little feet, but lots off them!”

“The sound reminds me of something but I can’t quite put my finger on it,” said Scarlet.

Grey walked to the door in the other small out-building.

“Be careful, Grey!”  Scarlet warned him.

 Grey looked round and nodded. He examined the building. It was a cabin made up of several pieces of large wooden boards and a plastic style door, with a metal handle in the shape of a circle.  Grey grabbed the handle and was grappling with it but couldn’t pull it any harder or the handle might come off.    

“Something is trying to stop me from getting in, Paul.”

Then suddenly, a massive flash of green light shot through the gaps in the boards and out of the cabin, right through the captains.  The force threw them back a few meters and they landed on their backs; their guns, thrown into the air, both fell on the ground behind them.

“Ow, my back!” groaned Scarlet.

“I second that! What the hell was it?”

“Whatever it was, it doesn’t want us in there, ” Scarlet said, getting up.  “Right, I’ll have a go and try to get in the cabin.”

“Good luck with that.” Grey smirked whilst rubbing his back.

Scarlet was starting to walk to the cabin when the door slowly opened. His face changed as he watched. Grey walked up to him with their guns.  The door opened fully and there was just a mass of green haze with electric pulses mixed in.  It appeared out of nowhere, spreading outwards.  Grey and Scarlet looked at each other in horror.

“This is not going to be good!”  Then all of a sudden Scarlet saw movement and the green haze turned into light and came out through the door. It was hovering over the ground and heading towards them.  They both moved backwards faster and faster, until they ran back to the Rhino. The light was still moving towards them. Then it lifted from the ground and the captains saw small robot type creatures appear from it and head their way.  Scarlet squinted to look harder and saw they were the same type of robots that had almost taken over Skybase months back.  He couldn’t believe his eyes.

“No!  Not again!”

“What?”  Grey asked.

Before Scarlet could answer, the robots suddenly stopped.  Quickly, the captains returned to their seats and slid back into the Rhino.

Scarlet called base and said, “Colonel, Scarlet here. You were right, there are Mysterons and you won’t believe what sort!”

“What, Captain?”

“It looks like those damn little swarming robots have re-appeared!”

What? How could that be?  We destroyed them all!”

“We obviously didn’t, sir.”

“Are you and Grey both safe, Captain?”

“At the moment, sir, yes.”

“Good! What about the fire?”

“It’s still going, sir. We approached the other out-building which wasn’t on fire, to investigate a green flash. That’s when we saw the robots.”

“Okay, Captain.  You have one and half hours before the weather will turn nasty.”

“S.I.G., sir.”

“What’s your next plan of action, Captain?”

“I want to see exactly what was destroyed by the fire, and if that was connected with the robots.”

“Okay, Captain, but be CAREFUL!”

“We will, sir. Scarlet out.”

“That’s our plan?” queried Grey.

“Whilst the robots aren’t moving, yes.” Scarlet opened the door and the seat slid out. “Ian, if they start moving whilst I’m outside, use the machine guns!”

“Okay, Paul.” Grey didn’t really want to use them; Scarlet might get hit and the robots liked eating anything metal.

Scarlet had just got out of his seat, when a green line moved towards them. The green light started to fade away.  Grey got the guns ready and had his finger on the trigger. 

The door was still open; Scarlet could just call out the order.

“Don’t fire, Ian!”

Grey looked at Scarlet then back at the screen. The green line went over Scarlet and the Rhino and back again, and then disappeared.

Scarlet thought for a moment. “I think it was scanning us,” he said with a raised voice.

“What? Why?  It should know us by now!”



Meanwhile back on Skybase, Blue had finally made it to the kitchen.

“Right, let’s tuck into this lovely piece of chocolate cake before it goes off!” Blue picked up his fork and took a big piece and stuffed it in.  “Uum…  Yum... Uum… Very, very nice!”

“Compliments to the chef!”  he said out loud, whilst waving his fork in the air. Then he polished it off.

Blue got up and put the plate back in the kitchen. “That was horrible as ever, Wayne!  You’re the worst chef that has ever had the pleasure to occupy a kitchen.  One day you’ll kill someone with that”.  

Wayne just laughed and warned him there was a bit of glass by the sink.

“Ouch!” groaned Blue. “Too late, I’ve cut myself.”

Wayne walked over and took a look at the cut Blue now had on his left hand. “Get the doctor to look at that.  It looks nasty and it’s bleeding a bit.”

“Yeah, I’ll go there now.”

Wayne gave Blue a cloth to put on the cut and the captain left the kitchen.



All off a sudden the robots started lifting from the ground and hovered for a moment.  The green light came back.

Paul, get back in!”

“You don’t have to tell me twice!” Scarlet got back in his seat and it went back inside the Rhino. Grey put the Rhino into reverse and put his foot down.

After a few hundred meters, Scarlet told Grey to stop.

He looked at Scarlet.  “Why?”

Scarlet pointed to the screen. “Look.”

Grey looked and couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“It can’t be! No way!”

They both stared and saw a Rhino forming in front of them.  Both captains’ jaws just dropped.

The Rhino had fully formed and the engine was being revved; then it started moving towards them. 

“I can’t believe what I’m seeing!” said Scarlet. “But why am I saying that?  It’s the Mysterons, they can do anything!”  Even so, both Scarlet and Grey were still amazed at what the little robots had done.

Grey put his foot down again.

Arm the missiles!” ordered Scarlet.

Grey followed his orders.

“Stop the Rhino!”  Grey slammed on the brakes.  They both slung over their belts, hard. The Mysteron Rhino was still following them.

Fire!” barked Scarlet.

Grey fired two missiles. They shot out of their hold and hit the Mysteron Rhino.

“BULL’SEYE!”  Grey shouted.

The Mysteron Rhino had been destroyed.

The captains got out and walked slowly to the wreckage. It then suddenly just disappeared with a massive flash of light.  The captains had to cover their eyes due the light being so bright.

The wreckage had just disappeared.

“What, that’s it!?”  asked Grey.  “No trying to blow us up or hitch a ride to take over Skybase?”  

Scarlet was also very confused. Why would the Mysterons do all that and then just let their hard work get destroyed so easily? He couldn’t understand it.

Grey then noticed something out the corner off his eye.  It was the fire.  “The fire is dying out, Paul,” he announced.

Scarlet turned his head to look at it. “One thing less to worry about, then,”  he said.  He contacted base. “Scarlet to Skybase?”

“Go ahead, Captain,” replied White.

“Spectrum is green, sir.  I’ll explain everything when we get back.  You’re not going to believe what just happened.”

“All right, Captain.  I’m sending an Albatross. ETA, thirty minutes.”

“S.I.G., Colonel.”



Back on Skybase, Scarlet was making his report to Colonel White.  And as Scarlet promised Blue, he made sure his friend was with them in the Control Room to learn the details of what happened.

“You see, sir, that’s why I’m worried: we destroyed the Rhino and nothing happened afterwards!” Scarlet explained.

“Hmmm, I can see your point, Captain, but maybe this time it was a one off?”

“Or something far bigger is planned in the future; they were just showing us what they could copy?” 

“Yes, maybe, Captain.  We just have to keep our eyes open and pray these bugs don’t get back onboard.”  The colonel turned to Captain Blue. “How’s your hand, Captain Blue?”

“I’ll live, sir.”

“Good,” the colonel said, with a smile.

“Your hand? What have you done now?”  Scarlet asked, being curious.

“Cut it in the kitchen, that’s all, Paul.  Nothing major.”

“Good.  Don’t want you bleeding all over the base now, do we?”

“HA! HA!” Blue said sarcastically.

“Colonel,” called Lieutenant Green. “A technician from Vehicles Bay wants Captain Scarlet to come down and have a look at something under the Rhino used for the assignment in Alaska.”

“Right, Lieutenant. Captain?”

“I’m on my way, sir.”



Moments later, Scarlet reached Vehicles Bay.  Blue had followed as he was intrigued.

The captains met the technician, who was looking at the Rhino.

“James, what’s wrong?”  asked Scarlet.

“Don’t know, sir.  But there’s something under the Rhino.”

The Rhino was lifted up on hydraulics. Scarlet ducked and looked under it. He couldn’t find anything.

“There’s nothing here, James.”

“But there is!” 

Scarlet came back out and James took his place.  He couldn’t see anything now, either. “There was something there, I swear, Captain!  “It looked like a box of some sort!“

Whilst they were busy wondering what James had seen, they missed two robots sneaking out from behind the hydraulic legs.  They scampered across the fuselage of an Albatross. From the cover of their new hiding place, they turned their green eyes on Captain Blue and scanned him from behind.

Scarlet was puzzled.  “Maybe it fell off whilst the Rhino was being lifted up?” 

James searched again, but couldn’t see anything.  “Nope, nothing.”

“We’ll keep our eyes open and you do too, just in case it is here… whatever it was.”

That got Scarlet worried: what if those bugs disguised themselves and had got on board Skybase? he thought. 

The captains left and went back to see the colonel.

The robots sneaked out with the captains and stopped just outside the Vehicles Bay.   When both men disappeared from view, they morphed into Captain Blue, complete with the gunshot wound and cut on his left hand.  Then they changed back and crawled onto the ceiling so as not to get noticed.



Scarlet and Blue returned to the Control Room to make their report.  Captain Grey was still there, sitting with their commander.  He wanted to hear if any of the little buggers had got onboard Skybase.

Once Scarlet had spoken, White turned to Green. “Lieutenant,” he ordered, “get security to look over the whole of Skybase, just to make sure none of these robots have infiltrated the premises.”

“And if they are here?  What if we can’t find them because they have morphed into something?” asked Scarlet.

“We can only hope that it was a mistake from James or, yes, we will have a serious problem on our hands.  But one thing is for sure, we know the little devils do not like water!”

 “No, they don’t.  Let’s hope it hasn’t changed,” replied Grey.

“Dismissed, Captains.”  

They all nodded and left for the cafeteria.



Once the captains reached the cafeteria, they sat down on the soft comfy seats.  Blue ordered a steak, medium rare.  And after a few minutes, Wayne himself came out of the kitchen and put it on the table in front of him.

“Let’s see if that kills you, Captain!” he said, smiling.

As soon as Blue took the knife in his right hand, he swiftly let it go.

“Ouch!” Blue screeched, whilst looking at his right index finger.  “I’ve cut myself again!”

”How did you do that?” asked Scarlet.

“Damn sharp knife,” Blue mumbled.  “I just grazed my finger against it.” He sucked on his finger to stop it from bleeding.

“You’re doing well, today!” Scarlet tried not to laugh.

“Is it ‘injure Adam week’ or something!?”   Blue said with annoyance.

Scarlet and Grey laughed this time.



The robots were in a corridor on Level 2 and changed back into Captain Blue, who started walking  up the corridor, looking around, trying to find the Medical Centre.  Once he found it, he smiled.

But then, he was interrupted when a member of staff, named Josh, who was one of Doctor Gold’s nurses, walked to him.

“Hi, Captain Blue... Hang on... You were... in the Control Room with Scarlet and Grey? How did you get here so quick?”

“Don’t know really, just timing I guess?”

“Yeah, must be or you can fly!”  laughed Josh.

“Yeah, that must be it,” joked Blue.

“Well, however you got up here, I’ll let you get on,” said Josh.

Blue just watched him leave.



Back downstairs, in the cafeteria, Scarlet, Grey and the real Blue were discussing the robots and what they could be after if they were onboard.

“Well, they won’t get anywhere near Serena again!” Blue said with an angry tone.

Scarlet smiled. “Not with you around, no.”

Blue smiled with confidence.

“Could it be the colonel?” questioned Grey.

“Wouldn’t put it passed them. Whoever or whatever they are after, if they are here, it’s not going to be pleasant,” said Scarlet.

“Whatever seems odd or out of place, we have to tell the colonel,” replied Grey.

They all agreed.



Back on Level 2, the fake Blue was opening the door to walk into the Medical Centre.  

He looked around; there was no one there, so he went to the medicine supplies room, and examined all the bottles of medication.  He was looking for a specific drug, a drug that would stop the heart dead and could be put in food or drink.  He smirked as he found it.  He picked up a syringe, filled it and put the cap back on.

He was walking out of the Medical Centre when he saw Captain Ochre coming his way; he ducked in a room and waited for her to pass.  Once she walked past, he quietly walked out. 

He headed to the colonel’s room, which was in the tower. Once he reached White’s quarters, which wasn’t too hard to find, he stood In front of the door, and keyed the access code, pressed the button and when the door opened, he walked in. Once he was inside, he saw a glass and headed to it, taking the syringe out of his pocket.

What he hadn’t realised was that the colonel had almost reached his room.  The fake Blue heard the door open; he shot round and saw the colonel, standing in the doorway, staring at him.

“WHAT!  What are you doing in my quarters, Captain?”

The fake Blue hid the syringe whilst explaining he heard something, so he came in to have a look.

“Even so, Captain, you should have reported it to Lieutenant Green first.”

“Sorry, sir, won’t happen again.”

“I hope not, Captain. So anything wrong?”

“No, sir, must have been  hearing things.” 

The colonel thought it was a bit strange of Blue to do something like that but let it go. “You may leave now, Captain.”

“S.I.G., sir.”

White stood in the corridor and watched Blue walk away, until he disappeared. But just as the colonel turned around to enter his quarters, he saw Blue come from the other direction!

“Captain?”  White said with utter confusion.  

“Sir, are you okay?” asked Blue.

“But... you... ”  White said.

The colonel  couldn’t finish.  He saw a glimpse of something coming from the other direction.  It was another Blue, the one he had surprised in his quarters, heading his way.  White was now looking at two Blues!

The real Blue looked round to the right  of the colonel and saw himself.   He opened eyes wide with shock. “What the…

“Exactly, Captain,” said the colonel in a faint voice.

The fake Blue started running towards them and lifted his hand with the syringe in it.  The real Blue snapped out of his shock and ran around the colonel, towards his double, who threw his arm back, ready to strike.  The real Blue kicked him in the stomach; the syringe fell out of the double’s hand and landed on the floor. 

The colonel got his gun out and stunned the fake Blue, who fell to the floor, flat on his face.

Blue picked up the syringe and looked at it.  “What the hell is in the syringe?”  

“I don’t know, Captain.  I’ll get Doctor Gold to have a look, whilst you put…  you in a cell.”

“S.I.G., Colonel.”  Blue handed the syringe to his commander. He then angrily picked up his double and flung him over his shoulder to take him to the lift to Level 3.

The colonel went to Doctor Gold’s room and pressed the buzzer. The doctor opened his door and saw the colonel looking confused with a syringe in his hand.

“I need your help,  Doctor. I was attacked by another... Captain  Blue.  And I need you to find out what is in this syringe.”

The doctor’s eye brows rose.  “Excuse me, Colonel White?  Another Blue?”

“I’ll explain everything on the way to your office,” said White.

The doctor left his quarters and walked with him towards the Medical Centre.



After Blue put his double in the cell, he called Scarlet to join him.

“What’s up?” Scarlet asked, when he arrived at the brig.

Blue moved out of his way, and pointed to the cell. Scarlet looked inside and saw another Blue.

Scarlet’s eyes just shot open; he couldn’t believe there were two of them.  “What is going on here?”

“I have no idea, Paul.  All I know is, I’m better- looking!” 

Scarlet was too busy trying to think what was going on to smile at his friend’s joke.

The robots!  It must be them.  They duplicated you!”

“Yeah, they must have attached themselves to the Rhino after all.  James was right!”

As they were talking, they didn’t realise the copy was releasing two robots.  They came from behind him and scuttled over his shoulder onto the bed, climbed onto the wall and a green light came out from both the robots eyes and hit the joint between the cell and the laser. The energy bars disappeared.

The double shot out of his seat and ran towards the real Blue and hit him.  Before Scarlet could reach his gun and fire, both Blues were fighting on the floor.  One threw a punch and hit the other’s face, before getting up and looking at Scarlet.

Kill him, Paul!”  he shouted. “KILL HIM, QUICK BEFORE HE GETS UP!”

The other Blue, flat on the floor, shouted out too: “Paul, it’s me. I’m the real Adam.  He’s the copy, kill him!”  He got up, rubbing his face, and rugby-tackled the other Blue.   

Scarlet didn’t know which one to shoot.  He was waving the gun at both of them.

Just then, Colonel White walked in with Doctor Gold. Scarlet turned round to face them. “Colonel, Doc, don’t move!”

They both stopped and saw both Blues fighting. The colonel pointed his gun at them and yelled: “Stop!”  

The two Blues both stopped fighting and got up.  They stood up in front of the Spectrum commanding officer who, like Scarlet, had his gun pointed straight at them.

“Which is which, Scarlet?”  The colonel asked, trying to guess himself.

“I don’t know, sir!  Nothing is different about them.  Even their voices are the same!”

“Paul, it’s me!”  one of the Blues said in haste.

“No, I’m the real Adam,” the other said urgently.

“No, I am!”

“I’m the real one; this fake is nothing like me!”

Scarlet stood there thinking for a few seconds and suddenly said to both men: “Your cut, the one you received earlier.  Where’s the wound?”

Both Blues showed him their left arm and both had the same cut.

Damn!” said Scarlet.

“Any other way to identify the real Blue, Captain Scarlet?”  asked Colonel White.

Scarlet thought again. “Yes, there might be!” 

The colonel looked at him.  “How, Captain?” 

“Show me your right hand!”  Scarlet demanded of the two suspects.

Both Blues showed Scarlet their right hand. One of them smiled when he realised why Scarlet wanted to see them.  Scarlet looked at the index fingers and saw one had a cut on it, but not the other.

Scarlet pointed at the man whose finger was unmarked. “There’s the impostor, sir!”

The copy’s face just sunk; now he knew he had been found out.  He tried to run out of the room.  But before the real Blue could get a punch in, both the colonel and Scarlet shot the double. Then he disappeared in a mass of bright green light.

Damn!” moaned Blue. “Typical.  All I wanted was to break his jaw and he wouldn’t even let me do that!”

Scarlet smiled and took his friend’s hand, turning towards his commander.

“You see, sir,  Blue cut himself after they copied him so the duplicate didn’t have the cut on his finger

Blue nodded. “They must have copied me when we were in the Vehicles Bay.  That’s the only place they could have, I think.”

“Well done, Captain Blue.  That cut you received was perfect timing,” smiled White. He noticed Blue’s face was displaying a strange and sombre expression. “Are you injured at all, Captain?”

“My face hurts, sir.  I hate to admit it, but that double packed quite a punch.”

White chuckled. “In that case, I want you to go with Doctor Gold and get yourself checked out and that’s an order!”

“Sir.” Blue stood to attention.

“Oh, and Captain?”

“Yes, sir?”

“Thank you for saving my life back there.”

“It was my duty, Colonel.”

The colonel smiled and nodded.

”Oh, and thanks, Paul,” said Blue, turning to Scarlet.

“Hey, it was you who saved yourself, Adam.”  Scarlet gently punched his friend’s arm.  “I’m just pleased you cut your hand… or I could have killed you... ” Scarlet’s face changed. “I can’t lose my best friend, ever, especially not to the Mysterons!”

Blue smiled. “I think I deserve a big piece of chocolate cake this time!”

The colonel and Scarlet laughed and watched him leave with the doctor.

“Sir, what exactly happened before I got here?”

“I’ll explain later, Captain. Suffice to say for now that Captain Blue saved my life from that double of his.”

Scarlet smiled.  “Well then, all I can say is, one:  You were lucky that Captain Blue was there. And two: there can only ever be one true Adam!”

“Indeed, Captain, indeed.”

They both laughed and walked out of the brig.




This story was beta-read by the Spectrum Headquarters beta-reading panel. 






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